Instamart Clone - Platform Delivering Daily Essentials And Groceries In Minutes

Compose an Instamart clone app offering customers delivery of daily essentials, dairy products, and emergency supplies in minutes to their preferred address.

What is an Instamart Clone App? Why is it the Perfect Solution for Daily Essential Delivery Business?

Instamart clone is an app solution for businesses that allows grocery and daily essentials delivery services in minimal time. The businesses are powered by the latest tech stack and pro attributes that drive the business to new heights. All the modules are flexible to fit the rising demands of the consumers and any dimension of the business.

The flow is designed to allow ease in operations and for the consumers to order easily within the app. It gives an uninterrupted experience to the customers enhancing business control with automation and seamless workflow. Take your business to a pristine turn with an app like Instamart for any dimension of your business.

Various Modules Of Instamart Clone Script

Direct to the modules included in the Instamart clone script built with the latest tech stack and features

Customer App

Social Login

Customers can register in the app by utilizing their social media app accounts in just one click and search for a particular item to make an order.

Track Delivery

After placing the grocery list order, consumers could track within an app initiating from the store’s acknowledging the order until it is delivered at home.

Contactless Delivery

Consumers can ask for a contactless delivery where the delivery person drops the parcel at the customer’s address, maintaining social distance.

Use Wallet

Buyers can link the bank account to an e-wallet, add an amount to that and use those for ordering groceries without making any changes to it.

Customer Website

Update Profile

Customers can update their profile details anytime by changing their name, email address, contact number, address, etc

Add Coupons

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits

Invoice Generation

Users can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm the order, and also it will be saved in the panel after ordering

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform

Store Website

Create Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details.

Dispatch Orders

Stores can dispatch the orders either by assigning it manually or auto-assigning orders to the nearest drivers

Import/Export Data

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such lists are imported to the sheet or even can be exported for offline use

Analyze Reviews

The store owners can analyze the reviews about the order quality and delivery service given by the customers

Store App

Supervise Stock

Store owners can add items and then manage their storks within it, making them available for the customers and updating them for the changes.

Edit Order

Orders requested by the Customer can be edited by the stores in case of modifications in availability and notify it to the consumers.

Cancellation Fees

For canceled grocery orders, store owners can determine to charge a fee for it, depending on the phase of its cancellation.

Offer Discounts

For buyers, store owners can create discounts on items, and subcategories, for a time interval and decide its recursion type.

Admin Panel

Elaborative Dashboard

The admin panel consists of a descriptive dashboard that gives a clear analysis of the entire business in the form of figures and charts.

Add multi-countries

From admin panels, owners can create a business in multiple countries and cities, managing operations in all locations through one dashboard.

Set Profits

For all the countries, cities, and their respective zones, the business administrator can set profit share accordingly in each delivery from the panel.

Manage Users

Admins can manage the customers, drivers, stores, and sub-admin, allowing them to use the platform and in case they can block them.

Provider App

Accept/Reject Job

Providers can determine whether to accept or deny the job from the shops to supply it to the consumer’s location.

Edit Profile

As and when required, the delivery person can edit their profile details like name, email, phone number, etc.

Order Details

Order details like the consumer’s ID number, items in the order, location, and total amount are all given in the order request transmitted to the provider.

Chat Support

When a deliveryman wants to connect to the consumers or store owners, it is possible with chat support integrated into the platform.

Introduce Uniqueness in Platform E-Delivery to Grow Your Business

  • Brilliant Design
  • Advanced Tech stack
  • Customizable Modules

How does an Instamart Clone Work?

Managing a grocery business within an Instamart clone becomes easy as operations get automated within the app and panels. The best tech stack and features integrated within it leverage the most comfortable and simple workflow for users, shops, and delivery personnel. Here it is explained in a few steps:

  • Grocery buyers register in the app, choose their shops and items required, place orders, and pay with the desired address.
  • Stores accept the orders, prepare them and then assign them to delivery providers requesting to collect and deliver to the buyer’s place.
  • Providers, when online, will receive grocery orders and then collect them up from the shops and deliver them to the customer’s spot.

Eminent Features Of The Instamart Like App

Look out for the pro attributes of the Instamart, like leveraging app proficiency in the business.

Create Advertisements

Ads are created for the customer’s modules by the admins for the store’s items and subcategories kept for the time interval and also for various recursion types.

Payment Options

The platform comprises various payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, allowing users to pay for items with cash, card, e-wallets, and online transfers.

Offer Search Filters

Buyers can use filter tags to search for particular grocery items and shops, the filter feature makes it easy to reach the desired result easily and conveniently.

In-app Navigation

Users can locate the stores within the integrated map and track delivery persons; delivery men can reach the customer’s location using the map.

Delivery Provider App

Deliveryman can willingly perform the delivery through the app.

User App

Explore the working of consumer apps that allows straightforward arrangement.

Store App

Stores can oversee the orders and business within the app.

Check Out E-Delivery Apps For Grocery Business

Explore app demos so that you can know how it can streamline your business operations.

Delivery Provider App

Deliveryman can willingly perform the delivery through the app.

User App

Explore the working of consumer apps that allows straightforward arrangement.

Store App

Stores can oversee the orders and business within the app.

Explore E-Delivery Panels For Its Working Right Away

User Panel

Buyers can also use panels for ordering daily essentials.

Admin Panel

Owners have entire control over the business, managed within a panel.

Store Panel

Store panels work well to manage a large corporation without any hassle.

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Improvise Your Conventional Businesses With Instamart Clone

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Frequently Asked Questions About Instamart Clone

Get through these FAQs to know more about the platform, or contact us if you have further queries.

It is a streamlined platform with customizable modules so as to bring on any business dimension through it and gives a scope to increase the business seamlessly.

The development cost of an app like Instamart depends on several factors like technologies used, customization, company tied up with, and some other factors. However, it falls within the range of $5000-$15000.

The support after the launch depends on the package a client chooses. You can refer to the pricing page to know more about the duration of the support.

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