Foodspotting Clone

Invest in developing a Foodspotting clone for the food delivery business with interactive dashboards and fully functional apps, diversifying in the most competitive markets, and forging a big break to the business.

What is the Foodspotting Clone App? Why is the Platform Imperative for Food Delivery Business?

Foodspotting clone app is one such platform for a single restaurant, restaurant chain, aggregators, and any type of food delivery business that guides the customers for the best food in the nearby region and also gets delivery services. The platform is developed with the best technology and latest features making the most advanced workflow for the delivery business.

In the U.S., an increase in the number of mobile phone and internet users is penetrating the online shopping markets and the delivery business is one of the major drivers of the whole sector and the business is expected to grow at the 10% CAGR in 2021-2026 forecast. Therefore an app like Foodspotting is an imperative acquisition for the delivery business now and next. We develop an intuitive platform for all scales of businesses.

How Does Working in Business with Foodspotting Clone Script Flow?

Foodspotting clone script automates business processes for managing orders, delivery services, and payments all through a single platform, though it has determined apps and panels for the individual performance of the consumers, drivers, and stores. The standard workflow of the business is as follows:

  • Customers browse stores and order through a well-categorized menu and also can order pay online through the app.
  • Stores can manage the menu, orders and assign delivery services to the delivery man – all through the app.
  • Deliveryman can accept or reject delivery services, track the consumer’s location, and get paid through e-wallets.

Prominent Features of App like Foodspotting

Take a note of the best features of the app like Foodspotting

Customers App/Website

Consumers can log in to the platform with quick social media accounts within just a few clicks.

Store App/ Website

Restaurants can set their availability of the delivery service in the weeks and days to show it to the consumers.

Admin Panel

Delivery providers can create profiles for sub-admin to perform several business tasks and allow them particular tasks

Deliveryman App

Drivers can register with the necessary details or can choose social media to account for quick registration.

Outstand Delivery Market with the Foodspotting Like App

Derange the online food delivery business with Foodspotting clone developing the platform with complete branding and desired features. Discuss your requirements.

Imperative Aspects of Foodspotting Clone App

Forge the advanced features of the Foodspotting clone app acquired for any business dimension.

Frictionless Ordering

A Foodspotting like app allows frictionless browsing, allowing buyers to search for the stores and items easily. They can use a search bar to get them directly. Also, they can use the filters to select the stores and items, categorized with specific tags.

Multi-language Support

The platform is integrated with several language support. Admin allows users several languages that they can choose to communicate and use the platform. It makes fluent communication between the users and stores.

In-app Chat Support

Customers, drivers, and stores can chat within the app. Drivers can consult customers’ locations using chat features, and similarly, customers can also ask for delays in the services to the stores and deliveryman.

Push Notification

All the platform users can get the push notification whenever they are performing some activity; they mark the success or errors. In that case, notifications will ensure that the platform is working in real-time.

Multiple Payment Gateways

A Foodspotting clone app consists of multiple payment methods like payment gateways, e-wallets, card payments, etc. Also, various gateways are integrated into the platform like Paystack, Stripe, etc.

Why is E-Delivery chosen over others?

  • Best technical support
  • Interactive App Design
  • Latest Features Integration
  • Customizable Modules

E-Delivery Mobile Applications Demos You Must Try

Customers can quickly register and order from their nearby local stores with delivery services.

Analyze the Workflow of the Tasks Through E-Delivery’s Panels

Customers can also browse stores, order, and pay using the panel with similar features.

Are You Looking for Foodspotting Clone App Development?

Develop a Foodspotting clone app to leverage the most competitive markets with the unique features supporting and managing delivery business with exceptional characteristics of the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions of Foodspotting Clone

1. What is the Foodspotting clone app?

The Foodspotting clone app is an advanced platform for delivery businesses, whether single restaurant, multi-restaurant or aggregator, can handle the business within the platform providing convenience to customers about the ordering.

2. What is the cost to develop an app like Foodspotting?

The cost to develop an app like Foodspotting is dependent on various factors. If the platform is read-made, the factors like customization, the technology used, and tech support matter to decide the development cost. However, it falls in the range of $6k to $15k in all.

3. Will you extend the support after the app launch?

Elluminati offers several packages for app development, in which tech support is provided for different time intervals. You check out the packages and their requirements on the pricing page: However, we always provide add-on tech support for any time interval.