Homechow Clone - Curated Delivery App in Ghana

Homechow clone elevates your food delivery business, a custom-built platform to well-organize and modernize conventional restaurant methods, serving frictionless online browsing and home deliveries for the customers in Ghana.

What is the Homechow Clone? How Does the Solution Frame an Excellent Business Experience?

Homechow clone is an emanate solution that avails consumers to get their food delivered from local outlets, requested from an app. Ordering food is just a matter of a few taps on your smartphone, which is the most favored service to buyers nowadays. Restaurants can render a comprehensive food menu to their patrons and also instant deliveries using this solution.

We are crafting the platform with a modernized tech stack inherited with the latest function to rationalize restaurant delivery operations in Ghana. Worldwide it was analyzed that CAGR is rosed by 11% of the food delivery services market, which is a compelling reason for the eateries to revamp their strategies. Get an app like Homechow to stay intact in the competitions, driven by technology.

Augmented Modules And Features Of Homechow Clone Script Strengthening Delivery Business

Food delivery enterprise is available by the Homechow clone script that eases and automates vocation tasks and upscales the reach to any extent eliminating the human error that comes in traditional methods.

Real-Time Tracking

  • Homechow clone script provides a real-time tracking facility in all its modules.
  • Users can trace deliverymen, and deliverymen can track customers’ locations, and stores can locate deliverymen and assign deliveries
  • Besides, each module receives updates of delivery standing from start to end.

Advertise Stores

  • The admin of an app like Homechow can advertise the store’s products for a limited period in the customer app and panel.
  • Stores have to pay minimal charges to advertise for a particular period. They can choose to advertise on the store’s list or item’s list.
  • Now the customers will be shown the ads that are related to nearby stores from the location they have inserted.

Chat And Call

  • Customers can call or chat with the deliveryman for any questions or updates on the delivery state.
  • Deliveryman and customers could also chat with the support for any issues in the app or website.
  • The calling option in the app is Voice over IP, which maintains the privacy of the caller.

Use Store Panel

  • Stores can handle the delivery operation from the store’s panel beside the app.
  • Using the panel, the business person can allot delivery providers, add drivers, maintain an order list, and many more functions.
  • Stores can use the panel for convenience to handle the lump sum data of the business.

Verification And Control

  • Deliveryman can sign up in the application and upload the documents, which the admin will verify from the panel.
  • With a Homechow like app, the admin can control all the users from the panel; they have access to block the users anytime.
  • Admin can choose to keep the stores, customers, deliverymen, and delivery vehicles for different countries and cities.


  • Apps and panels are reckoned with the e-wallets to pay with that while ordering.
  • E-wallets will be linked to the user’s bank account, which they can do by adding the account details.
  • Deliveryman can receive the payments from the wallets and also can withdraw any amount from it.

Leverage Impressive Features Of Our Platform

Our platform has separate modules for all consumers with excellent highlights to automate delivery operations

User App

Search Filters

Customers can search their favorite stores with the filters like store tag, distance, delivery time, and price


Buyers can reorder their past orders saving the searching time of stores and items and ordering in just a snap.

Social Login

While singing in, shoppers can directly sign in using the social ID with just one tap eliminating entering multiple details.

Multiple Items

Customers can add multiple items in the cart from an online shop and order all of them at once, and spend online.

Store App


When adding a new item to the cart, the store can select the type of tax to apply when customers order.

Order List

Stores can get the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Analyze Reviews

The store can easily analyze the reviews about their order quality and delivery service given by the customers.

Create Order

Stores can create orders for the customers depending on the type of order, like parcel, takeaway, and delivery, with the customer’s details

Admin Panel

Add Zones

Business admin can add different zones for delivery for a distinct area and keep the delivery fees separately for each zone.

Manage Stores

Admin can maintain the outlets from the website like creating and updating the menu, dispatching orders, and many more.

Multiple Languages

Admin can add multiple languages from the site to let users access their preferred languages from respective modules.

Privacy Policy And T&C

Admin can fix the privacy policy and terms and conditions for all the stage users, which they have to consent to continue using.

Delivery Provider App

In-app Navigation

Deliveryman can navigate the buyer’s location through the app using integrated GPS and update the status for customers and stores.

Add Vehicle

Delivery providers can supplement their own vehicle from the app, adding its details and documents for verification.

Review Customers

After completing the delivery process, the deliveryman can give reviews and ratings to the respective customers.

Set Status

The delivery person can set their status from the app as online or offline as per their availability for the service.

User Website

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the credentials

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform

Add Applicable Coupens

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits

Store Website

Quick Login

Stores can log in to the platform directly by using their registered phone and password with just a single step

Set Timings

Store owners can update the store’s service time availability in a week which will be shown to the customer

Manage Providers

Stores can add their delivery providers, create accounts for them, and register a vehicle for them, which will be approved by the admin

Invoice Generation

Stores can easily print the invoice from their order lists by connecting the printer with Bluetooth, which they can use for offline purposes

Delivery Provider App

Easy to partner up with the business, the deliveryman can sign in and upload documents quickly within the application to provide service.

Customer App

Stuffed with advanced hallmarks, try customer’s app that allows refining the ordering process

Restaurant App

Food stores can create a virtual space to let shoppers order online and demand delivery services.

Learn The Working Of Our Well-Built Apps

Explore the demos of the apps and learn more about its working flow

Delivery Provider App

Easy to partner up with the business, the deliveryman can sign in and upload documents quickly within the application to provide service.

Customer App

Stuffed with advanced hallmarks, try customer’s app that allows refining the ordering process

Restaurant App

Food stores can create a virtual space to let shoppers order online and demand delivery services.

User-Friendly Websites Designed For Respective Business Purpose

Customer Panel

Shoppers can use the panel to browse stores and their food menus and can also assign orders.

Admin Panel

Business admin can examine all tasks performed in user, store, and deliveryman tasks can set charges in multiple ways.

Store Panel

Stores can use the panel for the convenience to handle the virtual store and all related tasks

2022’s Highlighting Features

Updated Themes

Platform users get to pick the theme between light or dark themes. Nevertheless, the store panel and admin panel are inserted with a group of dark and light theme colors, refreshed anytime.

Dispatching From Admin Panel

Admin receives the orders in its respective panel and dispatches them to assign the deliveryman for the tasks, whether choosing default assigning or manual assigning method.

Reserve Table

Customers get the new feature to reserve a table from the app or panel in any of their desired eateries; they can even order in the same restaurant, and if desired, can pay online.

Scan and Order

Customers will get the feature in the restaurants that they can browse menu and orders by scanning QR codes provided at the place and, if they want, can pay online through the app.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The delivery platform is inserted with multiple payment gateways so that a restaurant can accept payment from multiple countries securely. It allows them to handle the various outlets in different locations.

Print Invoice

Customers can print invoices consisting of all detailed pricing formed in the store app for all orders. The printer is connected virtually with the device, and the app commands it to print the statement.

Activity Log

Admin panel will have a section called activity log from which all the modules’ actions are listed whether failed or successful. These logs are classified as high, average, and low priority.

Set Taxes

Stores and admin can set taxes on items or services from their respective modules, and admin can set taxes for the delivery services for a particular city and delivery type. Both can update the taxes anytime.

Forge Higher Business Opportunities With An App Like Homechow

Multiple Delivery Type

Business admin can set various delivery services from the panel that is proposed to the users, like food, grocery, couriers, flowers, etc.

Multi-Country Business

Admin can set the delivery outlets in different countries or cities giving services to the customers from local areas.

Variable Delivery Fees

Admin can set variable delivery fees for the different countries or cities and delivery types. They can even regulate the delivery fees for different zones.

Create Sub-admin

Business admin can create an account for sub-admin who perform specific business tasks accessing only the assigned sections of the admin panel.

Add Vehicles Types

For the deliveryman, the admin can add vehicles types, like a bike, scooter, bicycle, etc., which they can prefer to keep the delivery fees with the taxes.

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Homechow clone deals with the delivery duties virtually, conceding customers to place orders by browsing their favorite store’s menu and stores can eliminate the human errors, optimizing business tasks.

The cost to develop an app like Homechow depends on the customization and technology used for the development. The approximate cost may generally last between $7k to $10k if you opt for the ready-made script and customize it to match your business requirements.

We submit your apps to Google Playstore and App Stores. In some of our packages, we give this service as free, and some have add-on service.

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