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Allow your marketplace services business to thrive with handy clone supporting and encouraging online bookings for the customers

What is a Handy Clone App? How Does it Help to Extend the Marketplace Service?

Building your own identity in the competitive on-demand market asks for extensive development support and faster request processing. It includes aspects that generate excellent experiences for business expansion.

Handy clone is the mobility solution for the home service providing ventures that aim to create an online solution for the customers to reserve service for home care. The app involves business-centric facilities to support every business size and ensure increased productivity.

We develop an app like the Handy that proves its worth when it comes to running a business across countries or in a single city seamlessly. Reach users when they go haywire with finding the nearest service providers for their needs.

Crucial Features Included In The App Like Handy

Seamless Execution

  • The Handy Like app development helps in managing the entire business operations from a central dashboard, admin panel.
  • It ensures you can keep an eye on the business operations and activity of every stakeholder continuously.
  • By defining a control authority, it provides the apps to execute seamlessly, and the admin can solve any issue immediately.

Online Payment Support

  • By providing online payment support, the handy clone app ensures it is easier to pay for services requested.
  • Also, more than one payment option makes it comfortable to choose any or simply go for cash payment.
  • By encouraging online payments, the solution guarantees secure and faster payment processing with a trusted payment gateway.

User Feedback

  • The user dedicated app solution is incorporated with support for collecting user feedback from all registered users
  • The admin can view the user feedback after their requested service gets completed
  • It helps provide more efficient and appropriate services by updating certain functionalities

Branding Opportunity

  • With a completely customizable set of modules, you can change the theme of the entire solution as per your liking.
  • Now this can help to create your brand name and identity in the market by applying your brand name and logo on the platform.
  • Start serving your consumers across the globe by creating your business identity by getting 100% customization support from us.

In-App Wallet

  • The integrated wallet facility allows for faster and secure online payment facility to generate excellent user experience.
  • Admin can set a minimum wallet balance limit to maintain for users and earn profits from earning convenience provided
  • Service providers can also choose to add balance and accept payments in their integrated wallet support.

Interactive Design

  • Handy like app development proceeds in the right way with unique design approaches used for every module
  • We have developed each feature keeping the user’s needs in mind to deliver ease of use and excellent results.
  • By promising efficiently working functions, the app solution empowers promotions with interactive and user-centric design.

Stakeholders Supported In Our Solution

  • Customers
  • Service Providers
  • System Admin

Target Business Proficiency With The Handy Clone Script With Excellent Workflow

The Handy clone script aims to produce an excellent user experience and provide seamless support across borders. It gathers the best of the latest technology and expert development efforts to build a concrete base for business success. A business can reference the services business process and how it works on an online platform.

  • Customers can register on the platform to find the services and reserve them at their preferable time.
  • Providers can create their service’s profile get approval from the admin and provide the services managing all the business tasks from an app.
  • Admin can let the business expand in various locations without any limitation on user registration.

What Each Module Of Handy App Clone Aims To Improve

Every app solution and web console included within the handy App Clone ensures to deliver excellent support.

User App

User Verification

When a registered user logs in, an OTP verification gets performed using their registered contact details.

Save Address

Users can save their address and avoid entering the same address again and again.


As soon as the service request gets accepted, the estimated arrival time of the service providers gets displayed.

Service Details

Users can view complete details of their requested services, including the invoice and service provider’s details, in the app.

Provider App

Service Skills

Service providers can list out the current skill set they possess to add themselves to the right categories.

Schedule Jobs

Service providers can schedule their jobs according to their availability and provide consistent services.

Request Alert

When a user places a service request, the request alert gets sent to the nearby and available providers using the app.

Earning Analytics

Providers can view the details of their earned commissions from the app and generate reports or visualize in graphs.

Admin Dashboard Details

Multiple Admins

Superior admin can manage multiple admins of the platform who can access the system and their login credentials.

Canceled Services

Admin can view details of canceled service requests and check the cancellation reasons provided by users or service providers.


Admin can choose to add new service types in categories or subcategories provided in the app solution.

Wallet History

Admin can view the wallet history of each user, including their transaction details and current wallet balance.

User Website

Service Categories

Users can view and choose their required services from all available service categories and subcategories.

Rate Providers

Users can rate service providers based on their received response and services and write a review too.

Change Password

Users can choose to change their password using the user website and set a new one after verifying their identity.

Share Referrals

The referral sharing can earn discounts and offers for users, and they can share the referrals to receive these benefits.

Company Panel

Wallet History

The company panel has the details about the wallet history and its settling details with the amount details from the panel

Set Service Cost

The company can set the cost of service that it provides, including the taxes if provided by the admin of the business

Invoice Details

The company can view the service invoice of all the services that are ongoing or completed


The earnings’ lists from the individuals can be grouped or seem individual as preferred by the owners

Customer App

Enter a few required details like address, contact number for registering yourself in the platform and start searching the required home services

Provider App

Within a provider app, one can update service, mark availability, analyze history, and many more provider related tasks

Have A Glace At The Smooth Working of Apps

Check out how each app functions for specific users by exploring the live demos of apps.

Customer App

Enter a few required details like address, contact number for registering yourself in the platform and start searching the required home services

Provider App

Within a provider app, one can update service, mark availability, analyze history, and many more provider related tasks

Initiate Acquiring The Digital Platform After Trying This Ready To Use Panels

User Panel

Alternative to customer app with all the similar functions, allowing to perform the same processes as app

Admin Panel

Gets all the functioning of handling the business regulating the features of all users apps and panels

Company Panel

The company can apply to the panel registering their desired service and connecting service providers with the customers

Explore Other Prebuilt Provisions

Follow up on our other app solutions built for distinct business types and needs.

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By choosing the proficient handy clone to serve users, you can achieve your desired success. With Handy clone supporting your business operations and empowering qualified marketplace services, you can extend your activities across countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Handy Clone App

If you have more questions regarding the Handy clone app, contact us to learn more.

We have a pocket-friendly cost for developing a Handy clone app that is priced around $5k. You can see variable prices on having second thoughts, which could reach up to $16k or beyond.

We assemble the issues for three months and resolve them within that time interval after you purchase our package. However, if that is not enough, we also have add-on services for our clients.

Yes, we provide a multi-language facility in our package. Unlimited language support could be accessed from the platform leveraging the chances to conduct business in multiple locations.

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