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An app like Uber is a dedicated tech solution that empowers your business to deliver fantastic services to your prospects. It includes all the essential modules and features that improve the performance of the solution. Uber like app builder makes it easier for customers to request business services or products that you offer through the app or website right from the comfort of their homes. It also includes all the essential functionalities that efficiently cover service providers’ needs and help them earn more by accepting more requests when idle.

Dive into the world of on-demand business with an app like Uber supporting and meeting every customer need. Uber like app builder solution stack adjusts per your choice and needs to deliver an excellent user experience to end-users. Mapping every business operation and earnings with real-time data reports. You can add many other on-demand services in it while you also take the hassle out of booking a car service. Keep up with trends with app theme and logo customization facilities covered under the entire package. Receive support for creating an app like Uber to deliver an excellent experience

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Why Make An App Like Uber?

Indulging the customer needs, an app can turn out beneficial for any business that wishes to achieve exponential growth. By offering the comfort and convenience of delivering services upon their demand, you can choose to make an app like uber that promises increased profits. Not only offering thorough control and monitoring, but it can also build and escalate your business reputation

Create An App Like Uber For Your Ground Transportation Business

Give Your Ride-Hailing Business Modern Touch by Deciding to Create an App Like Uber for Your Taxi-Hailing Business to Support Riders and Drivers Extensively

Deliver excellent user experience to drivers and customers by dedicated taxi app solutions including all the required features. Eber offers thorough monitoring and control over every operation with an interactive admin panel. By using features like real-time tracking, and scheduled ride requests, you can ensure your customers find it very comforting to place ride requests

Riders can provide feedback on the ride they have booked and completed along with rating it on five stars and writing a review.

Eber Workflow

Fulfill user demands when they place a request for rides from any location under your service area

Place/Schedule Request

Place or schedule a request by entering pick up and drop locations details

Request Actions

The driver chooses to approve or disapprove any ride request placed by users

Ride Status

Drivers keep updating the ride status in real-time using which users can track the ride.

Pickup Confirmation

Pickup confirmation ensures the driver has reached the user mentioned pickup location.

Location Tracking

Track the ride in real-time until you reach the entered destination on the integrated map.

Ride Review

Upload the review and pay the total ride fare after reaching the destination.

Make An App Like Uber For Your Delivery And Pickup Business

Our Expert Team Offers to Make an App Like Uber for Your Delivery and Pickup Business to Give Your Business New Heights by Starting Off Services Online

E-delivery has been crafted for excellence to support businesses in providing their delivery services to customers’ doorsteps. Including support for all kinds of goods getting delivered to users, we develop an app like Uber for your delivery business operations. As Uber enters delivery market and introduces convenient deliveries, ensure to furnish your business with better opportunities via fully-fledged feature support. Get your app running with a delivery dedicated service and increase profits

Map view enables users to see all available stores on the map provided in the application and find their locations through the app only

E-Delivery Workflow

Provide online delivery facility to users with a single-tap ordering ability from their home

Choose Delivery

Select the service category you want to place an order from the list of all available.

Browse Stores

Browse the list of online stores and choose items from any particular store.

Place Order

Add selected items from a store to the cart to place an order.

Payment Mode

Choose online payment to pay right away or go for cash on delivery.

Track Delivery

Track the order in transit until it reaches the mentioned delivery location.

Delivery Feedback

Add the service feedback after receiving the delivery at the mentioned stop.

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We Have Been Crafting Excellent App Solutions for Client Businesses to Ensure Their Success

Develop An App Like Uber For Starting Your Marketplace Business Online

Take your marketplace service offerings a step further by opting for develop an app like uber for the marketplace to serve customer demands

A dedicated marketplace solution for businesses of every scale, E-Services app solution provides excellent support for running every business operation under control. It includes support for real-time data and business monitoring along with intuitive features. These features ensure that businesses achieve success with expanded business reach

It facilitates easier login/signup with allowing to login using their social media accounts directly in the app

E-Services WorkFlow

Offer the convenience of requesting marketplace services from anywhere with the proficient app.

Select Type

Choose the service type that you want to place a request for from the list.

Request Services

Place a service request for nearby providers or a dedicated service provider.

Accepted Request Notification

Users receive the request acceptance notification and track providers on the way.

Service Updates

Monitor the service updates until the service provider completes the job.

Pay Online

Pay using any convenient mode of payment after the provider completes service.

Service Ratings

Rate service providers and provided service on the rate of five stars and write a review.

Build An App Like Uber For Your Courier Delivery Business

Support the Growth of Your Business by Selecting to Build an App Like Uber for Your Courier Delivery Business That Enhances the User Experience Through an Excellent Solution

Allow your courier business to grow exponentially with an excellent app solution to provide doorstep courier delivery to your customers. The courier delivery app solution developed by Elluminati includes all the necessary features that implement better control over business operations

Customers can live-track the entire delivery process once their parcel is picked up from the specified location

Courier Delivery App Workflow

Deliver packages as users command from door to door with superior monitoring and business control.

Receive Pickup Request

Receive Pickup requests from customers and decide to accept or reject the offer.

View Package Details

View package details, including size, weight, and delivery vehicle specifications.

Pickup Confirmation

Click a picture of the package when you pick it up and send it to the user.

Deliver Package

View optimized routes and track your location in real-time to deliver quickly.

Accept Payment

Accept the payment from customers and add feedback on service support.

Invoice Generation

Store or download the generated invoice for the payment collected from customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding App like Uber

1. Do you sign NDA while creating an Uber like app?

Yes. We do sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to keep their information secure and private and include all client-centric and solution usage policies in it

2. What is the Estimated Cost to Create an app like Uber?

The development of an app like uber is highly centered towards the technology used, integrated features, and many other factors To view the pricing details of our app solution

3. How much does it cost to build the delivery app?

Different offer packages are there, depending on your project requirement, you can choose any of them. Check the latest pricing plans here:

If you have any custom app development requirements, enter your details and get a quote from here. (

4. What Gets Included in the Free Demo?

  • We include fully-functional apps and panels that get covered under the demo of the app solution you have requested
  • Contact our sales experts to book a demo for your business suitable app solution to view all apps and panels in action with loaded features

5. Do You Build the Apps from Scratch or Offer a Readymade Script?

  • We offer prebuilt app solution support for businesses with a readymade and licensed source code that they can edit
  • But we also cater to their feature and technical customization needs. Reach us at [email protected] to learn more about the packages we offer for technical customization support

6. How Much User Requests Can It Handle Simultaneously?

  • Our app offerings are entirely scalable and provide support for every size of the organization
  • It can handle multiple and unlimited user requests simultaneously and work seamlessly across countries and different cities
  • The admin panel allows adding and managing cities and countries and handles numerous user requests from all places at once

7. Can App Solutions Work Across All Mobile Platforms?

  • When a purchaser buys a solution stack from us, we offer them three months of free technical support to them
  • The purchased solution is entirely customizable, so businesses can choose to customize them as per their needs
  • And if a purchaser wants an app built from scratch, we also cater to their business demands and integrate required feature support. To learn more about the charges and packages for feature customization, contact us at [email protected]

8. What Can Encourage People to Use These Apps?

  • We build business-centric apps that help a business cater to user demands with a user-friendly service extension
  • Our apps contain the following features to encourage users to ask for services:
    # Real-time Service Status Updates
    # Service Request Scheduling
    # Reliable Service Support with provider verification
    # Convenient Payment Support with Cashless Payment
    # Social Media Integration and Lucrative Discount Settings and many more
  • To know more about all the prominent features, reach us today to book a demo of our app offerings to launch your business in the online market