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Scale up your traditional approach using tech support from Uber for pickup trucks serving your moving business needs

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What is Uber for Pickup Trucks? Expand Operations Internationally with Advanced Solution Serving User Demands

Align your business with online service providing platforms that provide online service handling and convenience to your customers. Pickup trucks services can be managed with the same platform.

Uber for pickup trucks is an advanced platform to transform service providing truck tasks on online apps and modules. The features are customizable that fit your venture’s identity and function efficiently with complete support.

Get a customizable tech stack that allows automation in the businesses reducing your manual work. An Uber like app for pickup trucks helps you save the growing online service demands and rise high in the gig and economy market.

Innate Characteristics of Uber for Movers App

Verification Procedure

uber for movers app for trucking business
  • Ensure the identity of your registered drivers by performing verification through documents
  • Without admin approval, a driver can not disclose and accept the service requests from the uber for movers app
  • Also, the user gets a verification code before they give over their vehicle to the truck driver to verify identity
uber like movers app for pickup services

Cashless Settlement

  • The Uber for moving solution embraces more than one payment option to offer excellent payment convenience
  • Users can choose to pay using their cards, e-wallet, or any other option for cashless transactions
  • The secure payment gateway ensures these transactions remain protected from payment frauds

Integrated Map Facility

map tracking features of pickup trucks like uber
  • It integrated Google Maps facility in user and driver dedicated apps and an admin specific console
  • Integrated map facility allows a user to quickly point their pickup location and view their service on the way.
  • Similarly, the map facility in driver and admin solutions ensure they can track vehicles on the road
booking cancellation facility of uber for trucks app

Booking Cancellation

  • After booking a service request, a user can cancel it within the defined time limit by admin
  • If a user or a driver cancels a request, they have to pay any cancellation charges if there are any
  • Users and drivers have to specify the cancellation reason before they cancel the request

In-app Chat Assistance

movers app like ubers in app chat assistance features
  • To seek the assistance of any kind during the service, drivers and users can talk using the in-app chat option
  • They can either ask a service support agent or speak directly to sort out any queries
  • They can choose to place a call too, with the call masking feature ensuring to preserve their privacy

Invoice Generation

  • The invoice generation for every paid service gets generated in the uber for pickup trucks app solution and admin console
  • This invoice includes complete payment details and the payment mode used by the user
  • Admin or user can download the invoice and view them in the service history stored in the system

Variable Terms & Conditions

terms and condition setup features of uber for moving service app
  • The system admin can set terms and conditions of usage as per their needs and business standards
  • Using the admin panel, the system admin can make changes in their company’s terms at any time
  • Variable terms and conditions apply to all apps and dashboards that get covered under the same solution
on demand trucks app currency rate update features

Live Currency Rate

  • The uber for delivery trucks app solution includes a live currency rate change feature to provide accurate invoices for services
  • Expanding operations across multiple countries becomes more accessible with useful bill calculation
  • Every real-time update in the currency exchange rate enables authentic currency exchanges

Peculiar Specialities

on demand pickup trucks facilities features

Learn what our uber for movers app include to generate better customer experiences

  • On-demand Assistance

    By placing a request for pickup, customers can demand assistance from anywhere and anytime

  • Robust Apps

    Native on demand trucks app development ensures apps work excellently over Android and iOS devices

  • App Promotions

    By options of referral sharing and promo code use, the admin can promote online operations

  • Map Positioning

    An integrated map facility enables the user to view and select locations on the map quickly

uber for pickup trucks and moving solution constituents

Constituents of Our Uber for Pickup Trucks and Moving

Ensuring you deliver the best services, our on-demand uber for pickup trucks and moving service app includes all necessary solutions for better user experience delivery

user app of uber for movers

User App

Customers can schedule their service requests in advance to inform the timing for pickup in advance

Admin Dashboard

trucks app like uber admin dashboard

Admin can view and manage requests every day, including the respective user and provider details

Service Provider App

truckers app for start uber type service

Providers have to upload their documents and get verified from admin to start receiving pickup requests

Receive Customer Approvals with Uber for Trucks Serving Efficiently

Build a base for faster user experience and earn your business reputation with uber for trucks and offering reliable pickup services. Ensure to help users with dedicated movers app like uber and verification support for effortless profit earnings

Apps That Manages The Business Efficiently With Advanced Functioning

Customers can find the pickup truck services from a dedicated app and reserve the services through it

Feature-rich Panels For Pickup Truck Services Provided by Eber

Admin can handle both truck drivers and customers who are using the platform

Clients Loving Our Solutions for Their Excelled Business Efforts

Global Recognitions and Awards Earned for Thorough Client Support

Frequently Asked Questions on Uber for Pickup Trucks App

1. Can I customize Uber for a pickup truck app?

Yes, our Uber for pickup trucks is a fully customizable platform. Any business dimension can fit it. And like the changing market trends, you can customize the features and their functioning.

2. What type of apps do you provide?

We provide native Android, and iOS apps developed using the Java and Swift technologies, respectively.

3. Do you give multiple language support?

Yes, we integrate support for multiple languages allowing you to communicate in any of the languages that customers are compatible with.