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Satisfy the Hunger of Eaters with White Label Doordash Clone and Boost Your Delivery Business Presence Online.

doordash clone

What Is Doordash Clone Solution And How it Helps Any Sized Eatery?

DoorDash clone is a complete platform helping single/multi food store ventures to boost their presence online. The tech stack ensures outstanding support to local restaurants, helping them provide customers with a personal connection guaranteeing a seamless experience for ordering and delivery services.

Moreover, it is a requisite step for the food delivery business to get an online platform because of impressive predictions of the industry, surging with whopping figures. So, DoorDash like app development helps local delivery shoppers the opportunity to provide their service to customers on their demand, helping them to earn more for their delivery business.

Modules Included In The DoorDash Clone App

Imperative Features added in an Doordash clone app to performing efficient delivery services.

User App

Social Media Login

Users can make use of social accounts to log in themselves in the app; they can also use their login credentials to use the app after successful login.

Manage Profile

An impressive user app makes it easy for users to manage all their profile details like profile image, address, and much more very accurately.


Users can add any of the particular stores to their favorite list, they can manage their favorite list by adding and removing the store as per their convenience.

Order History

Customers can explore their order history through the app, they can view all the details related to their current and previous order along with delivery provider detail.

User Website

Modifier Association

Customers can access associated modifiers where they can modify the items based on the availability of the modifiers.

Repeat The Order

Buyers can repeat the item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can choose to customize them.

Access Promo Code

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered in the checkout screen of the app or panel and redeem.

Order Tracking

Customers can track the order from where it gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to the required address.

Store Website

Set Timing

Stores can set the timings of their services available during the day and in the week, which will also be updated whenever they desire.

Payment Gateways

The store panel is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, supporting payments in multiple countries.

Order Pick-up Services

The store owners can allow customers to access pickup order services, for which users can order online, pay, and pick it up from the outlet.

Analyze Reviews

Reviews and ratings given to the orders and delivery services by users can be analyzed by the stores and modify their services accordingly.

Store App


Stores can log in instantly using their login credentials or can make use of a social media account to follow an easy login process through the app.

Manage Products

Outlet owners can manage all the product details they are providing through a feature-rich store app and dashboard, they can add, edit, or remove any item available.

Payment Statements

Store owners can check their earnings with all the details like completed orders, they can even set extra charges like tax charges, etc.

Manage Categories

Advance store app and panel facilitates outlet owners to manage categories and subcategories as per their convenience.

Admin Dashboard

Map View

Admin can track the real-time location of users and providers via Google Maps, they are allowed to check all their details through the app

Service Types

Admin can manage their service type through a feature-rich admin dashboard, they can edit, update, or delete the service as per their convenience.

Add Currency

An impressive admin dashboard facilitates the admin to add the currency of the countries where they want to expand their delivery business.

Manage Users

Admin can manage all the details of their users with add, edit, and update rights, they also have the right to decline any of the requests placed by the users.

Delivery Provider App

Profile Settings

Providers can update their profile details as per their convenience; they can change various details like profile image, address, etc.

Invoice Details

Delivery providers can easily explore all the billing details like invoice number, payment mode, extra charges, and further details in the app.

Earning History

Delivery providers can view their earning details on a regular or weekly basis, they can also explore the graphical representation of their earning through the app.

Route Optimization

Delivery providers are provided with route optimization features, allowing service providers to find the shortest path to reach their customers’ locations.

Make Food Delivery Easier For Customers With DoorDash Clone Script Satisfying Demands Of Endless Users

Address the needs of foodies efficiently by choosing white label DoorDash clone script to ensure customer satisfaction. Delivery excellent service by monitoring and controlling the overall activities of your delivery business with an advanced solution stack.

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How White Label DoorDash Clone App Works?

White Label Doordash clone app follows a proficient roadmap making business operations work well and efficiently. A restaurant can acquire the app script and serve their customers with convenient services. It follows a systematic workflow that is similar to DoorDash

  • App users need to register themselves to the app to use it.
  • Once users successfully complete the registration and login process, they can explore the list of restaurants and menus with complete details of integrations and much more through the app.
  • After deciding what to order, they can request the order from restaurants. Restaurants accept the order request and prepare the meal, and place a request to a delivery provider.
  • The delivery provider accepts the delivery request provided by the restaurant and delivers the food item to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Customers can use multiple payment gateways to pay for the bill; they can also rate and review the restaurant and service provider as per their experience.

Our Splendid DoorDash Clone App Provides You With Novel Features

Support Contact Free Delivery

  • In contactless delivery features, the driver keeps the social distance in the whole delivery process.
  • Deliveryman picks the parcel from the store and drives it to the customer’s address, maintaining social distance and hygiene during the whole process.
  • Delivery Man waits for the customers to pick their parcel at their doorstep. And this is how the whole delivery process is completed.

Verify Pickups

  • Once food stores receive the order from the customer, they start preparing it and notify the delivery provider.
  • And when delivery providers reach to pick up the order, then customers are notified with pick up order notification
  • It allows customers to know the real-time status of their order throughout the delivery process.

Manual Delivery Assigning Process

  • Stores can assign the deliveryman for the service, either by selecting the auto-assigning method or by manually selecting it.
  • In manual selection, stores have to choose the vehicle for the service and then select the providers.
  • This feature speeds up the delivery process and ensures the best experience for the eaters.

Subdividing Menu

  • To provide customers with an enhanced ordering experience, stores can set menus and submenu through the app.
  • They can add any categories and subcategories to the list that customers can explore and choose any of the items as per their convenience.
  • Browsing items become more accessible with the categorization of items.

Select Language

  • Admin panel facilitates the admin to choose any of the selected languages they want.
  • Now this feature can help business admin to provide their customers with a seamless experience whenever they interact with the app.
  • Admin is authorized to change the app language as per their convenience from the dedicated admin pane.

Easy Order Verification Process

  • Food stores can confirm their order through a customized Doordash clone solution after receiving it from the eaters.
  • Feature-rich admin panel facilitates them to customize the customer’s order and get it confirmed from the customers.
  • Once they get confirmation from the customer, they can prepare and deliver the order.

Explore What Uniqueness Customer Leverage with White Label Doordash Like App

  • Supports Business Expansion
  • Effective Control
  • Easy and Quick Access

2023 Updates In DoorDash Like App Making A Better Version

Various Themes

All the apps and panels can now be used in dark or light themes. Further store and customer apps will get the set of light theme colors or dark theme colors.

Dispatch from Admin Panel

Admin can dispatch orders using the admin panel, selecting the vehicle and assigning the orders to the particular drivers either manually or automatically.

Book Restaurant Table

Customers can book a table in the restaurant, select their preferred time and table for the required number of persons. They also can order and pay at the same time.

Scan and Order

Customers now order by scanning the QR code given on the restaurant’s table. They can peruse the menu and order desired items, and also pay online.

Activity Log

Admins can track all the actions of the platform using the activity log. It has all the failed and successful activities listed and categorized based on their priority.

Payment Gateways

Businesses now can access multiple payment gateways on the platform. Paystack and PayU were added in all the modules performing secure and swift transactions.

Print Invoice

Stores will generate invoices in the app that includes all the charges applied. They can print the invoice directly from the app connecting the printer to it.

Set Taxes

Stores and admin can set multiple taxes on the items like VAT/TAX. Also, they can keep the delivery service tax for particular cities or countries.

Multiple Services Businesses Can Provide From The App Like DoorDash To The Customers

Schedule or Instant Delivery

Customers can place delivery requests at the preferred time, and they can either set the time to schedule the delivery or ask for the delivery as soon as possible.

Couriers Delivery

Customers can place a courier delivery request by entering the pickup and delivery details. They can also request a contactless delivery process.

Takeaway Orders

Users can place orders online and also receive takeaway service. When the orders get prepared, users will be notified to pick them up from the stores.

Restaurant Details

Customers can peruse restaurants and details like its opening-closing time, directions to the restaurant, and ratings and reviews given by other customers.

Browse Menu

Customers can browse items grouped in different categories and subcategories, which eases searching the item. They can even add modifiers to the items.

Referral Benefits

Customers can earn on sharing the referral code with their acquaintances, who must register to the platform using that code.

Delivery Provider App

Riders can register on the app with just a few clicks and upload documents in the app and start providing rides to customers

User App

Customers can book instant orders or schedule the order from the user app from their favorite stores

Store App

Store app is a virtual store that facilitates customers a detailed menu with relevant filters

Embrace Your Business Trying Excellent Apps Of EDelivery

Get through the app demo sessions in which one can gain a better understanding of each app module and the specific functionalities of the EDelivery platform

Delivery Provider App

Riders can register on the app with just a few clicks and upload documents in the app and start providing rides to customers

User App

Customers can book instant orders or schedule the order from the user app from their favorite stores

Store App

Store app is a virtual store that facilitates customers a detailed menu with relevant filters

Try Out Our Ready To Use Panels For Your Takeaway Business

User Panel

Users are facilitated multiple item orders from their favorite stores from the panel; they can even directly reorder their past orders

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Admin Panel

Admin can track every user’s payments, expand business by adding multiple cities and countries, and much more

View Web Flow

Store Panel

Store owners can analyze past orders and know popular items to set discounts accordingly

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Get Business Centric Tech Stacks

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Bestow the Enriched Doordash Clone Script to Provide Online Services

Supervise your delivery business using the Doordash clone script built up with modern and excellent technology. Moreover, it allows you to lengthen your food delivery business acquiring more customers and easing business tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions On DoorDash Clone App

If you have further queries about the Doordash clone app, reach out to us to learn more

Yes, the Doordash clone app allows conversation within the app. Drivers can contact the support or customers via a call or in-app chat support

Cost generally depends on the technology that custom script you choose to develop. We estimated here a range that is between $5000 to $12000. You can refer to our pricing structure to know the costing specification by visiting our site: /e-delivery/pricing/

Yes, customers can either schedule their order at their desired time or ask to have it instantly

Yes, the Doordash clone app is feasible for any food business despite its size. It allows you to expand your business with multiple cities and countries’ support

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