OnNow Clone - Deliver Food To The Customers In Bangladesh

Get the best in class OnNow clone built by Elluminati to launch your food startup through an online platform that can offer a wide range of menus to their users with appealing designs and necessary features.

What is Onnow Clone? How is it the Prominent Solution for Meal Delivery Service?

OnNow clone is an on-demand meal delivery service integrated with all the essential attributes and possesses a customer-friendly working flow. The entire readymade solution is crafted with the off-the-rack technology stack consisting of customizable modules to conduct the services.

It is designed to allow ease in operations and for users to utilize the app to explore the menu and order food from their favorite nearby stores effortlessly. OnNow like app gives an uninterrupted experience to the customers enhancing business control with automation and seamless workflow.

Modules And Features Of OnNow Clone App

Comprehend the modules of the Onnow clone app marking important features.

User App

Browse Products

App users can look for their favorite nearby restaurants, food, and menus seamlessly, which makes the overall browsing task quicker.

Schedule Or Instant Orders

Users can request an order for immediate food delivery or schedule the orders on a wished date and time to the location.

Add Multiple Cards

Users can place more than one bank card information to link it in the app, which will be preserved to conduct the transaction from the preferred ones.

Order List

Users can review the ongoing order checklist and final position for each order further- canceled, accepted, on the way to delivery, and more.

User Panel

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile.

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform.

Track Orders

Buyers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map and get real-time updates about their orders.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the same credentials.

Store Panel

Order List

The store gets all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Set Cancellation Fees

Stores can set order cancellation charges, which are applied at various stages of the delivery process.

General Settings

Stores can manage general settings like business status, visibility, and also if the store will be visible or not.

Analyze Reviews

Analyze the reviews about your orders and delivery service given by the customers and take action on the note.

Store App

Store Timing Settings

Stores can set the estimated duration of their services available on week and time of the days, which can be revised based on the store’s terms.

Handle Food Item

Govern the store inventory utilizing the personalized restaurant app and website to organize the food inventory of the online store

Dispatch Orders

Food orders will be allocated by the stores to delivery partners with manual and or automatic processes, following the algorithm of the platform.

Analyze Earnings

Stores can overlook the food orders of the week, month, or overall data that also possess food orders and users’ detail to mark the revenues and profits

Delivery App

Online / Idle

Delivery partners can determine to update their service status offline or online manually, and it can automatically detect the status based on the activity of the driver.

Update Profile

Delivery providers can update their profile details, including the name, email ID, and contact details, anytime and preserve them until the next revision.

Social Signups

Delivery partners can register for the app utilizing the social media app profile or can also utilize the email ID for registration.

Bank Details

Providers can add bank details through which they can receive and send the payment instantly in the profile.

Admin Panel

Analytical Dashboard

The dashboard possesses numerous business and sales particulars in the form of graphs, numerals, and stats - simple to examine and compare.

Check Activity Log

The activity log shows the activity of entire platform (users, stores, and deliveryman) with theirs successful or failed activity

Earnings From Order

In each order, admins can scrutinize the revenues and profits of the delivery partner, restaurants, and admin with the time on which the order is fulfilled.

Wallet Request

The business administrator can check on the wallet requests from the delivery man, reviewing all the reports regarding the transactions.

How Does OnNow Like App Work?

A customizable platform, OnNow like app, offers a business to manage customer’s on-demand meals requirements seamlessly. Users, restaurants, and delivery agents get their dedicated modules. All are handled with the single admin panel for the business. Here is the complete flow performed through the platform.

  • Users can request food items online through an OnNow clone taking charge of the best attributes for fast performance.
  • The restaurants take the orders, prepare them and allocate the food delivery service to the available delivery partners.
  • Delivery partners can pick up the package from the restaurant, track the address via the app, and supplement it with the user’s confirmation.

Benefits of EDelivery for Food Delivery

  • Exceptional UI for users
  • Customizable and Robust
  • Effortless inventory management

Essential Features For Business In OnNow Clone

An app similar to the OnNow clone comes with modern attributes that help entrepreneurs appeal to buyers and boost order volume.

Interactive Design

The design of the OnNow clone is eye-appealing, allowing consumers to target a huge client base and enlarge their business.

Integrated E-wallets

The apps are linked with an e-wallet allowing to link multiple bank accounts to perform transactions securely through the app.

Analyze Delivery Statistics

The platform has algorithms to Identify customer behavior, keep an eye on daily orders, and monitor delivery provider’s activities with strong reports

Share Feedback

When the order is delivered to the preferred address, customers can examine the delivery assistance and store’s service.

Multiple Payment Modes

Multiple payment modes are incorporated within the solution, permitting users to opt for a method that is trustworthy and convenient.

Instant Or Schedule Order

Shoppers can order at their preferred duration and date, and they can pre-order for later delivery as per the terms set by the stores.

User App

Users can swiftly register and order from their nearby local restaurants and get delivery services.

Delivery Provider App

Enable service providers to manage order requests with smart route optimization

Store App

Restaurants can oversee the orders and fulfill and handle earnings online for business within the app.

Explore Apps For EDelivery

Go through the app demos and learn about its functionalities

User App

Users can swiftly register and order from their nearby local restaurants and get delivery services.

Delivery Provider App

Enable service providers to manage order requests with smart route optimization

Store App

Restaurants can oversee the orders and fulfill and handle earnings online for business within the app.

Explore Panels Of EDelivery

User Website

The advanced user website allows buyers to govern their profile, place order, and make payments within the solution

Store Panel

Store panels work well to manage a large corporation without any hassle.

Admin Panel

Admins get a thorough dashboard to examine sales, users, and performance and perform all business operations.

Opt For Business Specific Apps

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Level Up food Business with OnNow Clone Script

Enter the food business with the OnNow script targeting an appealing huge customer base and operating the business seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Onnow Clone App

Reach out to us to get more details about Onnow clone app

OnNow clone is a ready-to-launch delivery platform for the food business that consists of all the essential attributes for customers, stores, and delivery partners and manages the business within it.

The cost of the ready-made Onnow like app may range from $5000-$15000, on average. However, there is always the possibility that the cost varies because of many factors like complexity in the business model, feature integrations, technology stack opted to build the app, and so on.

Yes, after the installation of the source code, clients can own the source code and update it anytime they want.

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