What is Restaurant Delivery Dispatch Software? How Does it Introduce Business Growth?

Restaurant Delivery Dispatch Software is an advanced solution that enables you to introduce food deliveries to customers making it easier for them to order their favorite meal and get it delivered at their doorsteps. Businesses are flourishing with the concept of online shipments and last-mile delivery, which has opened new doors for them. Restaurant delivery dispatch software can add excellence and efficiency to deliver services on time. With the ability to provide delivery services on customers’ demands, the app solution stack serves a seamless user experience.

The components included in the solution stack are- a customer application built for native Android and iOS platforms. It consists of a separate delivery provider app which runs on native Android and iOS devices. Also, a dedicated store app and panel get included to provide store manageability. And a separate admin dashboard and a user website helps the admin view and promote the business across any boundary

Cutting-Edge Features of Food Delivery Dispatch Software

Multiple Payment Options

The admin of the dispatch software can introduce multiple payment options in the solution stack for customers. They can add or remove the payment method from the integrated support. We include Stripe as the default payment gateway which enables payment by card and offers a secure net banking facility

Faster Delivery

With the embedded Google map navigation in the software, delivery providers can complete deliveries efficiently. Using the route optimization and map view features, they can easily reach the pickup location and delivery location in time, and it helps deliver faster than ever

Wide Audience Outreach

With the help of native Android and iOS platforms, it becomes easy to target a large audience base with the app support. Also, a user website included in the solution lets a user place orders via the website. Therefore, the food dispatch software ensures that the business can expand its operations among millions of users quickly.

Language Selection and Change

The admin can choose to change the language in which the entire delivery dispatch solution stack operates. Not only the app solutions, but the panels included in the solution can also change their language as per the admin’s wish. It helps them let their users use the apps and panels in their preferred language and enhances the user experience

Manage Delivery Vehicles

Admin can choose to manage the entire fleet they use for delivering the orders. If they wish to add or remove any vehicle or update their details, the admin dashboard includes a separate section that helps them track and monitor each vehicle in use and also delete or add any new in the existing list.

Grow Across Borders

The admin dashboard included in the solution stack is powerful enough to manage the business operations across different countries. It helps the admin add and manage different cities and countries where they extend their delivery services. Also, the food delivery dispatch software solutions work seamlessly across every device to deliver an excellent experience

Why Our Multi Restaurant Dispatch Software Is Best for You?

  • Enhanced Authentication
  • Complete Customization Support
  • Cloud Deployment

How the Online Food Delivery Dispatch Software Works?

By using the Food delivery dispatch solution stacks and advanced features integrated into those, the online food dispatch software ensures to include every possible function and functionality required for a solution to succeed. The customer places an order by selecting the items and adding them to the cart. They can choose any payment option convenient for them to pay the order amount

Now the store receives the order details and starts preparing the order. After the order gets ready, they place a delivery request which every nearby delivery provider receives. The provider who accepts the offer reaches the pickup location and delivers the order to the customer’s location using the route navigation facility.

User App & Website

Users can log in using their registered ID and password or the registered social media accounts only

Store App & Dashboard

Stores can add or remove certain items or change the quantity of it as per the availability using the store app or panel

Admin Dashboard

Admin has the authority to change the default template of SMS and Email that get sent to users for promotional purposes

Delivery Man App

Delivery providers can view the delivery history, which includes the records of completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled delivery details

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Challenge your on-demand business competitors with a food delivery dispatch software capable of handling multiple delivery requests seamlessly to ensure excellent user experience delivery

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The feature-packed user app ensures the best services are provided to end-users whenever they require to have it.

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Allow users to connect with your meal delivery business to ensure more productivity for your brand in no time

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to have a mobile app with restaurant delivery dispatch software?

Yes, it is. We offer a customized mobile app for Android and iOS platforms along with a web panel as per the development package you choose. Check more details at https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/ or contact our sales team at [email protected]

2. Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for my project?

Yes, we do. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement for your project and assure you that not a single detail of your project will be disclosed to others. We believe in offering fantastic service and fulfill all the requirements raised by our clients.

3. With whom I can get in touch if I have queries?

You can get in touch with the sales team at [email protected] or directly contact us at +1 415-547-0560 in the case of any queries.

4. What if I want to check my earning history in food delivery dispatch software?

You can directly check it from the delivery dispatch software for the restaurant. Click on the earning option, and you can explore complete earning history along with graphical representation for the same

5. What if customers want to contact the delivery person?

Customers can use the in-app chat or messaging option of the meal delivery solution to get in touch with the delivery person at their convenience