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A GPS integrated home delivery software is ideal for the customers, stores, delivery persons and for admin too. Easy to explore menu is having versatile features for the stores. It is designed to handle delivery of any product like food, grocery, alcohol, flowers, marijuana, medicine, courier or even water bottle. There is a huge possibility for customization in this white label solution. So you ask to add features of your choice and make this app featureful.

This significant home delivery system is able to convert the manual work into online in order to reduce the work burden. This software is designed according to the need of each of the user. Increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability with a chance to target a huge customer base. A systematic mechanism of our home delivery software will work to simplify the complexities of different business tasks. The automation of business tasks is not far anymore!

What Else Is There Other Than Features?

One Screen Solution

Our software is a one screen solution which is able to handle all the tasks from one screen. The users of our home delivery software do not need to switch between multiple screens anymore.

Customizable Theme

The theme, designs, and colors available in our white label solution are fully customizable and you can choose the best suits for your brand identity in the competitive market.

Responsive Design

A compatible design will make you able to launch the software with your brand name and logo for multiple devices. The screen resolution should not a bar for your business.

Business Hours

The stores on the software can choose the service timings by themselves. The stores can go online/offline and serve according to the best suitable timings for better business opportunities.

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A Stunning Combo Of Apps & Panels In Our Home Delivery Software Solution

There are separate app and panel for each user

Customer App

The main screen for customers to shop

Store Details

Users can check the store and item details into the app. It is to provide them a chance to choose the best suitable product or service according to their need.

Get Notifications

The users can notification about the app updates, news about the apps or about different deals and discounts offered different stores on the app.

Payment Options

The advantage of multiple online payment options will be available for the users where they will have the options to pay with e-wallet or credit or debit card.

Order History

Every placed order details would be stored in the history section. The user can explore the history and even reorder items directly from there.

Provider App

The provider would handle deliveries from here

Route Optimization

The provider can take the help of route optimization feature where the provider can get the most optimum path from the current location to customers’ destination.


Navigations will show all the possible paths to the customer’s destination from the current location. It is GPS based functionality of the app.

On/Off Service

The provider can go online or offline. This feature helps the provider to provide the service at a convenient time. It gives the flexibility of work timings.

Route Optimization

Referral code sharing can be done by the provider where the provider and the other person with whom the provider is sharing the code both will be benefitted.


Store App & Panel

Stores would deliver from here

Set Most Popular Item

Stores can do different promotional activities. One such activity is to set the most popular item in order to attract more customers towards the store.

Extra Charges

The stores may apply extra charges to some exclusive or imported items. This is to save the business from making any loss for selling at a lesser price.

Delivery Service Radius

Every store on the app can set the delivery radius in which they are able to provide free deliveries. They may also apply extra charges for out of radius deliveries.

Max Item Quantity

To reduce the possibility of product reselling the stores can put such exclusive items under the maximum item quantity where the user can order limited quantity.

Admin Console

Admin would handle the business from here

Force Update

The admin can opt for force update the apps. This is to be done when the business is not able to provide efficient services due to the old version of the app.

Payment Mode

Multiple payment options can be added or removed by the admin. The admin can manage the payment modes as the business policies allow.

Profit Mode

The admin can change the profit mode with each associated store. This right is into the hand of admin and the admin can make any changes at any time.

Add Countries

When the business gets expanded the app also can be scaled up. The admin can add more countries to the app to handle the multi-country business seamlessly.

User Panel

The customers would shop from here

Social Sign Up/Login

The users can signup or login into the app by using their social media accounts. In this feature, the user needs to touch the icon of any social platform.


The user can apply the filters for better and time-saving search. The advanced filters save lots of time of the users and get them exactly what they want.

Create Profile

More details can be added into the profile to make the profile more strong and identical. On the basis of added information, certain deals can be offered.

Multi-Outlet Access

At the same time, the user can see more than one stores and can explore them to get the desired product or service. Thay can even place from multiple stores.

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