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What Is Online Ordering System? How It Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Online Ordering System is a modern platform that enables you to manage food delivery business activity efficiently. Elluminati offers an online food ordering system to those entrepreneurs who want to “level up” their business by embracing advanced tech solutions. From order placing to order tracking to delivery, everything can be analyzed and overseen in real-time.

Further, Restaurateurs leveraging digital solutions to upscale and automate their business operations by capitalizing on the growing popularity of digital ordering and takeout to make it easy for customers to place and get doorstep delivery of food.

Avoid lagging behind the competition by embracing advanced tech solution as it offers premium benefits such as:

  • Scalable to fit their changing and upscaling business demands and user requirements
  • Helps vendors to give their business a unique identity in the competitive food delivery market
  • The latest tech-loaded solution to provide a fast and secure ordering and delivery experience to users

We Offer Online Ordering System for

  • Restaurants
  • Dark Kitchen
  • Grocery / Convenience Stores
  • Flower Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Marijuana Dispensary
  • Cake Shop
  • Wine Bar
online ordering system for food, grocery and x type of delivery

Business-centric Peculiarities of Our Restaurant Online Ordering System

restaurant online ordering system

Accurate Charge Calculation

  • Define zone and location dedicated delivery and shipping charges as the added charges via restaurant online ordering solution
  • Stores can set the tax, or convenience charges that get calculated along with the order amount using system
  • The final invoice sums up all fees along with the ordered item price for accurate payment during checkout

In-app Chat & Notifications

restaurant ordering system in app chat features
  • Solve queries by in-app chat function embedded in the restaurant ordering system
  • Send notification to app users with a dedicated push notification support
  • Help your customers find it convenient to reach delivery providers and support agents with maintained privacy
in app chat features of customizable online ordering system

Intuitive Data Visualization

  • Manage service offerings with real-time information updates and visualization support
  • View all completed, placed, canceled, and in-process service requests
  • Keep track of earnings with weekly reports and manage profit earnings with monthly, yearly analysis support

Logistic Control & Monitoring

logistic control features of our online ordering solution
  • The personalized online ordering system for restaurant business allows real-time delivery tracking
  • Monitor the automated dispatching and delivery assignments or take over to assign manually
  • Ensure reliable deliveries with service status updates sent to users and delivery confirmation
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Quick Deliveries

  • Get an online delivery system empowering quick deliveries for end-users
  • Users can choose the delivery option at their convenience; they can pick up the package by themself or can get it delivered to their doorstep with ease
  • An impressive system also makes it easier for them to track the order status online

Update Item Suggestions

customized orders and item suggestion features of order delivery system
  • Stores can seek user confirmation for placed orders with the online food ordering platform
  • The system allows them to update item suggestions to provide ordering suggestions
  • Stores manage operations with dedicated app and panel supporting item management

Access & Browsing Control

customer browsing control features of white label ordering system
  • Define additional categories of products with the online food ordering platform supporting subcategory addition
  • Controls the final category addition to the online order delivery system
  • Add/remove any items to make it easier for customers to find the needed one they want to purchase

Flexible Payment Collection

flextvle payment collection features of online store ordering system
  • Support various payment options for users to choose from to offer convenient payment support
  • Offer cash on delivery support or payment through Braintree, Stripe, and Paypal
  • Different payment options for a faster payment processing experience
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Learn How Online Restaurant Ordering System Works

Use the suited technical support offered by our online restaurant ordering system to complete deliveries on time. The workflow of the solution follows the best approach to ensure reliable deliveries of the ordered food

An online ordering system helps you find and place food online from nearby outlets. It gives you easy access to popular and nearby restaurants within your vicinity. Customers can order out their favorite dish and get it by their doorsteps in no time. Let’ see how the online food ordering service works:

  • Browse the list of items to find what you like
  • Add item/items to the cart and place an order by filling up all required details
  • Choose online payment to pay instantly/go for cash on delivery and track the order
  • Stores prepare the order and assign a delivery provider to get it delivered
  • Confirm delivery and upload feedback for the delivery and app use experience

Dive Into Our Food Delivery System

Explore the opportunity to lead the delivery market with online food delivery platform, a customizable set of essential modules

Customer App Workflow

online ordering system customer app workflow

View efficient order placing and delivery process of our food delivery system

online food ordering system workflow

Delivery Provider App Workflow

restaurant online delivery solution driver application

Extending support for fast deliveries with the dedicated delivery provider module

Store App Workflow

restaurant store app workflow

Offer a competent store app to help streamline store management demands

Store Panel Workflow

Let stores manage the store operations and assign deliveries for the convenient operating facility

User Panel Workflow

Allow seamless order placing with a dedicated user panel included in online ordering platform

Experience the Finest of Tech Implementations

cloud based online food ordering and delivery system implementations service
  • Dedicated Modules
  • Throughout Support
  • GPS Integration

Generate Seamless Delivery Experience Across the World

Choose your personalized online ordering system with components that deliver great user experiences

online ordering application for restaurant

User App

Avoid the long registration process, let customers log in through their existing social media accounts

Store App

online ordering system restaurant application

Add, edit and manage categories, sub-categories with pricing and product description

delivery service provider application of online delivery solution

Delivery Provider App

Delivery providers are asked to create a profile and submit all the necessary documents to get started

Store Panel

The menu can be updated and customized whenever required. Add new items, update prices, and mention minimum order quantity

customizable food ordering platform and store panel

User Panel

Customers either get started using social media accounts or email id or phone number

Get Detailed View of Our On Demand Restaurant Ordering System

Choose a scalable on demand restaurant ordering system to empower your food deliveries with trustworthy technical assistance. Learn how you can expand your delivery business to serve users seamlessly

online ordering application for restaurant business

Why Launch Online Ordering Application for Restaurant Business

  • Easier Order Generation

    Let customers order their required items online without having to promote them manually with easier order placing facility

  • Faster & Efficient Request Processing

    Experience a faster yet efficient way of processing a multitude of orders at once with a powerful and dedicated solution

  • Increased Delivery Accuracy

    Offer complete transparency with real-time order tracking and status updates to please your users with the best delivery support

  • Automated Dispatch Assignment

    Leave the worries of assigning dispatchers manually. Let the system handle the dispatchers and deliveries with a promise of reliability

Advanced Features of Our Online Order System

Cross-Platform Support

advanced features of online ordering system

Ensure data synchronization across every module with cross-platform and cloud support ensuring data consistency. It helps provide seamless user experience across different modules and efficient order placing.

brand building functionality of online ordering system for takeaway

Brand Building

Get your personalized restaurant online ordering system with 100% support assurance. It helps create a unique brand name with a complete theme and logo change facilities

Takeaway/ Delivery Order

multi country expansion for takeaway ordering system

A restaurant online ordering and takeaway system includes provisions for managing business operations hassle-freely. It makes it easier for you to manage delivery orders effectively

manage multiple cities business with online store ordering system

Select Delivery Areas

Choose the area where you want to serve in, enable specific delivery and order charges, and manage the business efficiently. Online food ordering system allows accurate business monitoring and control

In-build Payment Gateway Support

integrated wallet features of online store ordering system

Enable the integrated payment gateways support that allows the app users to pay conveniently. It helps stores to control and view the complete history of each user earning analytics of online ordering application

earning analytics of online ordering application

Earning Analytics

Efficient earning analytics intends to give an overview of the earning details of delivery providers and stores. Generate reports based on weeks, months, or years from the food ordering system for restaurants

Add Script

advertising support of food ordering system

The store can add a dynamic script such as a chat script, analytics script, or any other script they want to run in the website right from the feature-rich store panel.

zone management features of online ordering system


Set your tags for advertising your store using a fabulous feature of a dedicated online food ordering system for restaurants. Promote your store and items to earn more profit and sales in no time.

Build Your Business-Centric Online Ordering And Delivery System

Get instant support from our team of experts who are always eager to expand your business with digital solutions. Get started with our online ordering system and get an attractive yield than invested

Dive into an Online Delivery Platform Working Right Away!

Dedicated user app helping end-users to avail your brand's service easily and quickly whenever they require.

Check How Online Delivery system for Restaurant Ensure Amazing Experience Offering

Developed to help users satisfy their taste buds, a dedicated user panel ensures that the best services are offered to the end-user.

Delivering Seamless Support to Clients Globally

Acknowledgment and Awards Earned from Global Media

Frequently Ask Question

1. Why choose our Online Ordering System?

An online ordering system is the best solution for businesses aiming to give their business a digital touch. The tech stack makes it easier for vendors to manage and keep track of every business activity efficiently. It helps them offer outstanding business service, ensuring to satisfy the taste buds of the end number of customers efficiently. Advance features of an online ordering system provide to drive more sales and profit for your business in a short duration of time.

2. What makes our online ordering system different from others?

We mainly focus on helping you provide a fantastic ordering experience to your ideal customers which makes us different from other online ordering systems in the market. We provide technical assistance in delivery areas and desire to increase clients growth potentially.

3. Is an online ordering platform suitable for SME?

Yes absolutely! An online ordering platform is developed to cater all the requirements of all types and sizes of businesses. Identify all your business requirements, and we will provide you with the best solution that helps you have full control over your business operations.

4. Which subscription plan do you offer?

We offer different subscription plans on monthly and annual bases. You can choose any as per your business need. Check complete pricing details right on our pricing page to select the perfect fit for the meal delivery business.

5. Can I use my domain with an online delivery system?

Of course, yes, you are allowed to use your domain with an online delivery system. Contact our support team to have further details for the same.

6. Is an online delivery platform mobile friendly?

Yes, it's completely mobile friendly. You can experience working of an online delivery platform on any of the devices of your choice right away.

7. Can I set up an email & SMS template?

Yes, you can set up your email and SMS template as per your requirement. Follow a few simple steps and make a change to deliver your business message to your customers.

8. Which languages are supported in the online ordering app?

Online ordering app supports multiple languages. We can translate the language as per your business needs, in case you want to reach the Spanish or Portuguese market then we are here to help you. Reach us at [email protected] to get more information about the same.

9. What if I require support or have questions?

If you have more questions, you can easily reach us at [email protected] or contact us on +1 415-547-0560 and get all your queries answered efficiently.