Know Why Talabat Like App Development is Perfect Solution for Your Business

Enable foodies with effective food ordering and delivery platforms by opting for an advanced Talabat clone for your delivery business. This feature-rich empowers them to find and place orders from their favorite restaurants as per their convenience. Eateries can manage and control their delivery business effectively through an advanced solution and can provide foodies with their favorite meal right at their doorsteps. This talabat like app development solution makes it quite easy for foodies to order their favorite meal from their favorite restaurants. We at Elluminati craft excellent Talabat appscript as per the demand of eateries and provide them with:

  • We craft an excellent customer and delivery provider app and panels, which provide an amazing experience to the user.
  • Manage and control the delivery of orders through the impressive store app and panel.
  • Manage and control your whole delivery business with a feature-rich admin panel, which we avail you with clone script.

Explore Wonderful features of Our Talabat Clone

Support Connection Free Delivery

To ensure hygienic and safe food delivery service to foodies on their demand, we have integrated contactless delivery options in our talabat clone script solution. Image confirmation facility makes it easier for foodies to confirm their orders before getting it delivered right at their doorsteps. Foodies who want to avoid physical contact with delivery providers can consider choosing this amazing option while placing their delivery order.

Order Verification

Delivery providers can send a pickup confirmation message to the foodies as soon as they pick orders from the restaurant. They can send the image of the order to get it verified from the customers. Once the customers verify the order, they can pick it up from the restaurant and can move to the customer’s location to deliver it through the nearest route possible to ensure on-time delivery at their location.

Order Customization and Confirmation

Restaurants can customize the order placed by customers as per the availability of resources and items, but they need to get it confirmed by customers to get their confirmation. Once they get the confirmation from the customers, they can prepare the order with specific modification and can later hand it over to the delivery provider to deliver it to the customer’s location.

Subdivide the Categories

Restaurant owners can subdivide the categories through an impressive store panel and app. They can add categories to the menu and can subdivide it as per the availability of items at their restaurant. This makes it quite easy and efficient for foodies to choose their favorite meal from the list available.

Support Multi-Language

We enable eaters with a multi-language feature, which enables them to change the platform language as per their convenience. They can choose their local language as the language for their entire solution to ensure better communication with their prospective customers and provide them excellent ordering experience.

Assign Manual Delivery

Eateries can assign their delivery providers manually through an advanced store panel and app. They can set manual delivery by assigning the delivery task to any of the particular delivery providers. It helps them to provide an enhanced experience to their customers by providing them a fa ster and quicker delivery service whenever they demand to have it.

Know Why Our Talabat Clone Script is Perfect Match for Your Delivery Business

  • Support Faster Delivery.
  • Complete Control Over Business.
  • Enhance Business Revenue and Profit.

Explore the WorkFlow of Our Talabat Clone App

Foodies can leverage their favorite meal right at their doorstep with a few simple taps on the Talabat clone app. After receiving the order, eateries can prepare the food to satisfy foodies’ hunger as soon as possible. Explore the below-mentioned process to know how exactly the Talabat clone app process.

  • Foodies check the list and order their favorite meals from their retail stores or restaurants.
  • Eateries receive the order and prepare the food as per the demand of customers.
  • Eateries assign the delivery providers by placing requests.
  • Delivery providers accept the request and pick the order from the store and deliver it to customers’ locations.
  • Customers pay for the bill of the placed order through any of the payment modes as per their convenience.

User App & Website

Favorite Address

Foodies can add restaurants to their favorite list. They can add, update, or remove any of the eateries from their favorite list as per their preference.

Store App and Dashboard

Earning Statistics

Eateries can explore their earning statistics to have a quick glimpse related to their earning. They can explore the details like the number of orders accepted, rejected, etc status.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Store

An impressive admin dashboard facilitates the admin to manage the store as per their convenience, they have the right to add, edit, update, and remove store details efficiently.

Delivery Men App

Submit Document

Delivery providers can submit their essential documents, they can receive the delivery request once the admin verifies their submitted documents.

Take Your Food Delivery Business Online with Talabat App Clone to Ensure Growth and Success

Explore how our solution stack helps you grow your food delivery business online. Ensure faster delivery with our Talabat app clone to empower your delivery business success.

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