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Embrace your food ordering and delivery, including parcel transportation services with ShopeeFood clone, aiding rising customer’s demands in large cities of Vietnam

What is a ShopeeFood Clone App? Know the Motives Which Proves it is Best Food Ordering and Delivery Solution

Meals delivery businesses have seen exponential growth over the past years globally. Subsequently, the market of Vietnam is valued at US$650 million in 2020, which is further expected to reach US$1505 million in 2027. Thus, the government is investing a solid amount in developing advanced platforms for business purposes.

ShopeeFood clone app is an intuitive platform that allows businesses to serve their customer’s online ordering and doorstep delivery services. It connects merchants, delivery service providers, and customers in a single platform, pulling off efficient results. An app like ShopeeFood allows the drivers to perform delivery tasks through a feature-rich app.

We offer the latest tech with completely customizable modules, all of which are accessed remotely. A ShopeeFood like app also gives future thriving opportunities for your delivery business, achieving a remarkable position in the market.

Functions That Makes App Like ShopeeFood Notable

Categorizing Menu

  • Food stores can design their detailed menu, grouping similar items in one category
  • It can also be further grouped in subcategories to differentiate items specifically
  • Customers can find the items using these categories easily from an app like ShopeeFood

Pickup Confirmation

  • While restaurants prepare the meals, they will request the drivers for delivery service
  • Delivery service providers can provide pickup confirmation to the customers before starting the delivery
  • Customers will be notified as the food order will be picked up from the stores.

Update Orders

  • Stores have access to update the received items list from the customers on finding any missing items
  • These update in the order is notified to the customers for their confirmation
  • If the users agree to the update in order, restaurants can proceed to prepare it

Vehicle Management

  • Delivery providers can add vehicles that they will use for the service, which they could update anytime
  • Stores are allowed to add vehicles in the ShopeeFood like app for the drives and even edit the vehicle’s details
  • Admin can also manage the vehicle, track its status, and update its details from the Shoppefood clone app.

Analytical Reports

  • The platform also derives business reports for the stores and admin to examine the business tasks
  • They can also examine the earning reports in their respective modules
  • All reports are grouped as weekly or monthly reports making the analysis easy

Assign Drivers Manually

  • Delivery services are allotted to the delivery persons manually from the store web panel
  • Admin can also manually assign the service request for customers
  • It eliminates the chances of request rejection by the delivery providers

Ultimate Benefits of ShopeeFood Like App Development

  • Cross-platform Modules
  • Target Wide Range of Customers
  • Efficient Tracking

Examine the Brief Workflow of ShopeeFood Clone App

The workflow of the ShopeeFood clone app includes all intuitive apps and panels performing dedicated tasks in the platform. A business can easily adopt these flows generating better and quick results. App like ShopeeFood allows remote access to the business operation, unlimited data storage, and a total virtual store performing all business tasks. The working in the platform follows these steps:

  • Customers can select their desired items in the cart and orders them at once from customer app or panel
  • Food stores will collect the food order from the customers and start preparing the order. After the orders get ready, the drivers will be requested to for delivery service
  • Drivers can get the request in their app and, with its help, can fulfill the home delivery to the customer’s location
  • Admin in all these will examine the operation and edit the functionings whenever and wherever required

Look For The Features From The Individual Modules Of ShopeeFood Clone Script

Know the advanced features of ShoopeeFood clone script in all of its modules embracing business to perform efficient delivery task

User App

Wallet History

Customers can choose e-wallets for payment processes, and these transactions would be saved in the platform for later use

Select Multiple Items

Customers can add multiple products in the cart, all from their desired stores, and place order of all in one time

Promo Codes

While selecting the food items, one can redeem promo codes gaining extra benefits offered by the stores or admin

Mark Favorite Stores

Customers can mark the stores as favorite stores so that in the future, they do not have to find the store

User Website

Invoice Generation

Customers can preview the order’s invoice before they make payments, and it will be saved in the app or panel after ordering.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers get multiple payment methods, like cards, cash on delivery, and e-wallets linked to their bank accounts.

Update Delivery Address

Customers can change the delivery address before ordering by entering it or selecting it from the map.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Customers can order instant delivery or schedule a preferred time and date to their desired addresses.

Store Panel

Add Delivery Provider

Stores can add their delivery providers, create accounts for them, and register a vehicle for them, which will be approved by the admin.

Promo Codes

Admin can create promo offers for a time interval set for the customers and apply conditions, setting a recurring time interval.

Create an Order

Stores can create orders for the customers, like parcel, takeaway, and delivery, with the customer’s details

Order List

Stores get all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Store App

Add Substores

Restaurants can add multiple substores, assigning them particular tasks to perform on giving them access to particular tabs of the app

Design Menu

Stores can set the menu with certain categories and subcategories, and even can mark the items as out of stock when it is unavailable


To earn more profits, stores can set their desired charges for all the items they sell including all taxes.

Create Promo Codes

Food stores can create promo codes for the customer’s benefits, setting the condition as desired by them

Admin Dashboard

Set Profits

Business admin can reserve their business profits on providing the delivery service to the customers

Set Multiple Language

Admin can allow all the users to choose any desired language to communicate for all the food ordering tasks.

Mass Notification

Admin can send mass notifications to the users, drivers, or stores for any necessary details through SMS or email

Set Delivery Zone

Admin can zone in the particular city with a particular radius in which the delivery service is provided

Delivery Provider App

Verify Themselves

Drivers can add a document in the app to verify their identity, which will be approved by the admin

Navigation From App

Drivers can navigate to the stores and customer’s addresses through real-time map given in the app

Mark Availability

Service providers can go offline when they are busy with their other service and come online after its completion

Contact Customers

Drivers can chat with the customers for any queries regarding user’s address while tracing their location

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Driver App

Drivers providing the food delivery service can manage all their tasks from the app

Customer App

Customers can order from their nearby stores and track the delivery status from the app

Store App

The app is the digital store that performs all tasks required by the store to conduct the business

Grind Up The Business Working Testing These Advanced Apps

Comprehend our products by examining the demo apps for users, delivery men, and stores.

Driver App

Drivers providing the food delivery service can manage all their tasks from the app

Customer App

Customers can order from their nearby stores and track the delivery status from the app

Store App

The app is the digital store that performs all tasks required by the store to conduct the business

Learn The Business Flow Of The E-Delivery Web Panels

User Panel

Customer panel has similar interface as an app to assign an order from their nearby favorite stores

Admin Panel

Business admin get every report automated, in addition to this also perform updates for all users

Store Panel

Stores can virtually handle the orders from the users, assign delivery request

We offer multiple products for different businesses

There are multiple products we offer, all of which are ready to launch and integrated with growth opportunities

Carry Off The Noteworthy Position With ShopeeFood Clone App Development In The Food Delivery

Make the food ordering and delivery processes faster with the ShopeeFood clone app, enabling every business task operated using the fingertips anywhere and anytime, leveraging further growth opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions On ShopeeFood Clone Script

If you don’t see an answer to your question, we can schedule a meeting to discuss everything about the product.

The estimated cost to develop an app like ShopeeFood relies on the methods and technologies prefered. There are two methods to develop; one is to customize a ready-made script, and the other is to develop it from scratch. In ready-made apps it could cost between the range of $5k to $15k. And developing all the modules hiring a developer could charge a lot more than this.

With the ShopeeFood clone script, any food business can locate a business in multiple cities and countries, handling all of them in a single place. It also has supportive functions like currency conversion, multiple payment methods, multi-language support, etc.

Yes, the platform has multiple language support, where an admin can enable users to communicate in their desired language.

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