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Are you Looking for developing food ordering and delivery software? Elluminati Inc provides a command platform for both a single or multiple food store ordering and food dispatch software. Our ready-made food delivery dispatch software similar to uber having various features with a language customization, your wish payment gateway, social media login and so other Add-Ons Packages. All are optimized for the web and mobile platforms. Elluminati Inc. involved web back-end for admin and store. Mobile App For Delivery Provider, Customers and food store. It acts a command platform for both customer and vendors.

Food Delivery software work with five different consoles.

Customer App

Customer app comes on both Android and iOS. Customer can ordering food as per his requirement. Customer App also has features like track an order detail and real time location of the delivery provider. The customer can signup or login with social media, it increase the user registrations and minimizes time to create the new account, customer app also provide services like scheduling a delivery option, give driver review and foods feedback. Set payment method, add account details and create a list of favorite cuisines.


  • Sign-up/Registration/Login
  • Social Media Login
  • SMS Verification
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earning Reports
  • Order Cancellation with Reason
  • Order History
  • Ingredients Ability To Add / Remove
  • Customer can Process in Multiple Order
  • Food Category Option with Filter
  • Filter Restaurant by Rate and Review
  • Search Restaurant by “Keywords”
  • Summary of Cart List
  • Delivery option(Pickup / Delivery)
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Pay via Cash or Card
  • Restaurant List with All Details
  • Order Conformation via SMS & Mail

Delivery Provider App

Delivery Provider comes on both Android and iOS app. its work in the following the flow. Once the customer sends a request for an order it conform at restaurant. food provider sent delivery details (customer name, address, foods details etc.) delivery boy are near to their customer location. and once the delivery provider accepts the request a service time has started and he/she notified with details of delivery provider can easily communicate with the user and communication via the app can easily manage by the admin or food provider office. After the end of service. The delivery provider can stop this service, and a record can store in his/her profile as for today work.


  • Sign-up/Registration/Login
  • Social Media Login
  • Find Nearby Restaurant (city/Types)
  • Real Time Provider Tracking on Map
  • Custom Product Like Subway
  • Go Online /Offline
  • Receive New Order Request
  • Accept / Reject Request
  • Track Store Location
  • Multiple Deliveries
  • Update Status (Arrived / Onroute / Deliver)
  • Invoice
  • Navigation & ETA
  • Ability Call Driver
  • View Order Details
  • Profile Update
  • Cancel Order

Store App & Web Panel

Restaurant Panel App And Web console integrate with same features with this restaurant admin add all details related foods like the ingredient, quantity, cuisine, Types, categories details, etc. with this app Admin Accept Order Request and Notify Delivery Provider for Provide Delivery Services. See all billing & complete order details.


  • Login
  • Manage Product
  • Add Product Details
  • Types of Products
  • Manage Categories
  • Incoming Order
  • Dispatch Order
  • Payment Statements
  • Billing
  • History

Kick start your Delivery Business, Manage Multi Location Business and Driver at the same time.

Admin Panel

Admin Web Console provide the accessed work flow of dispatcher driver and customers services and personification and also maintain food category, cuisines & ingredients detail, service provider details, customer detail. Interaction statistics and many more features.


  • Dashboard
  • Map View
  • Users (Add/Edit/Block)
  • Driver (Add/Edit/Block)
  • Cities
  • Payments Details
  • Trip Details
  • Store (Add/Edit/Bloc)
  • Multi Countries Business
  • Service Type
  • Settings
  • Mass Push Notification

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