Nuex, On-Demand Medicine Delivery Startup, Raised $5.3Mn

Till now you might have just heard of many Uber-like app [e.g. on-demand taxi, on-demand plumber, on-demand cleaner, on-demand dog walking, on-demand beautician, on-demand food delivery, on-demand laundry, on-demand mechanic, on-demand massage, on-demand tutor, on-demand towing, on-demand mobile repairon-demand doctor]. Now one more industry jumped into this disruptive tech market: on-demand medicine delivery specially for birth control. One such startup called Nurx even raised $5.3 million from Union Square Ventures. This startup started in 2014 provides the web portal to connects correct doctors with the patient in need.

The idea behind the business is fantastic. You select your brand and search for the solution to your problem by answering few questions; one of the doctors from Nurx network writes the prescription for you and courier man will deliver right medicine directly to your home. The brain behind it deserves appreciation for reducing a lot of amount of effort and time otherwise spent for taking appointment of the doctor, going to him, getting the prescription from him, getting correct medicine from the pharmacy, getting insurance, etc.

Few other startups like PillPack, Zipdrug, L. Condoms offers almost similar idea of on-demand medicine delivery, but Nurx stands out as its drug prevents pregnancy. A new study discovers that these pills may get the woman into depression but that’s another story, and Nurx is working on the alternative. This startup has been growing with steady pace since last 2years breaking down all unnecessary barriers to women’s health.

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