Offer Excellent Facilities to Customers with Uber App Development Support

Businesses wanting to scale their ride-hailing business to new heights can relate to using the strategies that can provide excellent results. Uber Type App Development ensures your app solution gets built the right way to meet all business norms. Using the support from the following modules included in the development, you can ensure the app garners business success:

  • User App & Website
  • Driver App & Console
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Dispatcher Console
  • Hotel & Corporate Panel

Primary Aspects of Our Uber Type App Development

Complete Customization

  • Our Uber Type App Development rotates around your business needs to provide comprehensive development support.
  • It comes embedded with essential solution stacks able to comply with every business size and requirements.
  • You can choose to modify the existing app solutions as per your app theme, brand, and logo settings to have it your way.

Easy App Launching

  • It includes all the app development support that makes it easier to launch an app according to specified needs.
  • Each mobile application included in the prebuilt stack is play store compliant without needing modification.
  • If a business wants to go all in without needing any adjustment or extra feature support, they can choose to do so.

Dedicated Support

  • Serve unlimited users with a hassle-free service with a separate solution meeting demands.
  • It includes all specific components built with keeping each stakeholder in mind to empower a business.
  • It encourages extended control and provides support for generating excellent ride experiences with efficiency.


  • It includes security and on-time tracking service for a better ride experience for riders and drivers too.
  • Also, it ensures every issue gets resolved by providing feedback processes for both drivers and customers.
  • The increased dependence on this on-demand app turns out beneficial for businesses to earn profits.

Easy to Use

  • By offering convenience for ride-booking, it eliminates the need for searching and calling to book a ride.
  • Also, the vehicle types let a rider decide their choice of vehicle for traveling to offer better ride-hailing.
  • Multiple payment modes ensure the rider can pay seamlessly with their choice of payment option.

In-app Call Support

  • The user app includes support for calling the drivers using the app solution.
  • The call masking feature gets activated when a user places a call to the driver.
  • Hence, users and drivers can communicate efficiently and privately.

Set Waiting Charges

  • Waiting charges are applicable to riders who make the driver wait more than a decided time.
  • The waiting charges get calculated based on the time the ride has to wait for the user.
  • These charges get added to the total ride fare and admin can define the basic waiting charges.

Brand Building

  • Ensure to create your voice in the market with a brand building facility that comes with customization.
  • The company can edit the app theme, set the brand name and logo in the right place in each component.
  • With the complete makeover of the prebuilt solutions, a business can serve customers effortlessly.

Business-centric Extensions Supporting the Business Growth

By supporting business expansion Uber type app development aims to fit the demands of every business size.

  • Set Zones

    It describes the ability to define and set various zones for rides- e.g., bus, airport, subway, and more.

  • SOS Panic Button

    Inform control authority in emergencies with the SOS panic button sending help alerts.

  • Red Zone

    Mark no-service areas as a red zone to avoid accepting ride requests from those dedicated zones.

  • In-app Chat

    Let riders and drivers interact securely with in-app chat to eliminate the need for having numbers.

Essential Modules Giving the Required Development Support

Get leverage in the competitive market with Uber type app development insisting on including all required modules.

User App

Add Favorite

Users can add specific locations as their favorite to quickly place a ride request every time they book it.

Driver App

Interactive Map

An integrated Google maps facility gets provided to drivers to reach the mentioned locations as soon as possible.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Dispatchers

Admin can limit the right of dispatchers by adding, editing, or deleting any dispatchers from the system.

Dispatcher Console


Dispatchers can view the estimated arrival time of the booked rides using the dispatcher console.

Partner Console


Partners can log in only when they use their admin provided user ID and password to maintain authenticity.

User Panel

Social Login

Riders can use their Facebook, Google+, or any allowed social media account to register and login effortlessly.

Driver Panel

Manage Profiles

Drivers can manage their profiles using the panel to edit their profile data and update if required.

Hotel Panel

Manage Profile

Hotel admin can manage the registered profile of their hotel and edit the details and profile picture.

Corporate Panel

Secure Login

Corporates can log in using the admin approved user ID and password to manage corporate rides.

Empower Uber Type App Development to Increase Business Reach and Profits

Set your foot in the ride-hailing market with uber type app development backing you up from the technical aspects. Start earning your target users' attention and more profits with powerful ride-booking support available 24x7.

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