Why Glovo Like App Is The Ultimate Solution You Should Be Looking For

Doorstep deliveries have become one of the common grounds for deliverers of today. Glovo clone is an efficient delivery solution that lets a business start the delivery of essentials with an active monitoring and tracking solution. The app solution helps you expand on-demand delivery service by including all the essential features that make it easier for a company to start deliveries anytime soon. By dedicating a distinct section for each type of delivery, it makes it easier to order and deliver from stores online. The Glovo clone solution stack offered by Elluminati includes:

  • We include a customer and delivery provider-specific app solution built with the latest technology stack.
  • A dedicated store panel and application to support remote access and management of orders.
  • An interactive admin panel to control the business and make business decisions easily and a user website to promote the business.

Outstanding Features Of Our Glovo Clone App

Contactless Delivery

Encouraging doorstep deliveries with the Glovo clone helps enable a better solution for hygienic delivery service. With the image confirmation facilities, the delivery provider ensures safe and complete delivery. Contactless deliveries make it easier for customers to get their items without having to leave their comfort and convenience behind.

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

As the delivery providers are given their dedicated app solutions, they can send pickup confirmation when they pick up the order of a customer. The provider clicks photo of the order and sends it to customers. They can view the image and check the real-time delivery status.

Customization And Order Confirmation By Store

Stores can customize the order as per their item availability and notify users to confirm. It helps a store provide efficient services and lets them contact the customers directly. The change in total bill amount gets paid to customers or deducted from the customer wallet.

Explore Categories

The stores can define various categories and subcategories to divide their items into different sections. It helps a user search and find all the essentials quickly. Glovo clone includes multiple cuisine deliveries that get further subcategorized for a better experience.

Multi-Language Support

The app solution stack helps the admin change the language of the entire solution stack to deliver a better user experience. The business can ensure meaningful conversations with customers using any of the saved language support. Also, it helps provide easier access to delivery services with the comfort of using users’ preferred language.

Manual Delivery Assignment

Stores can choose to assign the order deliveries manually. They can add deliveryman and later assign the order pickup and delivery using the store app and panel. By choosing to place a dedicated delivery request to a particular delivery person, they can speed up the delivery process.

The Uniqueness Of Our Glovo Like App Solution

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Efficiency

How Glovo Clone Script Works?

Glovo clone script is a dedicated delivery solution that delivers food on users’ demands. Using the dedicated user website and user application, they can place an order for any of the categories mentioned above to get the items delivered at home. Glovo like app follows the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Customers place an order for items from a particular store using the customer app or user panel.
  • The store receives the order placed by a customer and prepares the package.
  • The delivery man receives the delivery request made by a store. He/She accepts the request and picks up the order.
  • Delivery Man delivers the order to the customer’s mentioned location. Customers pay for the placed order using their preferred payment mode.

User App & Website

Add to Cart

Users can add their choice of items or remove them after adding to the cart.

Store App and Dashboard

Remote Management

The store app and panel can be accessed using the set login id and password anytime and anywhere.

Admin Dashboard

Add Referrals

To promote the delivery business, the admin can choose to set referral codes that users can share and avail discounts.

Delivery Man App


The delivery provider has to register first to use the solution to provide delivery services.

Dive into All in One Delivery Console Working

Allow users to request delivery services through an impressive panel and ensures ease of use and attractiveness.

Check the Visual WorkFlow of Our All in One Delivery Apps

Designed to offer the best of business services to customers who are availing of the delivery services.

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Embark your on-demand delivery business journey with Glovo clone to leave a unique impression and put your users and business operations at priority without any hassle.

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