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ola clone app

Digitize your conventional fleet business by implementing the ola clone solutions that cater to the needs of your customers and handle your entire business efficiently

ola clone app

What is the Ola Clone App? How does it Help You Achieve Envisioned Business Goals?

Ola clone is the complete customized solution that automates your transportation business and allows your passengers to book a ride at their convenience. With practical apps and panels, owners can employ all their tasks from it and even restrain the higher revenues and growth opportunities.

Elluminati can help redirect your business thoughts to move it towards the technical aspects with fulfilling complete platforms needs. An app like Ola is a ready-made script that can fit your business dimension without much hassle and offer leisure to you and your customers.

Take A Glance Of Premium Features Of Ola Clone Script

Advanced Analytics

  • Allow admin to keep eyes on driver’s activity status, the number of rides completed, the number of customers, and much more to measure the performance of the business.
  • Along with admin and accounting details, real-time reports can be generated to identify new business opportunities.
  • Generate weekly, monthly and daily reports, analyze statistics to make data-driven decisions to streamline business operations.

Push Notifications

  • Connect with your customers in real-time and update them each and every info of business through push notifications
  • Convey valuable information, offer attractive deals and discounts in order to make a strong user base
  • Admin can send the notifications of the ride booked, ride canceled, and regarding driver’s live location to deliver a better user experience


  • Expand your business without any language barrier as the Ola clone script comes with multiple languages integrated within it.
  • Allow your customers to use their own native language to access the app and book a ride
  • It will help you build a strong customer base and makes it possible to offer an effortless ride-booking experience to customers.

Endless Customization Options

  • Choose your own design, integrate features, and run under your brand name as Ola clone script comes with endless customization features
  • Ask us for any additional customization and we will do it for you. From updating themes to logos, give your business a personal touch
  • Add or remove features as per your business requirements and set yourself apart from your competitors

Promotional Codes

  • Make your customer base strong and encourage them to book a ride with exclusive promotional offerings and codes
  • The offers and deals the business owner wish to provide to their users can be managed with ease whenever they want to
  • Captivate and engage with your users through offerings and promote your business quickly with this distinguished feature

Payments And Commissions

  • Admin can easily set, update and manage the commission rates of all the fleet partners. However, they can also set commission rate separately for each partner
  • Allow Admin to manage payments of driver’s, view the income generated from each ride, and make payment cycle easy
  • Set commission and payment terms as per your business standards as it streamlines your financial transactions

Real-Time Tracking

  • Geo-mapping technology and a powerful dashboard makes it easy for riders and admins to have real-time tracking of their rides
  • The real-time tracking feature keeps the passengers updated regarding the ride’s status and enables them to track the driver’s status
  • Allow admin to view the number of rides on-going within the dashboard through real-time tracking feature

Manage Customers

  • Enable admin to view complete information of their customers like their contact details, email ID, and much more
  • Add, update or remove customers as per your requirement and manage the number of customers with ease
  • Admin can also view customer profile, their total bookings, reviews, and much more to make data-driven decisions

What Advancements You Get With Our Ola Like App


  • The intuitive web and admin panel allows you to manage functionality as per your business standards
  • As we hand over the complete Ola clone source code to the client, you can add or remove functionality whenever you need it. With a scalable technology stack, it has the potential to satisfy all your business needs
  • Due to scalability, you can gain complete control over your fleet business and achieve smart insights that help you stand out from the competition

Multiple Payment Support

  • Multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, COD, integrated e-wallets, etc., allow users to pay at their convenience.
  • There are secured and swift payment options available in the Ola Clone app. However, we offer Stripe, PayPal, Paytabs, etc., as the default payment gateways for smooth and reliable transactions.
  • Offer multiple payment options to consumers and make the payment process transparent and sound

A Perfect Crafted Solution for Your Fleet Business

Create an app like Ola for your taxi business that help you gain more customers and streamlines all your business operations under one roof

Dedicated Support

We offer support for your products depending on the package you choose to buy and make efforts for smooth and reliable business operations.

Gain Complete Control

Feature-rich admin dashboard enables you to gain complete control over your transportation business with real-time report generation

Customized and White Label

Ola clone app comes with customized and white label solutions that help you create brand awareness in the market

Multiple Currency

Choose the currency as per your business requirement in order to cater to user requirements in different regions and give them a satisfactory experience.

Bundle Of Features To Run Your Business Without Any Glitches

An exclusive set of features benefits your business bottom-line and improve your operations

User App

Real-time ETA

Let users know the estimated arrival timings of the cab reducing waiting time for a better ride experience.

Reviews and Ratings

Share feedback and rate service based on driver’s behavior and overall riding experience to improve the user experience

Multi Payment Modes

Pay swiftly and securely from the options such as debit/credit cards, cash, net banking, etc.

Schedule Ride

Enable users to schedule ride simply by entering the date, time, and location details

Driver App

Update Profile

Drivers can efficiently make changes to their profile details within the app, like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Trip Details

Once the users make a request, and after that drivers can get to know the customer’s information and location details

Payment Tracking

Allow drivers to track daily and monthly payment reports based on the number of ride requests received for analyzing it.

Availability Tab

Drivers can go offline or online as per their availability. They can turn on the toggle to receive a new ride request

Admin Dashboard

Check Driver Status

The business admin can view the status of the active and inactive drivers through the interactive dashboard

Vehicle Management

Details of the entire fleet are available to the admins. Any vehicle can be added, removed, or updated based on business requirements

Advanced Analytics

Let admin generate reports daily, weekly, or monthly and measure business performance through a representation of data and statistics

Add Country

The administrative person can add business in various countries from the admin panel and manage the services accordingly with all inclined features

Dispatcher Console

Easy Onboarding

Allow dispatchers to get started by using their email id or social media accounts to access the available services easily

Future Request

Dispatchers can check future requests made by riders including their payments, tax and addresses.

Create Request

Enable dispatchers to create a request even for unregistered users quickly, they can also view and filter requests

Fare Estimation

Based on the user’s location details, dispatchers can easily get the fare estimates while booking the ride for them.

Partner Panel

Easy Profile Creation

Allow partners to register themselves with an email ID or social media accounts. Edit profile and essential details whenever requires within the panel.

Earning Records

Enable partners to view and generate earning records including trip details. They can also export data to Excel sheets to access it offline

Manage Vehicles

Add, update, or remove the vehicle as per your business needs. They can remove the vehicle wherever required.

Quick Search

Partners can do a quick search to find the drivers by utilizing the filter feature integrated into the platform.

User Panel

SMS/Email Verification

To prevent fraudulent activities, a one-time password is sent to the user’s mobile number or email id

Fare Estimation

Let users know the accurate amount of fare that is calculated on the basis of location details and Kms

Refer and Earn

Allow users to get an application for ride booking and get exclusive rewards in return with discounts and promo codes.

Cancel Ride

By giving a fair reason, users are allowed to cancel the ride anytime. However, they also have to pay cancellation charges

Driver Panel

Track Past Bookings

Drivers can view all the past ride requests and measure their performance and earning details over the time

Edit Documents

Allow drivers to edit and update their documents whenever required, which will be verified by the admin.

Update Profile

Drivers can easily make changes to their profile details like their name, email, password, contact details, and other details.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can view trip details, monitor earnings, manage profiles, and much more within the powerful dashboard.

Corporate Console

Language Options

Corporates get multiple languages to use the panel as given by the admin; they can pick one suitable language

Create Request

Within the corporate console, corporate admin can create a ride request with location details for their users

Payment Settings

Corporates are facilitated with payment setting options that beings helpful in managing their wallet balance efficiently

Add/Remove Employee

Corporate admin can efficiently add or remove employees by using the dedicated console whenever they want

Customer App

Search, book and track rides in real-time with multiple payment options and fare estimation

Driver App

Let drivers accept/reject requests with smart route optimization and an in-app chat feature

Empowering Fleet Owners With Complete Technology Suite

App for users and drivers are developed with the most advanced tech stack and are reliable to perform all the tasks swiftly without any issues.

Customer App

Search, book and track rides in real-time with multiple payment options and fare estimation

Driver App

Let drivers accept/reject requests with smart route optimization and an in-app chat feature

Ola Clone Script Consists Of Powerful Modules

Admin Panel

View and manage all aspects of your transportation business in one place with an amazing admin panel

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Manage vehicles, customers, filter ride requests, track fleets, etc. in real-time, and make data-driven decision

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

A seamless partner panel allow easy management of vehicles, customers and keep track record of earnings with ease

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Let corporate admins book and schedule rides for their employees in real-time via the platform

View Web Flow

User Panel

The user-friendly panel allows customers to search, book, and track their rides in real-time with ease

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

The simple interface makes it easy for drivers to record their documents, rides, and earnings

View Web Flow

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Start Stacking Revenue with An App Like Ola

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