Blinkit Clone - Delivery App For Groceries And More

Launch a grocery delivery business with a scalable Blinkit clone building a strong online presence and allowing entrepreneurs to meet the increased customer requirements with comprehensive functionalities.

What is a Blinkit Clone?

Blinkit clone is a white-label platform for entrepreneurs who requires to initiate online grocery delivery services, holding an entire command of the operations within one platform. The solution is flexible and has all the features to conduct an immediate ordering and delivery service for users in any region of the world.

The customers get an uninterrupted grocery ordering and payment experience utilizing the features within the application. Blinkit like app development, advantages a business by giving an end-to-end workflow to operate the business in numerous regions and manage any number of customers.

All The Modules Of The Blinkit Clone App Have Powerful Features

Checkout modules of the Blinkit clone app with the features that boost the business growth

Consumer App

Track Order

Customers can chase delivery requests with their live status on the app or website, notified about the update of the request from the store and deliveryman.

Share Feedback

After the order is concluded, users can share reviews about their overall delivery experience in the form of ratings and comments.

Order History

Users get an individual list of orders completed, including invoice particulars, delivery information, and time.

Update Profile

Customers can update their profile details, like name, and profile details, in the BlinkIt clone app whenever they need to do it.

Consumer website

Flexible Payment

Buyers are facilitated with multiple payment options like online transfers, credit/debit cards, or cash on delivery to pay for orders.

Search Filters

Buyers can browse for their favorite stores by applying the various filters of tag, price, and distance from their location.

Order History

Customers can access the order history with details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform.

Add Coupons

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by the admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits.

Store website

Theme Set Up

The store can change the web theme at their convenience from the variety of the multiple options available for the light and dark modes.

Set Timings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Multi-Tax Settings

Stores can set multiple taxes on products based on overall orders, the kind of tax to be applied, and country, city, and delivery type.

Earning Analytics

Business owners can examine incomes and orders based on monthly, weekly, and overall info, including user information, tax, and entities.

Store App

Earning Report

Store owner get the earning reports which include earnings from all the orders, with the weekly and monthly reports.

Set-Up Menu

Store owner can set up a menu for their store, which includes categories, sub-categories, items, and modifiers.

Add Drivers

Store owner can easily add their own drivers for delivery assistance and to fullfill home delivery requests of consumers when they are available.

Add Delivery Fees

Store owner can set delivery fees depending on the vehicle and deliveryman, set with distance calculation or zone-to-zone charges.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Users

Business Owners have the right to manage the customers, store owners, partners, and their accessibility over the business through respective modules.

Track Deliveryman

The admin gets an integrated map feature that allows them to locate the stores and deliveryman, even when the deliveryman is on their way to deliver the orders.

Add Admin

The business owner can make accounts for multiple admins by offering them overall access to the platform to operate the tasks of stores.

Dispatch Trips

Business owner can dispatch the order requests to the deliveryman, either auto-allocating to the deliveryman or manually allocating the driver.

Deliveryman App

Upload Documents

Delivery partners have to upload the documents that are required for joining the services, and later on it will be affirmed by the business owner.

Add Vehicle

They can add vehicles for accomplishing delivery by adding the information and documents about the vehicle, which will be ascertained by the business owner.

Accept/Reject Requests

Delivery providers can choose to accept or decline requests from grocery stores as per their service availability and choices at that time.

Set Availability

A deliveryman has the access to set their schedule to perform delivery assistance for individual days of the week and the time for those days.

How Does Blinkit Like App Work?

Fulfilling the growing and upgrading requests of the users is more flexible since it gives all the characteristics for ordering, requesting delivery, and payment assistance. Here is the workflow of the user application from an app like Blinkit.

  • Customers can initiate by registering in the app. Then they have to add location within to get the list of stores nearby that address.
  • Users can choose the merchants by checking their menu, ratings for the services, duration, and distance.
  • They add multiple items to the cart from the selected merchants. Ordering can be instant or can also be scheduled anytime later.
  • For the order, users can pick to spend with the preferred method and payment gateways.
  • At the end of the service, users can add feedback for the ordering and delivery services.

User-Appealing Features Of App Like Blinkit

Promo Codes

Customers get multiple promo coupons created by the grocery stores or business admin applied with a few conditions while ordering.

Multiple Payment Modes

Multiple payment modes are incorporated within the solution, permitting users to opt for a method that is trustworthy and convenient.

Real-time Tracking

Users can chase their order for live updates, knowing the status of the grocery stores and delivery partner until it is delivered to the entered address.

Favorite Addresses

Grocery shoppers can add their favorite location for grocery delivery assistance within the platform so they can pick that up while ordering.

Share Feedback

When the order is delivered to the preferred address, customers can review the delivery assistance and store’s service.

Instant Or Schedule Order

Shoppers can order at their desired duration and date, and they can pre-order for later delivery as per the terms set by the stores.

Deliveryman App

Through the app, the delivery partners can acknowledge the delivery demands and settle their earnings with admin and stores within it.

User App

User app with all the imperative features and user-friendly interface for easy ordering and payment workflow.

Store App

Grocery stores can operate maximum tasks for their stores on the app, a few of which are automated.

EDelivery App Demo

Go through the live app demos and learn more about the functioning of the app modules offered in EDelivery.

Deliveryman App

Through the app, the delivery partners can acknowledge the delivery demands and settle their earnings with admin and stores within it.

User App

User app with all the imperative features and user-friendly interface for easy ordering and payment workflow.

Store App

Grocery stores can operate maximum tasks for their stores on the app, a few of which are automated.

EDelivery Website Demo

User Website

Users get an extended convenience for ordering through the website for their grocery requirements from their favorite shop.

Admin Panel

Admin can operate numerous stores and drivers in various regions around the world from the versatile panel.

Store Website

Store owners can operate their operations through the panel with the comprehensive attributes and functionalities within.

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