Uber App Clone in the Persian Language: Give Digital Touch to Your Business

بارگذاری برنامه دررای تمام کسانی که اپورتونیستها را دعوت به ساخت سریع پول در ایران است. در تاکسی تقاضا کلون دارایی مناسب برای شما. فقط به ررسی راه حل کامل برای بر روی تقاضا تاکسی فرود کلون در بسیاری از کشورها زبان فارسی صحبت ایران و با ما تماس بگیرید بلافاصله A Revolutionary app like Uber has encouraged customers and businesses alike. It’s an excellent taxi booking app that helps travelers book the right taxi service using their smart device. Uber app has taken the ride-sharing experience of a customer to the next level adding convenience and choice. The demand for on-demand services is getting higher with each passing day. More than 86.5 Million Americans use on-demand service 45 Million Americans offer on-demand services. The on-demand business giant Uber accelerated into a billion-dollar industry as per quarter in 2014. On a year-over-year basis, more than 93% of funding to on-demand startups has already been measured during eight to nine months of 2015; it is relatively higher than 2014, whereas the deal activity fell to a four-quarter low in Q3’15. Source :(Burson-marsteller)The demand for on-demand taxi service is getting high worldwide; the concept has created a massive buzz in the market. All the businesses are stepping ahead to give a digital touch to their business; they are developing an advanced app solution that helps them to provide excellent service experience to end-users in a short duration of time.

Taxi Service Market Overview: Explore Everything Before Launching Uber App Clone in the Persian Language

These days ride-hailing businesses invest in an Uber app clone in the Persian Language to provide an excellent platform for drivers and riders to connect. Drivers with a professional license can register themselves to the platform to offer their service to customers whenever they demand. The simple approach helps taxi businesses capture the growing demand of the market, catering to this growing need for customers was just impossible for traditional taxi businesses was just impossible. The on-demand ride-hailing industry has suffered a lot during the Covid-19 outspread; the revenue of the on-demand service sector dropped drastically due to Covid-19 spread, the revenue just fell from $302.2 million to $192.3 million from 2019 to the current year. The revenue is almost 36% from 2019, but it is projected that the ride-hailing sector will cope with the Covid-19 crisis, the industry will experience a massive jump in the upcoming years. The revenue is estimated to reach around $334.5 million by 2023. Source :(Statista)The traditional way of hailing the taxi is getting outdated; taxi businesses can opt for digital solutions to cover more market share. Ride-hailing apps offer significant advantages to businesses; one of the significant benefits is it helps them provide transparency to passengers. It is no wonder that active mobile customers are increasing with each passing day; it is projected that it will expand and reach around 1588 million by the end of 2024.Numerous regions are generating the highest revenue for their ride-hailing business. The United States and China are experiencing the highest revenue; it has reached around $41 606 million in the United States and is estimated to jump high shortly.

Uber App Clone in the Persian Language: Explore Which Business Model it Follows!

Ever since the launch of Uber, its popularity has increased drastically with each passing day. Uber successfully operates in more than 633 countries and 78 countries; the taxi business giant has reached almost every corner and nook globally. Until 2018, it has satisfied the demand of more than 7 million riders’ needs and has successfully that the global net revenue of Uber reached around 7.5 billion U.S. dollars. The Uber App clone in the Persian Language follows the same model which taxi giant Uber follows. Its business model falls under the Aggregator business model. It merely means to collect and manage various elements that make up a service accurate and useful. It makes it easier for riders to get quicker service under a single brand. Besides the Aggregator business model, there are two more which any of the taxi-hailing businesses can consider while starting the ride-hailing business; these simply includes:

  1. Ownership Model
  2. Revenue Generation Model

Features to Include Uber App Clone in the Persian Language: Check to Make Smart Choice!

With the changing lifestyle trends, service, which is changing and gaining market revenue is ride-hailing apps. Riders are engaged to get instant transportation services. The taxi business is undoubtedly a booming business idea; it is forecasted that the taxi-hailing industry will grow at a CAGR 9.22% between 2019 and 2024, and market revenue is estimated to increase and reach around $285 billion by 2030. (Source)Most taxi-hailing businesses are stepping ahead to give a digital touch to their business. They are taking the support of developers and app development firms and pay high costs for the development process. But most of them didn’t achieve the required success in their business due to a lack of knowledge related to the development process. If you are planning to invest in app development, then make sure to include some of the essential features that ensure success for your ride-hailing business. Check the below list to know which are those.

Advance Features:

  • App and Logo Change
  • Currency Change
  • Add Countries and Cities
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Rider App Features

  • Vehicle Selection Option
  • Ride Now Or Later
  • Fix Rate Option
  • Fare Estimate and ETA
  • Cancel Trip
  • Invoice Details

Drive App Features

  • Document Uploading
  • Interactive Map
  • Visitor Type
  • Earnings History

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Check Unapproved Providers
  • Multiple Service Type
  • Wallet History
  • Notification Settings
  • Auto Sign
  • Promo Code

Concluding Note

There is a vast market revenue penetrating for ride-hailing businesses. The ride-hailing market has much to offer. In 2017 alone, the online ride-hailing business was valued at around $199million. This number is projected to grow and reach $722.5million by 2025 and the CAGR of 17.25%. (Source)By going through the guide, you can quickly develop a unique value proposition for your ride-hailing business. But before stepping to the market, mind your niche, execute an effective monetization strategy, and choose the best development partner who can craft an immersive app solution that addresses all your business and customers’ demands accurately. To address your proposal, know about the development cost and other details by contacting our sales team at [email protected].