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Enable your customers to get their favorite meals on their doorsteps with Tastely clone; an advanced set of modules operated on mobile devices that make reliable services

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What is Tastely Clone app? How can the solution allow you to expand the business reach?

Everything a person demands for, whether a service, product, or meal, can be fulfilled using an online platform. Gig economy is rising gradually, as everything is getting available with a few taps on mobile phones. The food delivery business contributes a major portion to the economy.

The Tastely clone app is a platform that hands out online food delivery services to the customers to cater to all business requisites. The old methods are replaced with an advanced solution, which is accurate and convenient.

A business should consider all the requirements of food delivery services, which can carry their business to higher positions in the market. Apps like Tastely is a custom solution that businesses have to craft according to their size.

Exquisite Features of White Label Tastely Clone Script

Referral Sharing

  • White Label Tastely Clone Script solution allows for referral sharing and bonus earnings to promote app usage among audiences.
  • The admin of the Tastely clone script can choose to provide referral codes to users and delivery providers.
  • They can share the referral code to earn bonuses and discounts while promoting the app to garner better experience.

Store Promotions

  • The admin can choose to start promoting the registered stores by placing advertisements on the app.
  • They can earn significant revenue from the advertisement support and promote the store’s items.
  • Store promotions help an admin increase their regular orders and creates a bridge between stores and admin.

Multiple Payment Options

  • The user dedicated app solution of the Tastely clone includes support for multiple modes of payments.
  • Admin can include many types of payment options aside from cash payment and introduce an online payment facility.
  • With the integrated standard payment gateway, the admin can guarantee secure online payments.

Provider Verification

  • To ensure the verification process of the delivery providers, the admin can set an entire dedicated process.
  • It insists on delivery providers to submit their essential documents before they start accepting the deliveries.
  • Admin can check their documents and choose to allow them to register and start providing delivery services.

Remote Access

  • The app solution stack includes app solutions built for Android and iOS platforms for users, delivery providers, and stores.
  • It helps them access these apps on their mobile devices and place orders or manage deliveries efficiently.
  • The user website, store, and admin console ensure they can access these facilities anytime and anywhere.

Customize Apps

  • The solution owner can choose to customize the entire app solution stack as per their needs.
  • They can create their own unique identity in the market using the different app theme and logo to build their brand name.
  • The app versions and the theme of app solutions are entirely customizable, and admin can choose to edit them.

Why Does Tastely Like App Development Beg to Make a Difference?

  • Reliable Delivery Support
  • Real-time Tracking Facility
  • Efficient Sort and Filter Options

How White Label Tastely Clone App Functions?

After the stores register for the app solution and put up their menus, the app can go on the floor to impress users worldwide. The White Label Tastely clone app can empower unlimited order requests from any corner of the world. Hence, a business can choose to expand limits with the integrated functions that support multi-country and multi-city operations. The app functions in a simple way to ensure customers receive their orders on time.

  • A customer places an order from a particular store. The store will receive the incoming order notification and all details.
  • The store prepares the order and places a request for delivery. The nearby delivery provider accepts the offer.
  • Complete order and delivery location details get provided in their app, and the delivery provider delivers order at the mentioned location.

User App & Website

Social Register/Login

Users can choose to register with the app solution using their social media accounts.

Store App and Dashboard

Manage Deliveries

Manage the orders in the process, including the deliveries of the request from the efficient app and panel.

Admin Dashboard

Define Service Rate

Define the delivery, registration, and other applicable rates that get applied to stakeholders who use the system.

Delivery Men App

Manage Profile

Delivery providers can manage their profiles and update their details using the dedicated Tastely like app solution.

Launch Your Food Delivery with Tastely Clone Script

Reach us to solve any queries and find an excellent app solution fitting your business needs. Our solution stack comes, including all the specific features and functions that can make your business successful.

The Advanced Featured Apps Provided By The E-Delivery

Customers can order from the dedicated app seamlessly

Use The Panels And Understand The Workflow Of The Delivery Business

Customers can order from their favorite stores and get deliveries to their desired address

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tastely Clone App

1. How Tastely clone app assure business growth?

White Label Tastely clone app allows various opportunities for a business to expand its customer base. The business can connect restaurant chains in the platform allowing access to all to run the business. Moreover, it offers discounts and promo codes for the customers that reside for a longer period. The stores are also allowed to promote themselves and their products, making more people aware of the brand.

2. How much must a business plan invest in developing apps like Tastely?

A business can develop apps like Tastetly with two methods. One is to develop from scratch, expected to be costly and time-consuming. On the contrary, ready-made apps can benefit from these two factors. It could charge upto USD 7k-15k and more.

3. Which are the technologies used to make the solution?

The solution is developed with varied technologies. Android and iOS app development is done with Java and Swift, respectively. For backend development, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js are used. For And, the front Frontend is designed with Angular and HTML.

4. How does my business start using the platform that resembles my restaurant?

Restaurants can register to the online platform with the store's details and legal documents. They can create a menu with item's categories and subcategories. Also, it can set store timings and delivery service timings. A business can keep its brand name and logo for a personalized experience.