What is a Restaurant Booking System? How it Ensures Amazing Service Offering?

Restaurant booking systems are a digital solution that makes the table reservation process much easier for customers and helps you manage table booking efficiently. An online restaurant booking system is designed to address the changing consumer demands and eateries requirements in the best possible manner. The solution comes with all essential modules and features that systematically help restaurants and cafés manage every table reservation, order, and other details. The solution makes it easier for eaters to:

  • Customize the booking process as per the availability of the table booking
  • Enable customers to book tables from website and apps
  • Manage table reservation and availability of the table through the feature-rich panel

Different Sectors Profiting from Our Table Booking and Restaurant Reservation Software

restaurant reservation software for verticle
  • Eateries
  • Cafeteria
  • Ordering & delivery Chain
  • Catering
  • Cake shops
  • Ghost kitchens
  • Outlets

Outstanding Facets of White Label Table Reservation System

facets of table reservation system

Basic Settings

  • Decide to offer table reservation and order booking facility to customers through an app and web, by switching between “On” and “Off” option
  • Make other settings such as “table kept after reservation time,” “max days for booking table,” and “set minimum and maximum customers setting” through the store panel
  • The white label table reservation system is a neat way to manage reserved tables and orders methodically

Booking Slot Setting

booking slot software for restaurant
  • Set on which day and time you are offering table and order reservation facility to the customers
  • Switch between the “On” and “Off” option as per your restaurant requirement
  • “From reservation to order to cancellation” on different days and time, manage everything easily through a dining reservation system
cancellation policy features in reservation system

Cancellation Policy

  • Set all the essential details for the cancellation policy and make changes to it as per your brand’s requirements
  • Decide whether you want to collect cancellation charge for table reservation with order and without order by switching between the “On” and “Off” option
  • Making essential settings for cancellation, helps you avoid any misunderstanding and other issues with customers

Table Availability Settings

table availability checking feature
  • Manage table availability details to make it easier for your customers to explore and reserve table hassle-free
  • Set details like the number of tables available at your restaurants, number of customers allowed, etc., right through the table management system
  • Keep eyes on the number of tables reserved, available for reservation, number of orders, number of customers, and canceled reservation with the dining reservation system
table booking management system workflow

How Does The White Label Table Booking Management System Work?

Online cafes and restaurant sales increased dramatically in recent years. It became mandatory for restaurants and cafes to offer safer options, including table reservations and online ordering. And table booking management system helps you to provide safer and best booking service experience to customers. The solution comes with all essential features and makes it easier for you to manage all reservations. Check step by step process to understand the flow of the table booking and dining reservation software right away:

  • Customers reserve the table through the app or web; they can even scan QR code to reserve the table of their choice at the restaurant
  • Customer order food after exploring category and subcategory on the table booking system
  • Restaurants get notified about the reserved table along with complete details of the order they want to enjoy
  • The food gets prepared by the restaurant and served to customers at their place
  • Customers make payment and shares ratings as per their experiences

Primary Modules of Restaurant Table Booking System

The restaurant table booking system comes with all essential modules that make it easier for you to have complete analytics and control over every business activities

Customer App Workflow

customer app workflow in reservation system

Book table and order food with a simple tap on customers app

Store App Workflow

store app workflow in restaurant table booking system

Check table availability and reservation details as per different date & time

User Panel Workflow

restaurant panel in reservation software

Allow customers to explore reservation details and menu to order an item via web

Store Panel Workflow

Dynamic store panel to explore every activity and control them accurately

How Our Online Restaurant Reservation System Differs?

  • Easy Implementation
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Effective Satisfaction Survey

Make Reservation Process Easier with Dining Reservation System

Check all the appealing features of a white label dining reservation system to find how it helps in better experience offering

customer app for reservation system

User App

Customers can search reservation details and book the table quickly through the app

Store App

Store app makes it easier for you to check the previous booking history as per your requirement

user panel for book table

User Panel

Log in using their registered email id and password to access the system to book a table

Store Panel

Stores are allowed to make all essential settings, including basic, booking slot, and cancellation

table management features for outlets

Accept Reservations Online with Table Management System Ensuring to Save Time

Save your customers as well as staff's efforts with table management system and fill your tables in a tangle-free manner

How Table Reservation Apps Make Your Work Easier?

how table reservation app works
  • Easy Access

    Table reservation app helps you provide quick access to your customers. They can easily explore the booking details and can reserve them for any date of their choice.

  • Reduce Errors

    A feature-packed table reservation system helps you manage every activity efficiently, ensuring to reduce errors and win loyal customers for your brand

  • Attract Patrons

    Easy to use interface makes it relatively easier for customers to order food and book tables from anywhere and anytime. It helps you save your space and provide users with the best experience.

  • Convenience & Comfort

    Table management system makes it easier for you to manage reservations on-the-go and make your customers feel special by offering them a comfortable and convenient service

Dive into Remarkable Features of Our Online Restaurant Reservation System

Customer History

Offering a personalized experience to customers has become more comfortable with the online restaurant reservation system. It makes it easier for you to explore customer history, making it easier for you to know whether you are serving new or existing customers.


The restaurant reservation software provides you with actionable insights. You can have a complete look over the average order value, table number, and customer number as well

Accepting Payments

Customers can make payments using payment methods such as Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe for the reservation they made using the table reservation app. It makes it feasible for your customers to eliminate coming in contact with others, ensuring their safety.

Control Bookings & Tables

The restaurant table booking system helps you have complete control over booking, tables, and time from one stop. Manage all tasks, including table availability, restaurant menu, and sub-menu from a single place, helping you make smart business growth decisions.

Set Maximum Reservation Length

Add a booking, set maximum reservation length, change status, and much more instantly from the dining reservation system. You can switch between the "On" and "Off" option to allow customers to reserver table with & without order option

Define Cancellation Charge

The cancellation setting lets you edit charges for reservations with order and without order. You can set for a number of days along with charges of cancellation from the dining reservation software.

Customize Reservation

The dedicated and easy-to-use system provides you with all essential features to enhance and optimize the overall business process. Provide round-the-clock reservation service with an interactive map for your customers, making it easier to book their required space.

Manage Single or Multiple Entry

Quick add, edit, and view possibilities enable you to manage single and multiple reservations efficiently. Check booking details as per date and time, change status as per the process and filter them to have a clear view right away. Table reservation system helps you stay up to date, ensuring to increase your business sales by 5X.

Set High Table Booking Standards with Restaurant Reservation Software

manage quality standard with reservation software

The traditional table booking or reservation approach is time-consuming and challenging. But it can be automated with restaurant reservation software designed to cater to your brand and customers' growing requirements. Intuitive features integrated with solution ensures efficient table booking service to customers on their demand

Check What's Blended in the Dining Reservation system

dining reservation system for restaurant business

Crafted for users, the user app consists of all essential features that ensure the best experience is offered to customers

Experience the Working of Panel on Your Personalized Device

Empower you customers to book table and order through web helping you to grow your business sales by 10X

Clients Profiting Our Support and Solution Globally

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FAQ for Restaurant Table Booking Management Software

1. How can I set a cancellation charge for a particular day?

You can set cancellation charges for a table booking through the store panel. You can set cancellation price for with and without order reservation; switch between the "On" and "Off" option and set other details as per your brand’s need.

2. Which languages are supported by the system?

The restaurant reservation solution supports multiple languages, including English, Hindi, French, Spanish, and many more. Get in touch at [email protected] or +1 415-547-0560 to know more

3. Can we set a booking limit on the table management system?

Yes, of course. You are allowed to set a booking limit on the table management system. You need to follow some essential steps to set a limit from the system right away.

4. How long do you provide support?

We provide you with throughout support as per the plan you choose. Check our pricing page https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/ to get a relevant answer or contact us at [email protected] or +1 415-547-0560.

5. What if I want to get in touch with you for more queries?

You can contact us through [email protected] or +1 415-547-0560. You can also get in touch on skype or social platforms; we will try to solve all your queries as early as possible.