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Offer a remarkable experience of purchasing groceries to your buyers with an avant-garde FreshDirect clone with the best user - interface and components to get quick services, enhancing the business’s prestige.

freshdirect clone

What is FreshDirect Clone?

FreshDirect clone is an online grocery purchasing solution that aims to bring amenities to individuals’ lives to get their daily needs seamlessly to their requested location. The entrepreneurs can set up a platform connecting the grocery marts, delivery partners, and consumers with this solution and its dedicated modules.

The app interface of the FreshDirect like app is unique and allows consumers to buy and spend conveniently, offering all easy-to-utilize characteristics. With the utilization of the solution, enterprises can let the operations run in an automated mode, like tracking sales, earnings, order dispatching, etc., and easing up their tasks.

Explore Dedicated Modules Of The FreshDirect Clone Script

Find out all the characteristics of the dedicated modules of the FreshDirect clone script

User App

Scan Online Stores

Users can look for their nearby grocery stores and order the required items and choose to receive instant delivery or can schedule it for later.

Order History

All the grocery demands from the buyers, with information like entities, their charges, and payment approaches, are recorded in the module as shopping history.

Payment Methods

Shoppers can find a suitable approach to spending, such as COD, credit/debit card, UPI procedure, etc., for their grocery delivery.

Instant Messages

The online shoppers are informed regarding each step of the action approach and all other actions in the platform via an immediate alert message.

User Panel

Quick Signup

Consumers can sign up to the panel using social app accounts like Facebook or even can log in directly with their Google ID.

Get Store Details

Buyers can get all the store details like menu, contact details, distance, availability of stores for delivery, etc., within the platform.

Add Coupons

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered in the checkout screen of the panel, and users can get several benefits.

Submit Reviews

Users can upload their genuine reviews for the received delivery services and the ordered item quality after receiving the orders.

Store App

Select Language

Stores got multiple language options to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language as per their preference.

Add Bank Details

For transactions within the platform, stores can add bank details that can also be linked to the integrated wallet to settle the payments easily.

Set Timings

Store owners can update the store’s service time availability in a week which will be shown to the customers so they can order accordingly.

Analyze Earnings

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history to review earnings as required.

Store Panel

Manage Store Info

Have all the data on your dashboard and manage store info with ease to make better and more informed business decisions

Monitor Deliveries

Store owners can track all the deliveries which are dispatched from their online shop until it is delivered to the required address.

Product Listing

Store owners can add all the products and items, arranging them to separate categories, images, and modifiers if so.

Add Own Deliveryman

Online shops can add their own deliveryman with the appropriate, which they can prefer to request delivery assistance.

Deliveryman App

Referral Code

After signing up to the platform delivery partner gets a distinctive referral code which they can send with the new drivers to register and gets concessions.

Check Order Details

Delivery personnel can review the order and buyer’s information within the app when they receive the request from the stores for delivery services.

Chat With Customers

For any questions regarding the order delivery time and location, the delivery partner can chat with the consumers in real-time from the app for clarification.

Go Online/Offline

Deliverymen are authorized to switch between online and offline status; they can switch to online options when they are available to give away the service; else, they can go offline.

Admin Dashboard

Supervise Requests

Consumers can handle the online orders of any store, accept and allocate them to the appropriate deliveryman.

Store Promotions

Admin gets to promote stores and their entities for a particular time interval and take charge of the online shop for the service.

Add Multiple City

Admin can add multiple cities from its panel to extend assistance in that area, permitting online grocers and partners to sign in.

Arrange Delivery Charges

Admin can set charges for delivery assistance based on the distance, region, or a fixed price, which can be changed anytime.

How Does an App Like FreshDirect Work?

The application incorporates support for acquiring requests from as many consumers as it can. An app like FreshDirect performs perfectly in different regions around the world. The delivery partners confirm on-time delivery services to the demanded location. The below approach gets monitored once a grocery shopper requests an order.

  • Buyers can order grocery entities through their determined app, browse for their desired items, and pay online.
  • Stores will obtain the online requests, prepare them and then allocate delivery assistance to the surrounding delivery partner.
  • Delivery partners can sign up and deliver by tracking buyers’ zones through the app.

What’s So Distinctive About Our FreshDirect Clone App

  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Result-centric features

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Take A Note Of The Excellent Attributes Of The FreshDirect Clone App

Explore the imperative features of the FreshDirect clone app incorporated for businesses and their customers.

Multiple Language Option

Users of the FreshDirect clone are given numerous languages from which they can determine whether to browse the website and order groceries.

Demonstrative Menu

All the grocery stores can create their menu by adding the necessary information and can group the items into different categories.

Assign Delivery Manually

Grocery store owners can manage order requests from customers by allocating the request to the available delivery partners.

Multiple Payment Methods

The platform has integrated multiple methods to giveaway charges to order and delivery requests like cash payment or online transfer.

Integrated E-wallets

Users can link their multiple bank accounts to the integrated e-wallets to pay for orders and services and settle payments efficiently.

Feedback System

Users and deliverymen can give feedback to their respective providers. Stores can examine the reviews given by users and update their methods accordingly.

Customers App

User app with interactive app design and features providing a user-friendly experience.

Driver App

Drivers can enlist themselves in the app and provide services when the admin approves.

Store App

Perform online business tasks like menu updates, delivery assignments, and sales analyses within an app.

Checkout The EDelivery’s App Live Demo

Dive into the live app demos and learn more about the working flow

Customers App

User app with interactive app design and features providing a user-friendly experience.

Driver App

Drivers can enlist themselves in the app and provide services when the admin approves.

Store App

Perform online business tasks like menu updates, delivery assignments, and sales analyses within an app.

Check EDelivery Live Panels Demo

Customer Website

The website for customers is for the convenience of ordering on the big screens.

Stores Website

Stores can also use panels for managing the tasks of a delivery business.

Admin Panel

Business admin gets an intuitive dashboard for managing and examining overall tasks.

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