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zocdoc clone app

Fulfilling customers’ healthcare demands innovatively with Zocdoc clone allows multiple categories like doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and more for online prescriptions or in-person meets, carrying a business to a higher standard.

zocdoc clone app

What is the Zocdoc Clone? How Did it Call to be the Multi-channel Business Platform?

Technology has grown in impetus creating the farthest borders for the companies to reach the best of their standards with it. Telehealth has seen a good momentum for a while, and now there has been lots of evolution and that too internationally. A platform that manages all automatically and instantly could be a dream business for many. Here we have a choice for you!

Zocdoc clone app is a telehealth platform that allows patients to find doctors for their health issues online and book appointments at the desired time. It manages the presence of various doctors and patients virtually with advanced features, and customers can book or schedule appointments on browsing for the desired doctors.

There is a surge in telemedicine platform now and also in the future. The government will launch an incentive scheme for the 75 startups, one of which is also the health sector. Thus, it is appropriate to adopt an app like Zocdoc, which is scalable to accelerate business in the future.

How Does a Zocdoc Clone Script Works?

Zocdoc clone script consists of the patient’s app, doctor’s app that allows both of them to connect virtually, the working of which is examined and managed through the admin panel. The workflow for the whole business is unambiguous. Here is a pointwise explanation of the working of the platform:

  • Patients can register and browse for the doctors in the app for different categories of doctors and request anyone from the list.
  • The request will be sent to the doctor’s app, from which doctors can acknowledge and provide service.
  • Admin will manage all the users, examine data of the business, and perform necessary updates.

Encounter Features Of An App Like Zocdoc In All Modules

We craft an app like Zocdoc with modern features that eases tasks for patients and doctors to approach each other for treatment and other medical facilities ensuring convenience and time-saving methods for business.

Patient’s App

Search Using Filters

Patients can look for the service providers using filters, sort them into different categories and find based on the rating given to the providers.

Find By Hospital

Patients can find the doctors by hospital (company), selecting their desired hospitals and doctors from the available list.

ASAP Or Schedule

Patients can request services to be provided based on as soon as possible or can schedule it at their desired time.

All Types Of Doctor

Patients can look for all types of doctors in one app, whether it is doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, ob-gyns, and more.

Doctor’s App

Set Status

Doctors can set the date and time when they are available to consult. And also choose the busy option in case they are not available.

Accept Or Reject

Doctors can accept or reject the service based on their convenience and availability when they receive request from patients or companies.


Doctors can be paid on the e-wallets, which will be linked to the bank accounts; they can also withdraw the payment using that.

Save Past Services

They can also save the services they have completed and all the details about it including date, time, user name, and payment detail.

Admin Panel

Manage Doctors

Business admin can manage doctors in their panel; they can block or approve any users of the platform.

Set Charges

Admin can set the charges of the doctor and update them whenever required; charges can be kept hour-based or fixed charges.

Analyze History

All the scheduled and instant services are stored in the admin panel so that the admin can analyze the details anytime.

Add Sub-Admin

Admin can create an account for the sub-admin that can perform several tasks assigned to them by admin.

Company Panel

Add Provider’s

The hospital can use their respective company panel to add doctors by adding necessary information, allowing them to provide their services whenever needed.

Set Costs

Companies can set the charges for the services based on the regions and The company analyzes this feedback to differentiate hourly and fixed-rate charges.

Analyze History

All the service history of the company is stored separately in the panel, including username, provider’s name, cost, time, etc.

Request Provider

Checking the availability of the provider, a company can assign the provider for the services on the customer’s request.

We Provide the Best Possible Reasons to Choose App Similar To ZocDoc

  • White Label Platform
  • All Required Modules
  • Flexible App Launch

Unique Features Of Zocdoc Like App Standard In All Modules

Language Preferences

All the platform users can choose their desired language on their respective apps to use the platform conveniently. Admin can add different language string files allowing options of various languages to the users, from which they can choose any of them.

Search Filters

The search filters are integrated into all the modules that reduce the friction of searching, saving time to scroll and search. Even the search filters are provided to analyze the stored data in all. These search filters are set based on the data that is related required to getting the desired result.

Rate And Review

Doctors and patients can rate and review each other for their services after completing. This feedback is analyzed by the company. Users can use the past reviews and ratings to assign the service to the providers.

Notification Alert

In online service booking, all the users will receive the notifications in their respective modules in real-time to ensure the services are completed on the expected time. Also, the notification is proof that the customers and providers are responding.

Referral Code

All the patients and doctors will get a referral code after registering to the platform. The given referral code is used to recommend the platform to their acquaintances for joining and using the platform. Also, the users can acquire unique benefits after sharing the code with their friends.

Save History

In all the modules, the history is saved for future analysis. Customers can examine their past service requests, providers can get the services they have fulfilled, and the admin can analyze the data of all of them.

Customer App

The customer app has all the required features that ease the ordering tasks and give the best user experience.

Provider App

Service providers can use an intuitive app for service requests and to accomplish their map and service details.

Have A Glace At The App Modules

Learn more about the functionalities of apps by exploring the live demos.

Customer App

The customer app has all the required features that ease the ordering tasks and give the best user experience.

Provider App

Service providers can use an intuitive app for service requests and to accomplish their map and service details.

Try Our Modules Before Opting The Right Platform

Admin Panel

Admin can manage all the business tasks from the panel, manage all the users, and set charges for the services.

Customer Panel

Customers can also use panels to manage order services anytime with all the convenience, and the flow is the same as the app.

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If You’re Looking For Zocdoc Clone App, We Have A Stable And Well-Designed Solution

Zocdoc clone app is appropriate for business as it has customizable modules and is made with advanced technology. It meets your business strategies to launch a telemedicine app helping to amplify your reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Zocdoc Clone App

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Zocdoc like app is an advanced platform to deliver healthcare to customers online, registering doctors’ appointments. Doctors, dentists, dermatologists, eye-doctor and many more service providers are available in just one platform.

The Zocdoc, like the app, has variable prices based on the customization and technology preferred by the business. However, the cost can lie between $4k to $7k or even more in some cases.

We have various packages in which the support is also offered differently. You can refer to our pricing structure to know the exact details.

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