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How Cannabis POS Software Ensures Operational Efficiency?

Elluminati Inc is here with advanced cannabis POS software that works the best for doorstep cannabis delivery with all the convenience that the customer is seeking for presently. The medicinal and legal cannabis is the growing market that needs to be captured with the advantages of the technology. There are lots of opportunities waiting for the entrepreneurs to jump into this field with a technologically advanced cannabis POS software

Many people require medical cannabis, and sometimes it is not possible to go to the store and purchase some, thus our cannabis software is the perfect alternative for them to get the required cannabis right away at their doorsteps without needing to step out.

Benefits of Our Technologically Advanced Marijuana Delivery Software

marijuana delivery software for medical dispensary


Our flexible marijuana software development methodology always keeps space for including new things to it, you can consider integrating features of your choice

Free Support

You won’t be left alone after the end of the project. We would always be there in order to keep you out of any kind of software-related problem

Free Installation

The MMJ delivery software release wouldn’t be a complex task that you need to handle anymore. We will do it for you so you can pay attention to business tasks

Stable Release

As we are handling the installation and our testers have provided the quality product, we assure you that the release would be very stable

Magnificent Highlights of Our Cannabis Software

cannabis software highlights

Explore what we provide in our cannabis software solution to support hassle-free serving offerings

  • Set Product Availability
  • Categories & Subcategories
  • Map View

How Would Cannabis Reach to the Customers in a Short Time?

how cannabis software works
  • From this cannabis delivery software, the customers can explore the display items, choose one according to need, and place the order from the app or panel
  • The cannabis store software would receive the order in the store panel or app, and they would pack the order and hand it to the delivery person
  • The delivery service provider would take the responsibility of doing the delivery of the Cannabis product. They can use the app for that
  • The desired order would reach the customer in a short time, and they can even pay for the order once the order arrives at their doorstep

Offerings of Our Marijuana POS Software Helping You Accomplish Your Business Goals

We offer a complete pack of distinct apps and panels with marijauan POS Software, helping you accomplish your business goals and earn more profit for your dispensary business in no time

cbd pos software for reach business goal

Customer App

cannabis ordering software

The customer app is an excellent way for the customers to order the required medicinal and legal cannabis. The simple way of ordering cannabis also ensures fast deliveries as all the things are going to be handled online so the customers can enjoy a wonderful cannabis ordering experience with our cannabis POS Software

Provider App

pot delivery software solution

The provider app has many provider-friendly elements included in it. Right after the admin’s approval to start service as the delivery service providers, the providers can take advantage of the provider app. The elements like navigations, route optimization, earning details, earning statistics are some of the specially included for them

mmj store software

Store App

The stores can handle the routine tasks along with the incoming orders from the app. So it is like a boon for the cannabis stores willing to provide the customers with a stunning and user-friendly option to order cannabis online and get it delivered without any hassle

Admin Dashboard

software for cannabis bussiness

The advanced admin panel makes the admin capable of handling all the business-related tasks from the panel. The admin has an on/off button facility for many tasks, which makes their work very easy. Along with that, the admin can control different settings of distinct apps and panels of the software

Store Panel

To simplify the in-store order and delivery management, we have designed a panel for the cannabis stores to manage all the orders on a big screen. The stores that are willing to manage the business inside the store can consider developing this advanced solution as it is an ideal option to receive and manage the orders

User Panel

The customer panel is an alternate choice for the customers to order the desired legal and medicinal cannabis. Without compromising with the features, we have set up a panel for those customers who feel comfortable with a big screen to place the online orders for the required cannabis

Delivery Cannabis With Your Own Online MMJ Software

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