Everli Clone - Solution To Run Grocery Business Online In Italy

Launch your online grocery business with an Everli clone by allowing buyers to purchase daily essentials online and enroll your business to expand it in numerous locations.

What is an Everli Clone?

Everli clone is a highly optimized delivery platform that encourages entrepreneurs to establish their grocery delivery services in a new dimension and cater to a vast range of everyday essentials. The dedicated modules are structured in such a way that they can cope with the daily needs of the business and enable the owners to operate fluently without any glitches.

The solution is ready to use for on-demand grocery delivery giants or even when it’s a startup. Conventional businesses can switch online and satisfy all consumers’ requirements efficiently. The entrepreneurs receive a white-label platform with 100% customizable features at remarkably lower prices and can get certain benefits in business that are embedded within. However, Elluminati’s Everli clone script is robust enough to handle a business of any size smoothly.

Have A Glance At Modules Of Everli Clone App

Consider the modules of the Everli clone app packed with mind-blowing features for the grocery business.

Customer app

Flexible Payments

Through an app and website, buyers can request payments by utilizing the methods available, like online transfer, credit/debit cards, or even cash on delivery.

Search Filters

Buyers can browse for their favorite grocery stores by applying the various filters of tag, price, distance from their location, and estimated time for delivery of the entities.

Rate And Review

Users can give reviews and ratings to the stores after delivery is completed, ensuring a transparent process.

Trace Order

Consumers can easily their orders right when they are received by the specific stores to until it get delivered to their location using the order tracking feature.

Customer website

Change Password

Users can change the password if they forget it using the registered email or set a new password from the profile.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can add their favorite delivery address within the platform and access it anytime using the credentials.

Order History

Customers can access the order history with details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform.

Add Coupons

Users can add applicable promotional codes given by the admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits.

Store website

Order List

The store gets all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Set Timings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Modifier Association

In modifier association, the store can associate various groups of modifiers groups which customers can choose accordingly.

Analyze Reviews

Stores can analyze the reviews about order qualities and delivery service given by the customers and take action as necessary.

Store App

Select The Withdrawal Method

Whenever the store wants to withdraw the money from their app wallet, they can request cash or transfer it into a linked bank account.

Multi-Tax System

The business owners can also set the numerous classifications of charges on products based on overall orders, the kind of tax to be applied, and country, city, and delivery type.

Earning Analytics

Business owners can examine incomes and orders based on monthly, weekly, and overall info, consisting of user information, tax, and entities.

Manage Deliveryman

Business owners can govern deliveryman and can also assign them manual deliveries of requested entities to the buyer’s location from the shop.

Admin Dashboard

Prepare Terms And Conditions

The business owner can set and also revamp terms, conditions, and privacy policies for shops, consumers, and delivery partners as and when needed.

Manage User

Admin can disapprove the users. They can view all the users’ details and apply the filters to see the specific details.

Manage Vehicles

Business owners can assign the fleet to the deliveryman to deliver the ordered products of users by considering the revamped info displayed to them.

Access Wallet History

Business owner can scrutinize the wallet payments history of all stakeholders through a panel containing all the information on transactions performed.

Delivery Partner App

Oversee Delivery History

Delivery Partner can oversee and export their delivery history, including all deliveries performed till now. Whether they are finished, unfinished, or terminated deliveries.

Live Chat With Consumers

Delivery partners are facilitated with chat features so that they can reach out to buyers using the in-app chat regarding any queries about delivery locations or orders.

Accept/Decline Request

The delivery partner can accept or refuse the delivery request from an app as per their availability for accomplishing a delivery.

Submit Document

Delivery partners must submit the required documents for verification when they sign into the app to receive and deliver the delivery request.

How Does an Everli Like App Works?

Using the platform, businesses can ease out numerous tedious procedures involved in performing a fluent execution grocery delivery business swiftly. An Everli like app cuts off all the hassles faced by operating a business through its unique workflow designed for consumers, shops, and delivery partners, and it is mentioned below through the following steps:

  • The shoppers sign-up for an app, select a specific store and its products, finalizes an order, and disburse the amount by mentioning their delivery location.
  • The shop receives the order request from consumers, prepares it, and forwards it to the delivery partners to deliver the products to the buyer’s preferred location.
  • The deliveryman then takes an order from the merchant and delivers it to the consumer’s address on time by utilizing the available navigation facilities.

Unique Characteristics of App Like Everli – EDelivery that Enriches Grocery Business

  • Highly Scalable Platform
  • Intelligent UI Design
  • Easily Accessible

Valuable Features Of Everli Like App

Everli like app allows businesses to execute their business operations smartly utilizing the valuable features

Post Advertisements

An admin posts the advertisements on a consumer’s module for the shop’s products and its subtypes by fixing its display duration and a number of iterations.

Manage Deliveryman Details

An admin can manage various details related to delivery providers, such as their documents, approval/disapproval of them, their vehicle, etc.

Check the Reviews

Admin can take specific steps by analyzing consumer reviews for order and delivery, provider reviews by stores, and shop reviews by delivery personnel.

Analyze Delivery Statistics

The administrative person can keep an eye on all the delivery requests, be it completed, ongoing, and scheduled, along with different sections and related details.

Delivery Provider App

If the providers are willing to earn extra, they can perform delivery services for the grocery stores.

User App

The app provides conglomerated features that help customers to order and get deliveries on desired time.

Store App

Grocery shops can start meeting various customer needs online and earn a huge customer base.

Go Through EDelivery App Demos

Know more about the specific functionalities integrated into the platform by going through the live app demos.

Delivery Provider App

If the providers are willing to earn extra, they can perform delivery services for the grocery stores.

User App

The app provides conglomerated features that help customers to order and get deliveries on desired time.

Store App

Grocery shops can start meeting various customer needs online and earn a huge customer base.

Go Through Demos Of The Panel Also

User Panel

Shoppers can perform all the functions possible on the panel at their convenience.

Admin Dashboard

Entrepreneurs can get total control of their grocery delivery business through a dashboard.

Store Panel

All the management processes for shop owners become pretty feasible for them.

Advanced Solutions Designed By Us

Entrepreneurs can opt for industry-specific apps satisfying their business needs

Gain a Firm Grip on the Market By Creating Everli Clone Script

Everli clone script helps businesses to rise up to newer horizons with its unique specifications implemented. Contact us to get more details about the solution and to streamline the enterprise.

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