Lalamove Clone - Upscaling Parcel Delivery Business

Get a Lalamove clone to scale your courier delivery business, offering a wide range of courier delivery services in different regions and managing each of them seamlessly through the platform.

What is Lalamove Clone? How Lalamove Clone Strengthens Your Delivery Business

Lalamove clone app is an online delivery platform that lets your customers order meals, groceries, delicates, and goods and request delivery parcels through a user-friendly app. It will be a remarkable solution for entrepreneurs aiming to jump-start multi-vertical delivery companies over diverse regions.

The modules are all customizable to draw it down as per the business’s policies, also which are separate for respective users like users, delivery persons, and admin. Develop a Lalamove clone app that has all capabilities to thrive in the market with unique appearances and all advanced characteristics.

Explore All The Modules Of Lalamove Clone App

Go through all the modules of the Lalamove clone with its essential features.

User App

Schedule Request

Consumers can make instant orders or even can schedule the order for a future date to receive the parcel at their convenient time interval.

Add Favourite Addresses

Users can save multiple addresses within the app, which they utilize at any time while requesting a parcel delivery.

Analyze History

All the orders and transactions are stored in the app in the form of a history, which can be used for analysis purposes with all its details.

Autofill Location

For entering the addresses for parcel delivery, users can enter the address either manually or manually or auto-fill, enabling location permission.

User Website

Referral Codes

All users can share a referral code with the new users while they register in the Lalamove clone, and they can earn rewards with it.

Track Live Order

The entire order status starts from the order placed, the order accepted, it the parcel gets delivered to the desired address and can be tracked by the users.


Users get rewards and discount offers from business owners for placing delivery requests and can redeem extra benefits.

Change Password

In case the password is forgotten or requires to be modified, users can change it using their email ID without any annoyance.

Admin Dashboard

Supervise Vehicles

Business admin can add multiple vehicles for delivery services, allowing customers to opt for the conveyance as the volume of the parcel.

Verify Documents

Business admin will verify the papers of the delivery person, like driving license, identity proof, etc., to maintain the security service for the users.

Add Multiple Regions

A business admin can instigate their companies in multiple regions, adding the assistance and price for each service – all maintained within one app.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Business admin gets a dashboard that has all the important details about the business in the form of charts and numbers.

Provider App

Upload Documents

Providers can upload documents for their verifications, like identity documents, licenses, and so on, which will be verified by the admin.

Earning Report

Providers get their own earning reports from the orders they have served through the app showing the profits, users, payment modes, etc., details.

Accept/Reject Request

Service providers can accept or reject service requests from customers or from the admin verifying the details of the order requests.

Edit Profile

Providers can update their profile details like email, name, and contact details so as to update the admin and users with the right information.

How Does Lalamove Clone App Work?

The Lalamove clone app has a simple user interface allowing the users to order for delivery in a few simple steps. Let’s understand how the app functions and makes it easy for customers to get deliveries swiftly and safely.

  • Users have to register or sign in with Facebook and Google, and once they get registered, they can access various services.
  • Using a dedicated app, users need to enter a live location and courier delivery location to request a delivery.
  • Later, users need to choose the vehicle type based on their requirements. For instance, if users want to move furniture, they can choose a cargo van.
  • Enter the pick-up and drop-off location, and can add multiple locations if required.
  • Make a payment from the options given in the app (either cash or online)
  • Track your delivery in real-time and rate the service after its completion.

What Benefits Does Lalamove Like App Offers to Entrepreneurs?

  • Complete white-label solution
  • Customizable script
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

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Amazing Features Of An App Like Lalamove

Features that are effortless to govern a multi-delivery business in an app like Lalamove

Multiple Payment Method

Users get multiple payment methods within the Lalamove clone, as allowed by the admin, so as to choose one reliable and convenient one.

Easy Sign Up

Users can quickly sign up to the platform with all the essential details as asked or can utilize sign up with a social media app account.

Real-time Tracking

For all the users and business owners, the data is updated in real-time, like the status of deliveryman, transactions, updates in prices, etc.

In-app Chat Board

Users can chat with the delivery providers through in-app chat features where they can enquire about the delivery time and parcel.

Feedback From Users

Users can share their experience with the delivery persons and about the order quality they received, which helps the company to improve their assistance.

In-app Wallet

For all the users, a separate wallet within the app is linked, which can be linked to the respective user’s bank account(s) for online payments.

Delivery Provider App

Service providers providing delivery can utilize the app to automate their service tasks.

User App

Intuitive feature-loaded user apps for delivery services of any kind.

One-Stop Solution For Your Online Delivery Business

Go through the live app demo sessions and get to know how each app module functions.

Delivery Provider App

Service providers providing delivery can utilize the app to automate their service tasks.

User App

Intuitive feature-loaded user apps for delivery services of any kind.

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Panels That Work For As A Virtual Business Platform

User Panel

Understand the working of a web-based interface for users to order delicious food

Admin Dashboard

Escort all business handling processes from a panel with a comprehensive dashboard.

Opt For Ready To Launch Platforms

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Upmarket Your Delivery Business with Lalamove Clone Script

Get a set of superlative features and functionalities of Lalamove Clone Script and thrive in the doorstep delivery market.

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