Online Ordering System

Get a complete branded and personalized online ordering system for your grocery, courier, flower, marijuana, medicine, alcohol, water bottle or any kind of order, delivery and takeaway service business. Our Tailor-made service online ordering software is loaded with all in-demand features. We provide flexible price package for online delivery system. We build this customized solution in native Android and iOS platform along with Database support with MongoDB and Back-end support with NodeJS. Our online ordering solution works perfectly for each size of delivery service business with features like multistore accessibility at single place.

Online Ordering System Perfect Match For All Type of Delivery Business

Swamped works and personal life leaves generate a lazy situation for a work like a prepared meal at home, go to the bought grocery at a supermarket, go flower shop to bring a bouquet. For those all situation Elluminati Inc. Offer online ordering system for your supermarket or any kind of order delivery and takeaway service business. In Recent time many, grocery, courier etc. kind of ordering, delivery and takeaway service business are emerging and also a flourishing example of success. Every supply chain, Supermarket, and delivery service shop owner wish to create their online demand ordering and delivery system. For that, we offer Mobile based Online Ordering System.

What We Provide in Online Delivery System

Our Online delivery system is pre-approved in the apps store. Our Web solution like store panel and admin panel and ordering website( user panel ) are competent which work perfectly on any Android, iOS smartphone, Tablet and Web browser. Our Complete feature loaded order, delivery and take away system have the following Subsystem.

Customer Application

Order anything from the nearby store through apps

Social Sign up and Login

A customer can immediately signup and log in with their social media account and access nearby store details.

Custom Order

The customer can edit their product Continent as per they needs.

Track Order Real Time

The customer can order delivery provider in real time on google map with ability to call delivery provider for any query.

Multiple Order

Make more than one order any same store or they can order multiple products from the multiple stores at a single time.

Online Payment

The customer can have a choice to pay service charge online by debit or credit card or either pay by cash on delivery time.

Order Now or later

The customer can select delivery schedule as per their needs or a select option of delivery instant.

Delivery Provider Application

Deliver Customer goods at a time on their doorstep.

Online Service Request

The delivery provider can get online delivery service request with accept/reject option and time countdown.

Document Submission

Before start service as a delivery provider. The person must upload their essential document through apps.


The Delivery Man can check their earning detail with active and in queue order details and service history.

Phone Verification

Phone verification is compulsory before start the delivery service.

Online / Offline

For the service deliveryman can Manuel go online/offline as per their availability.

Status Update

The delivery provider can Manuel update their status like Arrived, On Route etc.

Store Application and Panel

Easily manage store services and order request online.

Manage Product

Store Vendors can showcase their service product online with add, edit and decline anytime rights.

Incoming Orders

Vendors can manage order request online with this white label ordering system.


Vendors can check all order billing detail with the user, provider, store and banking details.

Payment Statement

Dispatch Order

Vendors can check all dispatched order details with shorting and filter data option.

Manage Delivery Provider

Access delivery provider profile and add, edit and decline their profile anytime.

Admin Dashboard

Access your single/multi-store business with online ordering system

Map View

Admin can check all active user on google map with complete profile details of the user.

Manage User

Admin can manage user details with rights of add, edit and decline profile anytime option.

Manage Cities / Countries

Admin can add multiple cities and countries for business with an option of on / off anytime.

Check Order Details

Admin can see all completed order details with an option of shorting and exploring data.

Earning Details

Admin can manage All user and their own earning details with graphical representation.

Mass Push Notification

In online ordering apps solution, we integrate push notification features to notify a user of any information.

Ordering Website

Store Details

The Customer can access the nearby store detail with the offering menus and its details.

Order History

The customer can check complete order history within queue order and its details.

Online Payment

The customer either pay their service charge online through debit or credit card or select COD option.

Rate and Review

For Product Quality and Delivery Provider service. The customer can share their review and rate.

Complimentary Features – Online Ordering System

Impressive features to make your order, delivery, and takeaway service business more reliable

Local Payment Gateway

As our market analysis, we found that local payment gateway is one of the best features to hail delivery service business online. In the online delivery system, we offer local payment gateway service. That can helps vendors to make their business more visible in a local area. We provide Stripe as the default gateway in online delivery system that can customize as per vendors choice free if the stripe is not available in the local area.

Theme Customization

In our white label online ordering software solution we provide Apps and Web colors and Logo options to assure your online ordering system perfectly reflect your brand. Our creative UI/UX designer help you to create a pixel perfect UI for your solution. In our Theme Customization option, we provide ‘X’ color customization option vendors can request for any color and logos we build that exact as per their need to exactly match their branding.

Multilingual Integration

Online Ordering Service is broad and large-scale service business and vendors always wish that their business grows in multiple regions. In our online ordering solution, we offer multiple language integration facilities as per vendors needs and it’s totally free of cost. These features provide an allotment for a business owner to hail their order, delivery and takeaway service business online in the multi-region with the single apps solution.

Currency Type Customization

If You Hail you ordering service business in multi-country where a currency is different we provide a local currency integration facility. In admin panel vendors can set country wise currency with details like currency logo, icon, rate etc. Our latest application algorithm automatic gets currency rate changes and updates on the system and accordingly service charge counts.

Multi-Type Service Features

A Reliable Multiservice features to make online ordering system multiple times.

Multi-Country Support

When you are an entrepreneur or business owner who can wish to start their business with online ordering system it’s fact that you wish to grow your business in multiple countries. we provide multi-country accessibility service in our online delivery system when vendors can add countries for service with the add essential details like country code, currency and its sign, bonus to referral, max referral etc. with an option of edit and on/off county service anytime.

Multi City Support

If you hail a delivery service business in more than one cities its tough to manage all transaction details. It also generates a communication gap between vendors to store holder. We integrate advanced features while the vendors can manage their multicity business at the single panel. They can manage details like all ordering details of specific city, particular city user details, earning details etc. Admin can add the details of a city name, service type etc. on the dashboard.

Multi-Service Type Support

If vendors wish to start their multiple service market business where they can offer more than one categories service we can offer a multi-service setting with this admin can manage their service business like a grocery, marijuana, medicine, alcohol, courier, water battle, flower etc with start and stop option. With A type of store service, even admin can manage delivery vehicle service too for their business.

Advance Features

Manage Your Ordering and Delivery Service Business Online

Native Platform

We build this advanced and complete in-demand feature loaded online ordering softwaer on native Android and iOS platform along with backend and database support with MEAN (MongoDB, Express.Js, Angular.Js, Node.Js)Stack platform. In that, we provide complete feature customization facility as per vendors needs to hail their ordering, delivery and takeaway business online.

Single Time Multiple Order

We always wish to provide something unique and best to run your business with our on-demand ordering and take away system customer can able to request multiple product order at the same store or multi-store and manage that all in the single app screen. Even that they can pay all order service charge in single time and also a delivery man can manage at a time multiple delivery request.

Store Panel

As a leading online delivery and ordering system developer, we know all dynamics needs of the on-demand delivery business. For that reason, we provide Store Web Panel for showcase all offered product, manage online ordering request, earning details, rate and review, delivery provider details etc.

Pixel Perfect Design

In our online delivery system. we offer complete UI/UX customization option. The business holder can customized Application US and flow as per their business needs. our creative graphic designer creates a sleek design for your online ordering system to the scratch. and create a Pixel perfect UI that can help to maintain all order, delivery and takeaway service flow easily.

In-app wallet

We integrate in-app wallet features on both customer and delivery provider apps. They can manage their order and service history, add money for use on future for ordering or COD service request. To work as a delivery man, they must have to put some specific money online in the wallet which is decided by admin.


For sending a related document and information about the order to the customer we integrate an advanced e-invoice system. Where the all service, tax and other charges calculate automatically within an application and send to the customer at the end of service.

Our Special Qualities

We believe in providing the best solution on the market.

Technology Stack

We create best online ordering software with the use of top-notch and latest MEAN( MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, NodeJS) stack technology. With the use of this programming language stack business vendors can manage their order, delivery, and takeaway business hasslefree. Here we share the advantage of MEAN stack technology. Why its best in current time to build online ordering software.

With MEAN Stack Technology Client To Server Switching Process Made Easy.

  • MEAN is highly flexible and cost-effective to use
  • MEAN Stack is open source and support cloud compatibility.
  • Provide complete code reusability with the high performance
  • MEAN stack provide the possibility of Isomorphic coding.

Source Code Quality Checkup –
Sonar Qube

In current time we can say that Sonar Qube is the best tools for check source code quality and health. Tools can provide a report of a duplicate content of code with the details of its coding level grade and quality standard along with metrics reports and evolution graphical insight for apps coding health with unit tests, code coverage, complexity, comment, bugs and security vulnerabilities.

We test our ordering system code quality in Sonarquce and we can maintain below level grade and score.

  • Vulnerabilities & Bugs: Grade A with Zero Vulnerabilities and bug.
  • Code Smells: 0 Code Smells and O debt with Grade A
  • Duplications: Code Duplication Block Duplication

Frequently Asked Questions

Can An Android & iOS apps Native?

YES, Our Ordering System Apps are Developed using native Android and iOS Platform.

With the purchase which rights of license vendors get?

vendors can get a single license with the online ordering system purchase. Means you can use a product for one business. If you want to use multiple please connect

A default payment gateway for this online ordering system?

We integrate Stripe as default payment gateway in this product. we can customize this as per vendors needs.

What services are include In 3 month's free support

In 3month’s free support we provide crash and issue resolution for the product along with apps version update(due to OS update) or any other reason.
Note: It’s not included any features addition request.

Can I Get Free Support after 3 months Ends?

Yes, We have several Paid sales support packages. We keep supporting you for product technologies part.

Can you provide custom features integration in this ordering system?

Yes, We can provide custom features integration facility as per vendors needs. For this integration, you need to connect us at

Can store admin register and login with social media account?

Yes. In our online ordering system, we provide flexibility in registration and login store can do this using their social media account like Facebook and Google+.

Can Store Manage At a time multiple order request?

Yes, Store can manage and work for more than one service request and also able to check a list of in-process order details.

Can Store request for delivering the product?

Yes, Store Admin can request to the delivery provider for complete service task

Can Store Admin manage billing module in web panel?

Yes, Store can easily manage active and complete order billing request in web panel.

Can Store admin update their product showcase detail in real time?

Yes, Store admin can manage product showcase details online with add new, edit and decline the product rights.

Can admin track active user details real-time?

Yes, Admin can track all active user details in real time on google map with information like profile name, type of user(store, customer, delivery provider).

Can admin have rights to add a new store in business?

Yes, The administrative person has authority to add new store without any limitation.

Can admin able to manage all delivery provider profile details?

Yes, The administrative person has authority to manage all delivery provider profile details.

Can Admin able to get all order earning reports?

Yes, The administrative person able to get all order service earning reports with the details of all users.

Can Customer pay their service charge online?

Yes, With the use of ordering website customer can able to pay their service charge online with the secure payment method.

In Ordering website can social login facility available?

Yes, With this online ordering website customer can able to sign up and log in to their social media account.

Which Payment gateway you provide a default in ordering website.

We integrate Stripe as default payment gateway in this online ordering website. Even we can provide modification features for local payment / multipayment gateway integration.

Can Customer add any store as a favorite in order website?

Yes, Customer can add any particular store as favorite and directly access their store details into a home for re-order.


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