JustEat Clone

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Why Get a JustEat Clone for Doorstep Deliveries?

Empower fast and reliable doorstep deliveries with dedicated app support. JustEat clone is a food delivery and takeaway flag bearer app that meets all delivery norms with the rightful customer serving approach. The app follows a smooth process to ensure customers get their food delivered at doorsteps. The solution ensures:

  • More comfortable order placing with support for advanced delivery scheduling or immediate requesting.
  • Multiple payment options to choose from for trusted and secure payment collection.
  • Integrated map facility for better location visibility and efficient address entering.

Business-Savvy Aspects of Our JustEat Clone Script


Users and admin can monitor and track the delivery status in real-time on the map for efficient business monitoring for every order.

Store Advertising

Admin can choose to advertise a particular store and earn ad revenues with JustEat clone script for increased profits and efficient services.

Order Cancellation

Users or delivery providers can cancel their order within a dedicated time and have to specify a valid cancellation reason for the same.

Promo Codes

System admin can set various promo codes using JustEat like app source code that users can use to earn discounts.

Create Your JustEat Clone App For Meal Delivery Business

Ensure to create a seamless experience across devices with a dedicated solution stack. Just Eat app clone includes every user-centric feature that helps improve the user experience and earn more with users preferring the food deliveries powered by your solution.

How Does Just Eat Like App Works?

JustEat clone ensures you generate the best results with customizable functions and complete brand building facilities. It serves unlimited users irrespective of business size with the same and effortless delivery request placing services.

  • Registered users browse the list of all available food stores and explore their menu.
  • Select single or multiple items from a food store to place an order and add them to the cart.
  • Pay online or choose cash on delivery and place an order and the order details get sent to the store.
  • The store prepares items and asks delivery providers to deliver the parcel to the mentioned location.

Explore Competent Functions Increasing Revenues

Components included in the JustEat clone ensure the support for increasing efficiency of the delivery services and prove business proficiency.

User App

The dedicated user app ensures efficient order placing and food delivery requests from anywhere. The native Android and iOS app solutions included in the JustEat clone source code ensures excellent user experience generation. By adding features like real-time delivery provider and delivery status tracking, secure and easy online payments, payment invoices, order details, and more- the app offers seamless facilities to each app user.

Store App

The store app provides remote access to store admin for better management. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, and the authenticated access to the store app ensures admin control the stores and the menu by themselves. Store app involves service charge settings, delivery provider and order management, and efficient processing facilities that assure every user gets served with the best delicacies on-time.

Admin Dashboard

Ensure complete business control with intuitive admin dashboard assuring order and user management. It involves the best features that allow the admin to keep an eye on every ongoing business activity. By monitoring the live order placing and cart items, live-tracking of deliveries, store processes, and delivery details- the admin remains in-charge of every action and controls everything. The earning analytics and reports ensure admin gets a complete overview.

Store Panel

Stores can manage their operations from a web console that includes all the functions that get involved in the existing store app also. The panel allows them to control their store operations and add or remove one or more items. It includes support for customizing the order of users and seeking confirmation for the changes. The invoice generation helps a store audit quickly with the payment records stored in the panel.

User Website

The user website included in the JustEat like app promotes the solution across countries. It becomes easier for users to place an order from anywhere without needing their mobile apps when a user website is ready to take their orders and place delivery requests. Users can explore different store menus and place food delivery request from the user website. It ensures the users can track their deliveries from the site and follows the same process for shipment.

Delivery Provider App

A dedicated application developed for delivery providers’ convenience proves useful for making timely deliveries. It includes all the required functionalities that help a provider reach the mentioned locations easily. With optimized routes and efficient map navigation facility, the app supports a provider finding their way to the stores and later to users’ locations. It also helps them track their deliveries and earn analytics for better assistance.

Get JustEat Clone App to Offer Efficient Food Delivery Services

Make it easier for your users to order delicacies online with the JustEat clone app supporting their needs. Enjoy the benefit of earning from registered food stores and delivery providers along with promised management facilities.