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Connect eateries and foodies by allowing them to place order with white label Menulog clone helping them find nearby options and meet changing demands with reliable business monitoring

What is the Menulog Clone App? How Swift Managing the Restaurant Business is Possible with These Solutions?

The food delivery business is the quickest platform to earn higher returns and fight in the market. However, it is possible only with the versatile app script that allows processing every operation online with advanced technology.

Menulog clone app is a versatile high-tech ordering platform for the restaurant allowing the customers to order their meals from a comprehensive menu of the restaurants and get home deliveries of the parcel. Users can order from their smartphones and get the deliveries at their desired locations within the estimated time interval.

Restaurants are not supposed to have technical knowledge of developing the tech stack. We provide a ready-made code to build an app like Menulog, assisting them till the launch of the app.

Essential Features Of Menulog Clone

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is one of the excellent fortune features of any app development. We integrate social media features along with referral and profile sharing options.

Complete Branding

In our Menulog clone app, we provide complete white labeling services on dedicated mobile applications and a web console that is labeled with your brand name and logo.

Flexible Payment Option

In a menulog like similar app, we integrate multiple payment methods options using which foodies can pay their service charge through cash, in-app wallet, or debit/credit card.

Analyze Reviews

We integrate rate and review sharing features in both customer and delivery man apps so business persons can analyze customer satisfaction accordingly.

White Label Menulog Clone Script is Best Suitable Solution for

  • FastFoods Joints
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Food Trucks
  • Restaurants

Explore Complete Workflow of Menulog Clone

Check out the working of white label Menulog clone assuring to generate an excellent user experience. Start your food delivery business online with proficient technical support

  • Check menu & place order
  • Stores collect & confirm order
  • Customers receive a confirmation message
  • Prepares food & hand over to a delivery provider
  • The provider delivers food to customers’ destinations
  • Customers pay an order amount & give feedback

Core Modules To Work Your Business Seamlessly

We provide an utterly white label Menulog app clone solution to target a global audience by satisfying their needs with advanced apps and web consoles

User App

Order Now or Schedule

Customers are allowed to order their favorite food immediately or schedule order time as per their convenience.

Online Payment

For meal order, the customer can pay their service charge online through an in-app wallet, debit, or credit card

ETA & Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track the real-time geolocation of the delivery provider along with ETA details of the order arriving

Rate and Review

Customers can share their order experience related thoughts in the form of reviews and give ratings based on a scale of five starts

Provider App

Route Optimization & Navigation

Delivery providers can navigate the source to delivery destination on Google Maps along with route optimization options

Submit Document

It’s compulsory for the delivery providers to submit essential documents to the administrative to start working on delivery tasks

Earning Management

The delivery provider can manage their earning details online with the complete service history reports.

Service On / Off

As per their convenience, the delivery provider can manually go online or offline to set their availability status.

Admin Panel

Manage User

A business person can manage all user’s profile details along with the rights to add new users or decline users as per their convenience

Application Setting

With the help of the dashboard, the administrative person can manage all application settings and features details.

Earning Management

Administrative people can manage their earning details within the dashboard, and they can also manage the store and provider earnings

Advertise Management

Administrative persons can manage the advertising content within the platform and can set up specific time intervals to show ads.

Ordering Website

Manage Profile

Customers can create their profile with essential details and can modify details anytime.

Add to Basket

Customers can add their needed meal order to the basket with an increase or decrease quantity option.

Product Details

The customer is able to see complete product-related details along with custom ordering options.

Add Favourite

Customers are able to add any outlets at their favorite ordering place and pin up at a home page.

Store App

Login As Stores or Substores

Store owners gots two options to choose from while logging in to the platform; they can log in as a store account or sub store account

Get Multiple Payment Gateways

The store app is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, supporting payments in multiple currencies

Language Settings

Stores can set multiple languages to allow users to pick from them to use the app. So users can translate the menu into their language.

Analyze Earnings

Stores can analyze orders with the earnings of weekly, monthly, or overall earning data that also includes orders and users’ details.

Store Panel

Order List

The store vendor can get all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc

Cancellation Charges

Store owners can decide to set the order cancellation charges that can be applied at various stages of the delivery process

Manage Providers

Stores can add their own delivery providers, create accounts for them, and register a vehicle for them, which will be approved by the admin

Multi Tax Settings

While creating a menu for the users, stores can set multiple taxes for each item. They can also set taxes for all items and services separately

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can provide a delivery service, tracking the customer’s location through the in-app map

User App

Users can get a thorough restaurant’s menu with various to order their food with desired ingredients

Store App

Stores can perform store tasks from the dedicated store app over the internet

Dive Into All The Apps To Know The Best Features Provided

Go through the live app demos to learn more about the app’s workings and its functionalities.

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can provide a delivery service, tracking the customer’s location through the in-app map

User App

Users can get a thorough restaurant’s menu with various to order their food with desired ingredients

Store App

Stores can perform store tasks from the dedicated store app over the internet

Learn The Working Of Convincing Panels To Adopt It For Your Food Business

User Panel

Customers get alternative option to ordering food online from the panel

Admin Panel

All the business tasks could be implemented from the panel by the admin

Store Panel

Panels for the store has the similar functioning as an app to perform the store tasks

Looking For Any Other Mobility Platforms Suiting Your Business

Check the list of mobility platforms we offer for different businesses addressing their business requirement.

Looking For A Completely Customizable System?

Contact our customer support executive right away to craft an excellent business platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Menulog Clone

Get through these FAQs to get more details about our service offerings

Drivers can partner with the white label Menulog clone app and earn a fixed portion from each delivery they conduct each day. For instance, they will get $12 per delivery and perform two deliveries in a day, which will get them 24 dollars in total. On hectic days they can perform more deliveries. They can even keep the tips provided by the customers.

The costs for ready-made scripts of an app like Menulog can fall between USD 7k-18k. The expenses can rise as the business will require customization in the platform.

Yes, we assist you till you upload the app on the play store and apple store.

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