Dunzo Clone – Multipurpose Platform

Acquire solid, online multipurpose platform – Dunzo clone that extends the business to a broad spectrum of services like groceries, food, couriers, rides, and as many as a business aims, rendering customers booking all the services online.

dunzo clone a multipurpose solution

What is the Dunzo Clone? How Does it Support a Business to Incline all Market Aspects Within the Platform?

Peoples’ love for technology has gradually shifted the way business works. Conventional methods are replaced, and technology is automating the business operations consequently. Additionally, digital platforms leverage higher opportunities for any business horizon, no matter what services it offers to the customers.

Dunzo clone is a collective services platform rendering customers reserve their requirements of any items online and schedule a doorstep delivery. Streamlined applications and websites are upscaled to set up multiple services, all in one solution, to oversee and direct the business towards growth. Even the administrators can maintain all the services in one screen, examining users’ activities and analyzing earnings, orders, and services requirements.

On concluding the stats and figures, India’s e-commerce market size could be stretched to $200 billion US dollars after 2027. It attributes the entrepreneurs and business owners to craft a sleek platform that merges multiple customer services. Our developers are experts in forming an apt solution emphasized with all the claimed features.

Contoured Services Integrated in Dunzo Clone Script That Works With Trends

Dunzo clone script is easing your numerous services business, improvising the human grinds, reducing errors, and offering convenience for businesses and customers.

All-in-one Services

Latest Technology

Customizable Modules

Business-centric Approach

Reasons to Procure a Dunzo like App

A Dunzo like app meets all the user’s demands for online services with its cutting-edge modules segregated to perform specific tasks. The platform is designed with the latest technology and all advanced features compatible to go with future trends. With a fully-fledged solution, kindle your efforts and inflate outcomes.

Espouse Various Delivery Businesses With White Label Dunzo Clone App, an Exclusive Platform

White label Dunzo clone app gives an excellent turn to contrive the delivery business of food, grocery, medicines, pets, fruits, vegetables, and many more, all separately or all in one. The elite platform is enough to manage the delivery business with just a few clicks and analyze the data stored within that remotely.

Apps like Dunzo rendering technological assistance could fulfill people’s first choice. Businesses can have complete control over the processes with the platform, managed at their convenience. Have a glance at the features that brighten up the online services.

Customers, while requesting doorstep deliveries, can opt to get contactless deliveries, which maintains physical distance.

Analyze the Delivery Business Workflow Through Digital Platform

Know the workflow of the online delivery business as described in the below steps



Register on the platform with the necessary details to sign in or directly use social media IDs like Twitter, Facebook, or Google ID.


Browser Stores and Items

Patrons can look for the desired stores in the platform using the search filters. Afterward, they can select multiple items and also add modifiers to them while checkout.


Store’s Initiative

Delivery stores can accept the requests from the patrons and prepare them. Afterward, it will assign a provider for delivery.


Providers Start Delivery

Deliveryman chooses the optimized route to the customer’s location and, on ending delivery, will receive a confirmation code from the customer.



Customers can give reviews and ratings to deliverymen and the stores. Similarly, providers can give feedback to customers and stores.


Admin Examines

The administrators examine all these delivery tasks. They can decide the price and taxes for the services and items.

Modernize the Couriers Services With Dunzo Clone App

Update your courier delivery methods with the Dunzo clone app, extending the services to numerous outlets and serving as many consumers as possible. With the complete support offered in the tech stack, build a solid platform for the consumers to reserve services online.

Customers’ activities assure businesses to adopt the app like Dunzo, accelerating end results and overall performance of the business, all while working with the trends. Here are the best features listed below.

Customers can add the image of the parcel from the app or panel to make sure the right parcel is picked.

Understand the Working of Courier Business that Operates Online

Here is the functioning of the advanced platform that performs tasks online



Service consumers have to enter their details to start using the platform to get online courier services.


Pickup Address

Enter the address from which the parcel has to be picked up by the deliveryman, with any special instruction if required.


Request Accepting

Providers will accept the requests and pick them from the delivery entered location.



Customers will be notified about the parcel pickup by the providers and will complete the delivery process to the desired address.


Review Service

Consumers can give ratings and reviews to the providers for the service and vice versa.


Admin Analyzes

Business admin can track all users and deliveryman’s tasks from their respective panel.

Handle Ride-hailing Services With Dunzo Clone, Uplift Business Reach

Intensify your fleet-hailing business like taxi, bike, cycle, etc., with Dunzo clone, innovating how business works and how patrons grasp the services. You can do business with many dispatching stations or countless fleets that are managed seamlessly within the tech suite.

With the help of the white label Dunzo clone, develop a rigid online presence for the tech-savvy customers looking for the rides, offered with just a few clicks. Look at the advanced features integrated into the platform.

Riders can book an instant or schedule rides anytime by selecting the fleet and entering the desired destination address.

Analyze How Ride-hailing tasks Progress in Online Platform

Online fleet providing business is followed by these steps mentioned below



Riders have to enter the details before using the platform to sign up and access all the services.


Reserve Fleet

Travelers can enter their pickup and destination location on the solution, also can reserve the taxi at their desired time.


Dispatcher Accept

Dispatchers will get the ride request and allocate this to the drivers who offer drives with the exact vehicle.


Driver Tracks

Driver tracks the rider's location and can choose to travel through the most optimized route.


Complete and Review

After finishing the journey, the deliveryman can provide reviews to the customers and customers to the riders.


Admin Directs

Business admin can direct all the user’s tasks and have access to control platform users’.

Amplify Your Business with Innovative Platform

Talk to us about your business idea, and we are there to serve you with a well-designed platform.

Experience Updated Features of the Online Taxi-Hailing Platform

For passengers to book rides, an app is designed with all the latest functions and advanced technology

Endure the Working of the Delivery Solution Using its Apps and Panel

Try the user app to order the items and reserve delivery at home from your desired stores, paying online.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dunzo Clone Script

1. What is the Dunzo clone script?

Dunzo clone script is an online all-in-one services solution, providing food, groceries, medicines, taxi rides, etc., all from a single place. Admin can manage each service seamlessly within the platform.

2. How much does it cost for Dunzo clone app development?

The cost for Dunzo clone app development lies between $5k to $9k approximately. However, it depends on the firm, how the development process follows, which technologies it uses, and the customization it could grant to the clients.

3. How much time is required to develop the platform?

The time required to completely develop the platform is one week or a maximum of 10 days, considering the working days. However, it all depends on the client’s requirements about the project and the customization required in the platform.