Food Delivery App Builder: Build Your Customized App Solution

Building an app solution for food delivery has become common. A restaurant delivery app builder intends to deliver an excellent app solution for restaurants to offer their delicacies online. It helps them make their operations online and manage everything with tech support. Restaurant delivery app builder provided by Elluminati focuses on empowering your tech support and delivers excellent experiences. The app builder contains the following major modules:

Our solution builder contains a customer and delivery provider app with native Android and iOS device support. A store panel and application to manage your restaurant business operations well and deliver orders on time. It includes an interactive admin panel that supports business operations. And a delivery provider app that handles the delivery procedures well.

How Our Food Delivery App Creator Makes a Difference?

Faster App Approval

Our food delivery app creator makes it easier for you to succeed in launching your app on global platforms with excellent building support. You can begin your app solution quickly on standard app stores and pass the rigorous criteria effortlessly.

Lesser Barriers

With the support of our restaurant app maker, you can launch your online business with an excellent app solution stack quickly and easily. It helps you start your online food delivery business without facing any difficulties.

Multi-Platform Support

This app builder lets you build Android as well as iOS app solutions and excellent web consoles that help you serve across all platforms. The multi-platform support enables you to tap into a broad audience that ultimately favors more customer interest.

Technical Customization

Design your app solution your way with complete customization support that lets you build your own identity in the market. Our food app maker includes the changes you make in the app theme and logo to promote your brand in the market.

After Sales Support

Our experienced development team extends free support for three months to solve any queries and create an excellent food delivery app. The sales support includes product installation right after the purchase and makes all amends as you desire.

Business Expansion

The solution stack is fit for every size of business and can serve customers across the world seamlessly. With the multi-language and multi-country support, you can rely on generating the best experiences across every city and country you serve.

Unparalleled Features of Our Food Store App Builder

  • Impressive UI
  • Reliability
  • Latest Tech Support

How to Create a Restaurant Delivery App Using Our Builder?

By introducing excellence in every work, the food store app builder makes it easier to produce results on time. While you can deliver food on the doorstep with online ordering facilities, it helps promote your business across borders and increases business profits. By choosing to motivate the online ordering culture, you can also tap a broad audience around the world with enhanced services every time. The steps to create food delivery app are mentioned below:

  • A business can choose to customize the available solutions that we include in our app builder.
  • They can edit and change the theme and logo across the solution stack along with the language change support.
  • Or choose to create restaurant delivery app from scratch using the app builder support.
  • After passing the performance and bug testing criteria, the app solution can get deployed over the standard play stores.

User App & Website

Explore Menu

Users can explore the entire menu of the restaurant and find their favorite items.

Store App and Dashboard

Add Items

The restaurants can choose to add or delete items as per their availability from the dedicated solution.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Push Notifications

Admin can manage the content and number of push notifications that get sent to registered app users.

Delivery Man App

Pending Approval

Delivery men can see the pending approval requests placed by them and yet to be approved by the admin.

Make Your App Building Easier with Restaurant App Builder Meant for Enhanced Results

Allow your customers to experience the best features and deliver excellent results with a restaurant app builder that helps build a unique app solution.

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