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Automate your business with white label cannabis delivery software that allows you to manage doorstep deliveries of marijuana and outshine you in the competition

What is Cannabis Delivery Management Software? How Does It Dramatically Cut Operating Cost?

The economy of on-demand businesses is on an upward climb to reach a whopping figure of about $315 billion by 2024. The cannabis delivery business is one of the emerging sectors contributing to the massive growth as it acquires digital solutions. The medicinal and cannabis market keeps growing since the government considered consumption of it legal.

Cannabis delivery management software is a dedicated solution that helps you give a complete makeover to your traditional dispensary business. With robust modules, the setup and managing of online orders will prove as easy as a cakewalk.

Elluminati Inc is here with white label cannabis delivery software that offers a seamless and hassle-free marijuana ordering experience to customers. Over the past years, transformation in business is not just a trend but also a requisite which a business would need to survive the market.

Benefits Of Our Technologically Advanced Marijuana Delivery Software


Marijuana delivery software has customization provisions for a new theme, logos, features, integrations, and other enhancements that help the business fit its dimensions.

Dedicated Support

Technical support is one of the services granted to resolve all their problems regarding the platform. Clients can obtain support from us, and we will assist in the right direction.

User-Friendly Solutions

Marijuana delivery management software consists of all essential models gives easy to use approach, and makes the cannabis delivery process hassle-free

Demo And Agreement

If you need any help while accessing cannabis ordering management software, we will assist you with detailed explanations. We also sign an NDA before starting to work on any project.

Magnificent Highlights of Our Turnkey Platform

Handle multiple cannabis orders impeccably and keep your business operations streamlined

  • Sort products categories
  • Real-time order tracking
  • High-end security

How Store Can Manage Delivery Request For Medical Marijuana and Deliver It Doorstep

Manage bulk online orders seamlessly through the platform. The store dashboard or panel is an excellent tool for managing and dispatching orders to delivery providers without any misunderstanding. Here will go through how a store manage and deliver orders efficiently

  • The store will receive a new order notification placed by customers using a dedicated app or website
  • Based on the details, the store will start preparing the order, pack it, and assign a nearby delivery provider
  • The delivery provider collects the package from the store and delivers it to customers
  • However, from receiving the order to dispatch to delivery, the store manager can oversee the entire process within the store panel or app
  • Based on the ratings and reviews received from customers, they can make improvements in the service

Offerings Of Marijuana Order And Delivery Management Software Helping You Accomplish Your Business Goals

We offer a complete pack of distinct apps and panels in marijuana order and delivery management software, helping you accomplish your business goals and digitize your dispensary business in no time

Customer App

Allow customers to get cannabis at their doorsteps in no time as the customer app comes with all handy features such as

  • Easy login
  • Browse registered stores
  • Real-time tracking
  • Swift and secure payment options

Provider App

Allow delivery providers to accept, manage, and fulfill delivery requests quickly using underneath features

  • Easy registration
  • Track within app
  • Earning history
  • Number of orders

Store App

Cannabis stores are provided a dedicated app that helps them to carry out order and delivery transactions with ease. Store app consists of some important features such as

  • Item update
  • Track delivery providers
  • New order notification
  • Weekly & monthly earnings

Admin Dashboard

Handle all the business activities smoothly using the powerful admin dashboard. Admin panel comes with several modern features such as

  • Performance analysis
  • Order management
  • Payment and commission
  • Create sub admin

User Panel

Customers can also place an order from the desktop as the user panel offers some alluring features

  • Smart search
  • Schedule order
  • Ratings and review
  • Favorite Address

Store Panel

Manage your cannabis delivery business on a big screen as the store panel offers some premium features that sum up every store activity with precision

  • Product management
  • Create order
  • Set Cancellation Charges
  • Offer promos

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Ensure impressive control over each visit and activities; an advanced provider app provides an excellent result

User App

Provide users with an excellent option to get required cannabis with a dedicated user app working efficiently for them

Store App

Dedicated store app consists of every feature that helps you serve end-users well and avail services easily

Dive Into Working Of Different App To Know How It Offers Excellent Support

Explore the app demos to learn more about the working of different app modules offered on the platform. By doing so, you can get to know how to use the specific features integrated into the apps.

Delivery Provider App

Ensure impressive control over each visit and activities; an advanced provider app provides an excellent result

User App

Provide users with an excellent option to get required cannabis with a dedicated user app working efficiently for them

Store App

Dedicated store app consists of every feature that helps you serve end-users well and avail services easily

Experience Working Of Panel To Know How It Fulfills Every Need

User Panel

Feature-packed user panel ensure innovative approach by letting users place their request via web completely hassle-free

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

All required features included in the admin dashboard makes it easier for the admin to handle every activity efficiently

View Web Flow

Store Panel

Dedicated panel designed for stores ensures the best services are offered to users whenever they demand to have

View Web Flow

Reputed App Options We Offer For Your Business

View the additional software solutions we offer and find the best-suited platform for your business. Our ready-to-use platforms can help you launch your business instantly.

Grow Your Business With White Label Cannabis Ordering Software

Implement robust white label cannabis ordering software that is specifically designed to strengthen your existing business

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A dedicated store app makes it easier for you to manage the product list systematically. You can explore the step-by-step process

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