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talabat clone

Transform your restaurant chain business with an excellent white-label Talabat clone to serve and manage the demands of your customers efficiently through an online platform, operated in any mobile devices.

talabat clone

What Is Talabat Clone App? How Can It Be A Perfect Solution For The Delivery Business?

Talabat clone app is the best platform that provides advanced ordering and delivery services for any restaurant business. Eateries can manage and control all the activities through the platform allowing customers a few taps to order and tracking the parcel till it reaches the address.

The online food delivery segment of Kuwait is forecasted to reach US$3.22bn by 2029. The function is similar to the traditional order, where customers order on call, but they can use apps or panels. We at Elluminati craft excellent Talabat like app as per the demand of restaurants and provide them with all necessary modules. Eateries can have entire control over their delivery business from the online platform.

Modules And Functions Of Talabat Clone Script

Get a better understanding of the modules of the Talabat clone script referring to its prominent functionings.

User App

Favorite Address

Foodies can add restaurants to their favorite list. They can add, update, or remove any of the eateries from their favorite list as per their preference.


Consumers can pay for their ordered food items by making use of multiple payment gateways like COD, credit cards, debit cards, and many more.

Add Coupons

Users can add promo codes offered by the stores and admin at the checkout screen and redeem it to get additional benefits.

Cancel Order

Foodies are allowed to cancel their placed order as per their convenience; however, they are required to provide a valid reason for the cancellation of their order.

User Website

Modifier Association

Users can access associated modifiers where they can modify the items based on the availability of the modifiers

Order Tracking

Customers can track the order starting from when the order gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to the location

Invoice Generation

Customers can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm the order, and can save it as well in the panel

Reviews & Ratings

Users can upload their reviews for the delivery services and the ordered item quality after receiving the order

Store Website

Categories/ Sub-categories

The store owners can add or remove multiple items in categories and sub-categories to enhance the browsing experience.

Payment Gateways

The store panel is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, which gives multi-currency support

Reserve A Table

Eateries can allow users to book a table online, and the stores can set reservation and cancellation fees as well

Cancellation Charges

Outlets can decide to set the order cancellation charges that can be applied at various stages of the delivery process

Store App

Earning Statistics

Eateries can explore their earning statistics to have a quick glimpse related to their earning. They can explore the details like the number of orders accepted, rejected, etc status.

Set Timings

Outlet owners can easily update the delivery time availability of their stores in a week using the app, which will be shown to the customers

Availability of Product

Eateries can switch between on and off options for any of the product displays, they can switch to ‘On’ if there is an availability of product at their restaurant or can switch to off option if not available.

Manage Order

The store owners can manage all the orders efficiently through a feature-rich panel. The business persons can monitor the details of completed orders, scheduled orders, etc., as per the necessity

Admin Dashboard

Manage Store

An impressive admin dashboard facilitates the admin to manage the store as per their convenience, they have the right to add, edit, update, and remove store details efficiently.

Verify Documents

Admin has the right to set essential documentation for registration, they can check and edit any of the documents provided by stores and service providers during the registration.

Manage Reviews

Admin can manage all the reviews and reviews provided by users and service providers through a feature-rich admin dashboard provided to them with the solution.

Manage Providers

The administrative person can verify provider’s documents, approve them to use the app, disapprove them as well, and edit or update vehicle details for them.

Delivery Men App

Submit Document

Delivery personnel can submit their essential documents within the platform, and once the admin verifies their submitted documents, delivery partners can start working on delivery assignments.

Accept/ Reject Request

Delivery providers have the authority to accept or reject any of the requests as per their convenience when a particular user places a request, they can select the option between accepting or rejecting the request.


Customers’ and eateries’ location is provided to delivery providers to navigate them effectively; they can follow the easiest route to reach any of the locations as soon as possible.

Delivery History

Delivery providers can readily view the complete delivery history as per their preference through the app, they can check the detailed history like completed, rejected, and pending

Explore the Workflow of White Label Talabat Clone App

Foodies can leverage their favorite meal right at their doorstep with a few simple taps on the Talabat clone app. After receiving the order, eateries can prepare the food to satisfy foodies’ hunger as soon as possible. Explore the below-mentioned process to know how exactly the white label Talabat clone app process.

  • Foodies check the list and order their favorite meals from their retail stores or restaurants.
  • Eateries receive the order and prepare the food as per the demand of customers.
  • Eateries assign the delivery providers by placing requests.
  • Delivery providers accept the request and pick the order from the store and deliver it to customers’ locations.
  • Customers pay for the bill of the placed order through any of the payment modes as per their convenience.

Know Why Our Talabat Like App is Perfect Match for Your Delivery Business

  • Support Faster Delivery.
  • Complete Control Over Business.
  • Enhance Business Revenue and Profit.

Scrutinize Wonderful Features Of Our App Like Talabat

Take account of the incredible features of the Talabat clone script, facilitating smooth workflow for the business.

Support Multi-Language

We enable eaters with a multi-language feature, which enables them to change the platform language as per their convenience. They can choose their local language as the language for their entire solution to ensure better communication with their prospective customers and provide them excellent ordering experience.

Order Verification

Delivery providers can send a pickup confirmation message to the foodies as soon as they pick orders from the restaurant. They can send the image of the order to get it verified by the customers. Once the customers verify the order, they can pick it up from the restaurant and can move to the customer’s location to deliver it through the nearest route possible to ensure on-time delivery at their location.

Order Customization And Confirmation

Restaurants can customize the order placed by customers as per the availability of resources and items, but they need to get it confirmed by customers to get their confirmation. Once they get the confirmation from the customers, they can prepare the order with specific modification and can later hand it over to the delivery provider to deliver it to the customer’s location.

Subdivide The Categories

Restaurant owners can subdivide the item categories through an impressive store panel and app. They can add categories to the menu and can subdivide it by considering the availability of items at their restaurant. Now, this makes it quite easy and efficient for foodies to choose their favorite meal from the list available.

Support Connection Free Delivery

To ensure hygienic and safe delivery service to foodies on their demand, we have integrated contactless delivery options in our Talabat clone script solution. Image confirmation facility makes it easier for foodies to confirm their orders before getting it delivered. Foodies who want to avoid physical contact with delivery providers can choose this option while placing their order.

Assign Manual Delivery

Eateries can assign their delivery providers manually through an advanced store panel and app. They can set manual delivery by assigning the delivery task to any of the particular delivery providers. It helps them to provide an enhanced experience to their customers by providing them a faster and quicker delivery service whenever they demand to have it.

Prominent Features Of Talabat Clone App Embrace Emerging Method Of Business

Leverage the top features of the Talabat clone app, embracing an intuitive platform for a delivery services business.

Consumers will be updated about the delivery status through the app, which includes the order status, location of the driver, and estimated arrival time.

Customers can place reviews on the orders and drivers, and also, they are shown reviews of the customers to refer to while selecting the new store.

Customers can add modifiers to the selected items modifying the items as per their preferences; modifiers are optional and are offered by the stores.

Customers can sign up to the platform using social networking sites to facilitate logins on third-party applications and platforms.

Panels Of Talabat Clone Script Incorporated With Dynamic Features

Take advantage of the features of the Talabat clone script that transmutes your business operation in a better way and makes it overall hassle-free

Admins can track order history as a record in the app and can access it any time required, even can save it for offline purposes.

Admins can approve or disapprove store requests, verify their documents, and also can manage their menu.

Admins can add sub-admin and assign tasks to be performed through the panel with access to inclined pages.

Admins can assign delivery services to the providers either auto assigning or manually by selecting particular providers.

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Track the customer’s address through the in-app Map facility in the app

User App

Order with few taps from the app from your favorite store

Store App

Can request drivers manually or automatically for the delivery service through the app

Explore Easy To Use Apps For The Delivery Business

Check out the app demo of the Talabat clone that consists of a user-friendly approach. By exploring the demos, one can get to know how to use the app to perform specific tasks.

Delivery Provider App

Track the customer’s address through the in-app Map facility in the app

User App

Order with few taps from the app from your favorite store

Store App

Can request drivers manually or automatically for the delivery service through the app

Learn To Use Panels Of E-Delivery Solution For Your Business

User Panel

Customers can rate and review stores and delivery man for their services after its completion

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

Admin can decide and set their profit margins in the delivery services

View Web Flow

Store Panel

Stores can categories in their menu, also make its subcategories and allow the customers to select modifiers in each item

View Web Flow

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Take Your Food Delivery Business Online With An App Like Talabat

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Frequently Asked Questions On Talabat Clone App

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

White Label Talabat clone app aims to provide automatic delivery business operations, providing the customers to order through the app or panel, and restaurants respond to them through dedicated apps or panels. It offers convenience and accuracy in the business.

For any of the delivery business apps like Talabat is a good choice as it is a cost-effective platform, which is a major factor many businesses consider as a priority. It is designed to fit any delivery business, which makes it versatile.

Yes, we offer language translation in the solution. Multiple languages are available in the script that the admin can set to communicate fluently through apps and panels.

The cost depends on whether you develop a solution from scratch or acquire a ready-made script. Ready-made solutions cost between $7k to $15k or more.

You can try all the functioning of apps and panels in our free demo. For more details, you can contact on: /contact-us/

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