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Create more earning channels in your white label Restaurant delivery business with Jumia Food clone supervising efficiency of business deeds from online platforms

What is the Jumia Food Clone App? How Has it Proved to be the Best Solution for Restaurant Business?

Technical support matters a lot in an on demand business as it assures the working method of your business with its functionalities. Moreover, the competitive market has abundant sources to develop a platform; all have their own characteristics.

Jumia Food clone is an online platform to manage the restaurant business for the sake of convenience and accuracy. Customers are allowed to order from any smart device within the solution and also can reserve a doorstep delivery.

The preconfigured script is a cost-effective choice for restaurants, including mom and pops stores. Apps like Jumia Food are an authentic solution provided by Elluminati to meet all the business needs, a significant position in the competitive market.

Imperative Features Of White Label Jumia Food Clone Script

Faster Deliveries

  • Our Jumia food clone script includes support for speedier food deliveries so that users get the best service experience.
  • With the optimized route facility included in the delivery provider app, it is easy to reach pickup and destination.
  • Hence, by empowering faster deliveries, this solution proves itself as one of the best to choose to serve efficiently.

Delivery Time Estimation

  • Once a user places an order, the estimated delivery arrival time gets shown in the app solution.
  • Delivery providers have to ensure they reach the customer’s location by the mentioned time.
  • Hence, the time estimation works based on the provider’s distance from the customer and the store’s location.

Multiple Store Support

  • Jumia food clone holds power to serve various stores with a dedicated store panel and an app solution.
  • Hence, a user can explore numerous stores that have registered for the solution stack and order from their preferred one.
  • The numerous store support helps the business owner provide extensive food delivery experience from various options.

Payment Security

  • The Jumia food like delivery app solution includes support for multiple online payment options that can prove beneficial for users.
  • They can choose any of the online payment options as it contains a dedicated payment gateway to ensure security.
  • Also, users can choose to pay by cash or use the integrated wallet facility to pay conveniently.

Earning Statistics

  • The earning statistics feature gets included in the admin, store, and delivery provider dedicated solutions.
  • It helps them view their earning details and later place them into reports based on their selected criteria.
  • They can download these reports and view their earning details based on months, years, or days.

Vehicle Management

  • Managing the vehicles that get used in the delivery services is possible with the vehicle management functions.
  • The admin can classify the vehicles in different categories and assign them to each delivery provider to enable faster deliveries.
  • Admin can view the current status of the shipment and the vehicle used by tracking it from its dedicated panel.

Why Our Jumia Food Like App Differs from Others?

  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Powerful Tracking and Monitoring
  • Dedicated Console Support

How Does Jumia Food Clone App Development Proceed?

The use of the latest native Android and iOS technology for app development helps a business target more customers than before and runs across these platforms seamlessly. Hence, our team of developers focuses on the business expectations that a food delivery business specifies. The Jumia food clone solutions included in the complete stack already contains all major and required features to provide more comfortable delivery services:

  • Specify business expectations and needs and get a demonstration of the fully working app solution stack.
  • Find out the possible ways you can encourage a better app building by customizing the app theme and brand name.
  • Fit your logo and make the entire app solution stack your own to leave a unique impression on the users in the market.

User App

Location by Type

Users can manually add the pickup and destination location or by choosing the location on the integrated map.

Explore Categories

Users can explore the categories of the menu from different stores and generate excellent experience.

Filter Menu

Users can choose to filter the menu to find the items that they want to order quickly.

Add Favorites

Users can choose to add particular stores and their items as their favorites using the app solution.

User Website

Register with Details

Customers can sign up with information required on the website, like name, email, country, etc.

Checkout Screen

It has all the details about the orders, customer details, store details, and payment gateways.

Search Menus of Stores

Customers get to the items of menu categories through the search bar for all the stores.

Reset Forgot Password

Customers could reset passwords if they forgot the old ones with the help of the ID and email address.

Store Panel

Earnings- Weekly, Monthly, and Overall

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history.


Stores can set modifiers for the items allowing users to customize the items while they order from that store.

Chat with Deliverymen

Store owners can chat with the delivery for any inquiries about the order, delivery service or addresses, etc.

Order Cancellation Settings

Store owners can decide to set the order cancellation charges, setting the charges that are applied at various stages of the delivery process.

Store App

Manage Products

Stores can manage the products and items they have listed on their menu that get shown to users.


During rush hours, the stores can turn on the busy status for the users when they cannot accept the order for any reason.

Earning Details

Stores can view and manage their earning details using the app and panel and can generate reports.

Set Opening Time

Stores can define their opening time using the settings option provided in the Jumia food delivery like app solution stack.

Admin Dashboard

Set Payment Mode

Admin can add or remove any payment mode that they want to provide in the app solution.

Service Charges

Admin can set different service charges- delivery charges, base price, total distance, and more.

Referral Codes

Admin can set different referral codes for users and providers who can earn benefits by sharing them.

Manage Deliveries

The Admin panel includes all details of deliveries and the complete tracking facility to let the admin view them.

Delivery Men App

Submit Documents

The document submission helps in verifying the identity of the provider before they start delivering.

SMS Verification

Delivery providers receive SMS verification on their registered mobile number before they register.

Bank Details

Providers can save their bank details in the app solution so that the admin can deposit the earnings directly.

Optimized Navigation

Delivery providers can optimize routes and view the navigation details to enable faster deliveries than before.

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can offer delivery services on registering to the driver app

User App

Allows food ordering from your favorite stores online from customer app

Store App

Dive into the store app’s features to handle a virtual store

Look Into The Application Of Delivery Solution

Explore the app given in the EDelivery developed for streamlined business management.

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can offer delivery services on registering to the driver app

User App

Allows food ordering from your favorite stores online from customer app

Store App

Dive into the store app’s features to handle a virtual store

Understand The Panel’s Functioning Provided In The Solution

User Panel

Web-based interface for the user to order delicious food

Admin Panel

Admin can oversee all business settings from the panel

Store Panel

Stores get an advanced stores app for managing business tasks

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Start Serving Users With Fresh Food Using Jumia Food App Clone Solution

Are you looking forward to creating an efficient and hassle-free food delivery experience? Start serving with Jumia food clone to empower your business with technical prowess and thorough support.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Jumia Food Clone

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The total cost of developing a white label Jumia Food clone app depends on the technology chosen to develop it, and the customization required. However, a ready-made app script’s cost lies between USD 7k- 20k and even more.

The apps like Jumia Food are shaped for any business range, be it a mom and pop, single food store, restaurant chain, food truck, cloud kitchen, etc.

The tech support is provided for three months in our package. We offer addon services for extended services. To know about it contact on: [email protected]

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