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Manage delivery providers and fulfill deliveries in real-time. Intuitive and accessible delivery provider app workflow makes it easy for delivery providers to deliver the orders at an accurate time

Trustworthy and Enduring App Support for Business Expansion

A dedicated mobile app serves users by completing their demands and offering the best service support. Get yourself suiting and comforting platform to manage apps and your services proficiently. On-time ride support, efficient analytics, and many more features make a system investment-worthy. Choose a technically edged system to run business operations

Delivery Provider App Workflow

Know how advanced app solution makes it easy for delivery providers to manage requests in real-time

Order Notification

  • Delivery agents receive an instant order notification with the complete order details including the customer’s location
  • Allow your delivery providers to accept or refuse order requests as per their preferences

In-App Chat

  • Delivery providers can communicate with stores, admin or users if they have any confusion related to order or location
  • Using the in-app chat feature, delivery providers either communicate through email or make a call to get their doubts resolved

Order History

  • Using the history section, delivery providers can track each order details with all the necessary details such as date, time, and location details of customers and stores
  • Delivery providers would also know from which store they got maximum order requests and how much amount is collected through a tip

Manage Account

  • To get started, delivery providers are asked to fill up several details. Delivery agents can enter all the details to look at the profile more authentic. However, they can update profile whenever they require
  • In order to get payment on a timely basis, delivery providers can add bank details to their profiles and save them. They are also allowed to add multiple bank details
  • Let delivery providers manage certain general settings with ease such as order notification, language settings, and much more
  • Delivery providers can share the referrals to avail of additional benefits. Receivers can anytime redeem shared referrals to get perks. In this way, the delivery provider and receiver both get benefits
  • In order to start service, delivery providers need to upload certain documents such as identity, vehicle-related documents, license copy, etc.
  • To receive payment, delivery providers need to enter bank details. They can check dues, current balance, and income from the tip as well
  • If the delivery provider faces any glitches during service, they can seek help from the support department through email or call option
  • Make it easy for delivery providers to manage vehicle details, upload related documents, and much more within the app solution

Simplify Delivery Management With Modern Tech Solutions

Track delivery provider, give them the liberty to accept or reject order request and ensure fast delivery operations with smart routes suggestions

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