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Do you have a remarkable idea for entering the food industry? Get our prebuilt Home Chef clone to execute the idea of embarking on an online meal delivery business to overcome customers’ demands and leverage higher growth opportunities.

What is Home Chef Clone?

HomeChef clone is the ready-to-launch meal delivery solution where customers can order the raw ingredients to cook a healthy meal with the instructed recipe. Entrepreneurs can target customers who want a healthy eating routine, giving them a choice to request a home delivery for the items and recipe to their doorstep.

It is a customizable platform where entrepreneurs can integrate essential features and update the user interface whenever required. With the right strategy, functionalities, and technology, Elluminati’s Homechef like app is ready to perform for any dimension of the business to serve healthy food and bring change in people’s lives.

Home Chef Clone Script Has Powerful Modules Comprised Of Impactive Features

Have a glance at the powerful modules of the Home Chef clone script and its features.

User App

Choose Outlet

Customers can scan menus of meal stores by scanning their ratings and reviews, directions, and food menu and make their orders accordingly.

Safe Delivery

Delivery partners can prefer safe home delivery without social interaction for protection while they are ordering the ingredients from a store.

Multi Payments

Consumers can choose to pay for meals and home delivery assistance from the favorable methods integrated into the app.

Access Promos

Shoppers can claim promo coupon rewards as offered by the meal stores or admin while placing an order from the app.

User Website

Easy Login

Customers can log in to the website by using their registered phone number and password quickly in just one step

Favorite Address

Buyers can save their favorite addresses and can access that list from any device by using the same credentials.

Schedule Orders

Consumers can place an order to receive instant delivery service or can schedule the order as per their preferred time and date.

Submit Feedback

Users can upload their reviews for the received delivery services and the ordered item quality after the order is delivered.

Store Panel

Theme Set up

Stores can choose to keep the themes of the panel from various options keeping light and dark themes matching the logo and store theme.

Import/Export Data

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such data lists are imported to the sheet or even can be exported from the sheet to use the sheet offline.

Set Cancellation Charges

Store owners can decide to set the order cancellation charges, setting the charges that are applied at various stages of the delivery process.

Table Booking Service

Restaurants can allow users to book a table online, reserve tables for individuals, and also set reservation and cancellation fees for bookings.

Store App

Extensive Menu

Shoppers can form an organized menu for the shoppers to effortlessly find the entities, further splitting ingredients into subcategories.

Authorize Takeaways

Stores can allow consumers to take away their order assistance; when requests get ready, they can pick them up from the store location.

Manage Providers

Meal providers can handle the delivery partners, add their accounts, and revise or terminate them from their business and also their respective fleets.

Dispatch Orders

Stores can allocate incoming requests to the doorstep delivery partners who are the nearest address of the store and buyers.

Deliveryman App

Social Sign Up

The delivery partners can quickly register on the platform by utilizing their social media ID, like Facebook, and confirm their identity by uploading documents.

Delivery History

Delivery partners can investigate the previously completed requests with all the information about them, which they can also get a copy of in the Excel sheet.

Get Live Updates

Delivery partners can analyze the completed delivery requested with all the information regarding it, and they can also transfer it to an offline sheet.


Delivery providers can supervise their revenues utilizing the integrated wallet feature; they can also scrutinize payments for separate time duration.

Admin Panel

Complete Business View

Business admin gets a completed watch on the business operation in all the modules and takes steps accordingly.

Integrated Map Feature

Delivery partners can utilize the integrated maps to track the address of providers and buyers and coordinate business tasks.

Handle Stakeholders

Admin can govern users of the platform like stores, customers, and delivery partners and analyze all its details.

Add Zones

Admins can add multiple delivery zones in a city to offer delivery services, setting the delivery cost for each of them.

How Does a Home Chef Clone Work?

Home Chef clone script automates operation for a store and admin to manage on-demand delivery service within the platform. It has determined apps and panels for the personalized experience of the buyers, drivers, and stores. The standard working flow of the business is as follows:

  • Customers search for meals and determine the order from the organized menu, can set orders, and pay online through the app.
  • Stores can organize the menu and orders and assign delivery assistance to the partners - all through the app.
  • The delivery partner will accept or refuse the order requests, trace the consumer’s address, and get paid for service through e-wallets.

Paramount Features Of App Like Home Chef

Take advantage of paramount features of the app like Home Chef

Numerous Language Integration

The platform is integrated into multiple languages for a seamless business in multiple countries and to scale the business

Discounts and Offers

Admins and stores create offers for the customers that they can access while ordering and within the duration of the offer.

Invoice Generation

Within the module, the invoices are generated for the individual shopper with all info, making a translucent billing system.

Real-time Notifications

The real-time allows stores, customers, and delivery partners all the live updates about their ordering and delivery services.

Interactive Design

The platform has a remarkable and appealing user interface and features making it easier to order hassle-free and giving a unique experience.

Confirmation Codes

The meal providers and shoppers can receive confirmations for the delivery procedures confirming transparency and steadfastness towards services and businesses.

User Application

Consumers can order healthy meals through the app with definitive features

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partners can handle their incoming requests within the application

Delivery Store App

Meal stores can offer a comprehensive menu to the shoppers and extend their reach

Checkout EDelivery Apps Conducting Tasks Seamlessly

Go through the app demos and learn more about its functionality.

User Application

Consumers can order healthy meals through the app with definitive features

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partners can handle their incoming requests within the application

Delivery Store App

Meal stores can offer a comprehensive menu to the shoppers and extend their reach

Go Through The Demo Panels EDelivery

User Panel

Users can utilize the panels to order healthy meals from thier favorite stores

Store Panel

Stores have all the rights to prefer a panel for handling their delivery services

Admin Panel

Complete business management is possible and easy within the admin panel

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Exaggerate Your Business Profile With Home Chef Like App

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Chef Clone

If you don’t see the answers to your questions here, please reach out to learn more.

The price to build an app like Homechef is in the range of $5000 up to $15000. Though the range is again dependent on the customization in the script, tech stack opted, and many other influencing characteristics.

We offer various packages for partnering as a technology provider, so based on that, the ownership of the code depends. You can refer to our pricing page to know more: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/

The time for completing the platform depends on the complexity of the project. Further, it depends on the customization, team, and many more factors.

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