Flink Clone - A Few Minutes Grocery Delivery Platform

Embrace your grocery business with the Flink clone, letting consumers buy groceries online and get them to their doorstep in the minimum estimated time.

What is Flink Clone App? How Much Should a Grocery Business Rely on This Platform?

Flink clone app is a turnkey delivery solution for those firms that aim to connect grocery shops and consumers to deal virtually with utmost comfort and smart ways. It consists of dedicated apps for buyers to place grocery orders, a deliveryman app for delivery persons, a vendor app that operates orders and allocates deliverie service, and an admin panel with a 360-degree view of the operations going on and handling them.

The platform is ready to benefit multiple grocery demands all at once, increasing business reach. The source code of an app like Flink is pre-configured, integrating the multi-lingo, currencies, and payment gateway integration to serve a multi-location business. With the right process, functionalities, and technology, Elluminati’s script is ready to perform for any dimension of the business.

Flink Clone Script Consists Of Rich And Dedicated Modules

Constituents of the Flink clone script are business-ready, assisting all the essentials to thrive in the competitive markets.

Buyers App

Fast Signup

Using a social account, customers can sign up to the platform within 2-3 clicks, and later, those credentials will also be used for login into the app.

Favorite Shops

Customers could mark stores as favorites and then access those stores directly to make orders and demand for delivery services

Set Delivery Zone

Buyers can get groceries and put requests that are delivered to different locations wherever required, changing the address in the app.

Redeem Promo

Customers can use promo codes while they order groceries from their favorite shops for exciting benefits offered by stores and business owners.

User Website

Update Profile

Consumers can update their profile details like name, email, phone number, password, and other info whenever required.


Buyers can scan the QR code of the particular store and choose the items to make an order without logging into the website.

Payment Options

The panel comprises multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack to allow transactions in multiple countries

Order Tracking

Customers can track the order starting from where the order gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to the address

Store Website

Import/Export Data

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such lists are imported to the sheet or even exported from the sheet for offline use

Analyze Feedback

The outlet owners can analyze the reviews about their order qualities and delivery service given by the customers

Select Tags

Stores can set the tags based on the items they sell, allowing customers to choose a tag in order to reduce browser fiction

General Setting

Stores can manage general settings like business status, visibility, and also if the store will be visible or not to the customers

Store App

Organize Orders

Stores control the instant and pre-orders from the consumers and allocate them to the delivery providers when the order is prepared.

Order History

All the incoming order lists from the buyers are stored in the app as per their particular group of being completed, scheduled, assigned, and examined.


Buyers add delivery providers and vehicles, which admins verify and later allocate delivery persons with complete details about the items and the customer’s address.

Set Time Setting

Grocery stores are able to set time slots or full days for parcel services in a week repeatedly and can modify the timing whenever required.

Admin Panel

Order History

For all the stores, admins will also be able to receive the item list from the buyers, which they can determine to transfer to providers in relevant circumstances.

Set Profit Percentage

The business admins can decide and designate the profit share in each service, which could vary in different cities and countries depending on several factors.

Add Sub Admins

Sub admins perform assigned tasks to them through the panel and access the leaned attributes and functionalities as allowed by the admin.

Study Reviews

Reviews from shoppers, providers, and stores are all examined by the admin, which is used to improve and maintain better services in the business.

Delivery Man App

Add Bank Details

Providers add their bank details and link to the e-wallets to accept their shares of profits; they can link to more than one account.

Delivery Request

Orders from the shops can be accepted or rejected by the providers as per their preferences and availability.

Track Address

In the incorporated map within the app, the deliveryman can follow the address by opting for multiple routes that help deliver faster.

Review Customers

Providers, after completion of the delivery service, can give feedback and ratings to the consumers for their behavior throughout the process.

The Key Advantage of E-Delivery for Grocery Delivery Giants

  • Streamlined Platform
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Accessed Remotely

How does a Flink Clone Work?

Operations between the buyers and stores to compose orders and deliver them to the desired address are performed smoothly and conveniently with Flink clone. It allows faster actions for both of them no matter what country and city of the business, with similar flow throughout. The work is briefed in the following steps:

  • Grocery shoppers select their desired items, then order and pay for the same, entering the address for receiving the items.
  • Stores acknowledge the availability of the items and then assign the groceries to the delivery providers.
  • The deliveryman will collect the parcel from the shop and then, with the most optimized pathway, supply it to the customers.

Target Your Customer With Better Reach With Flink Like App

Features in the Flink like app are user-centric, improving standards to reach the customers.

Discounts and Offers

Admins and stores create offers for the customers that they can access while ordering and within the duration of the offer. The offer could be on particular items or in all subcategories applied with conditions respectively.

Interactive Design

Designs of the buyer app and panel are eye-appealing and facilitate all the necessary features; consumers can find stores and place orders hassle-free from any of the platforms by following a simple procedure.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time status in the apps and panels between the vendors, customers, and deliveryman ordering, payments, and delivery services, eliminating the differences and distances between the stores and customers.

Detailed Menu

The menu created by the store is detailed items, all of which are further divided into categories and subcategories so that customers can choose the items seamlessly to order numerous items and demand delivery service.

Delivery Provider App

The delivery person is given the app to acknowledge and serve deliveries for stores.

User App

The app is so consistent that allows the users can understand its function easily.

Store App

The vendor app is facilitated with all the desired features to execute store operations.

Check Out E-Delivery App Demo

Learn the functionalities of E-Delivery by exploring the app demos.

Delivery Provider App

The delivery person is given the app to acknowledge and serve deliveries for stores.

User App

The app is so consistent that allows the users can understand its function easily.

Store App

The vendor app is facilitated with all the desired features to execute store operations.

Check Out E-Delivery Panels Demo

User Website

Panels for the consumers have the same functioning to order as an app.

Admin Panel

Admin dashboard is designed to track the entire business within just one platform.

Store Panel

Panels are intended for convenient store handling yet with the same functionings as an app.

Robust Platform Designed By Us

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Exaggerate Your Business Profile With Flink Like App

Meeting customers’ demands are easy with a Flink like app conversing the conventional method with automated processes. Get ready to launch your platform crafted as per your business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flink Clone App

Reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding the platform.

Yes, the entire Flink clone script is customizable, and new features and functionings are easily integrated into the platform. To find out more about customizing the platform, reach our sales team at [email protected].

The Flink clone app development costs in the range of $5000 up to $15000. Though the range is again dependent on the customization in the script, technology opted, and many other affecting factors.

The duration usually depends on the intricacy of the project. While you are discussing the project, clients can discuss the estimated time with the sales time. Yet to understand more about the time for the development, get to talk with our sales team.

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