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Attract more foodie to your restaurant and increase your dining table reservation by creating a mobile app for your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Club etc with a restaurant app builder. The new synonym of Restaurant App in people’s mind has turned to be Food On-demand solution. It’s a wonderful way to get customers on your tap with an on-demand app which can showcase your menu with pricing, description and complete details of food and online payment system. Elluminati as top leaded restaurant app maker provide you a turn key solution to handle single/multi restaurant business at single place

The app consists of 3 main components-  the restaurant side android and ios app with restaurant panel, the main functionality is to showcase the food items in terms of menu and provide complete details of food items. The second side is the user which consists of an app for android and ios with user panel in which user can register in the application and order the food items from the nearest vendors according to their needs. The third one is the delivery guy app, which is also available on android and ios and is specially designed to allow delivery guys register and start earning by providing delivery facilities. The payment system is handled by admin for the all the three apps and it works like a charm as a whole system.

Choose Elluminati as your Restaurant app maker

A Simple and convenient solution for your restaurant. make your own restaurant app
with your restaurant name and logo with our app builder.

Fast Delivery

we make a delivery app with all top-notch technologies to build your delivery services more effective and customer friendly.


For New Delivery Request Outlets notify with push notification. Delivery provider can also notify with push notification when new delivery service request receive.


For New Delivery Request Outlets notify with push notification. Delivery provider can also notify with push notification when new delivery service request receive.

Delivery Provider App

Delivery Provider App are provide efficiency to delivery person to provide delivery on time along with feature like call to customer or store, Route Monitoring More.

Store Panel

Handle multiple restaurant outlets or make partner ship with other restaurant our app builder provider separate console for every store to manage delivery request

Third Party API

Our App Builder support third party API integration to make a best and effective tech product for your restaurant businesses

Create an app for your restaurant

A Mobile app that can build end to end connection for a customer to the delivery provider and restaurant outlets. Build a super service atmosphere for your customer provide then a qualitative delivery service. As Restaurant App Maker we provide a product that can help to build loyalty with your partner business owners to reach your business one step ahead on market. Our Restaurant Delivery Apps Builder solution offers you a native android and ios platform application for your customer, delivery provider and store to make order and delivery flow simple. showcase products, price, promotion with business grow.

Cloud Based Restaurant App Maker

Make your own restaurant app with your brand name and logo. attract more customer to online food ordering

  • No Need to manage restaurant details Manually we build restaurant app that manage your all delivery details online and manage by its self too. as restaurant app maker we analyze each micro and macro level of work details and build a turn key solution for your restaurant business.
  • One – Click Delivery Service Request sent to near by delivery provider
  • Track real time delivery provider details too make delivery service work more effectively.

Make Your Own Restaurant App with Your Brand Name & Logo


Elluminati Provide App builder to make your own restaurant apps with brand name and logo along with complete customization option as per your business needs. Help you too digitalizes your restaurant business. Increase business leads

  • Improve Customer Sanctification.
  • Complete Branding
  • Increase Sales




Do you Want to Build your own Restaurant App?

We’ll do it for you! Check Our Making Restaurant App Demo


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Ability to Add / Edit Ingredients 

Custom Product Like Subway

Conformation with Product & Delivery Details

Pay with Cash / Card

Real Time Tracking

Ability To Call Delivery Provider

Get Delivery Information


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Submit Documents

Pending Approval

Daily Earnings

Go Online / Offline

Receive New Order Request 

Accept / Reject Request

Update Status (Arrived/On Route etc.)

Track To Store Location


Phone SMS Verification



Manage Products

Add / Edit / Decline Product

Manage Product Type

Manage Categories

Income Order

Dispatch Order

Payment Statements



Manage Drivers



Map View

Payments (Billing)

Service Types



Mass Push Notification







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