ASDA Clone – Make Grocery Shopping and Delivery Easier

Instigate grocery delivery business in coordination with ASDA clone proffering a comfortable online shopping experience to consumers persuading them to stay connected throughout the shopping and forging disruptive opportunities in the market.

asda clone app for uk's grocery delivery business

What is an ASDA Clone App? How Does It Offer a Relentless Experience to Consumers in Grocery Stores?

People’s inclination towards comfortable shopping styles is what drives the most anticipation of grocery markets throughout the world. Retailers are fueling their business by adopting an online platform that gives them wide reach and prospects. Also, the platform is capable enough for growing disposable income. For such results, retails can adopt an advanced platform.

ASDA clone app is a digital platform to conduct the grocery delivery business online which gives a sustained grocery shopping experience to consumers. With a wide range of imperative features, the platform could be a shopper’s choice and a convenient business solution with complete customization.

In 2019, the global online grocery market size was valued at USD 189.91 billion, which is calculated to further register a CAGR of 24.8% from 2020 to 2027. The market of the grocery delivery business is vast, generating a multi-billion opportunity. An app like ASDA is an appropriate platform to disrupt the grocery market worldwide.

How Does an ASDA Clone App Work?

Shopping for the daily needs through an online platform has to be an untaught experience to the consumers and also has to be a hassle-free business for stores. An ASDA clone app consists of all these attributes with its customizable script. It works like this:

  • Customers will order groceries online, select multiple items and also pay for them online.
  • Stores will accept the order and, when prepared, will assign it to the deliveryman found nearest and available.
  • DeliveryMen at their convenience will accept the order, pick from the store and deliver it to the consumer’s address.

Features and Modules of ASDA Grocery Clone Script

Instigate a feature-rich ASDA grocery clone app with dedicated modules and panels

User App/Website

Grocery consumers can add multiple items in the cart at once from a store and place orders for all, and also pay for it.

Store App/Panel

Stores will get respective lists of ongoing, completed, and pending orders so that they can manage the orders seamlessly.

Admin Panel

Admin can create delivery charges for separate locations and update them successively.

Deliveryman App

Drivers can set their status as idle, online, or offline to notify the stores for assigning deliveries as per their availability.

Forge Your Growing Business with an ASDA Like App

Get the right platform for grocery business as an app like ASDA to acquire and retain higher consumer reach. Talk about your goals and requirements.

Attributes of ASDA Clone Script That Facilitates Grocery Businesses

Some pinned out ASDA clone script features that facilitate grocery business for seamless business and efficient performances.

Live Tracking

The users can track order and delivery status through an integrated GPS getting every status of each stage in the form of notifications also.

Feedbacks For Services

Users are offered to give reviews and ratings about their service to make a transparent relationship with the respective providers.

Payments Through Banks

Users can take advantage of a wallet system linking multiple bank accounts offering flexibility to pay for the orders and delivery services, besides various payment methods.

Discounts and Offers

Delivery providers can offer various offers and discounts to the consumers, contributing to the benefits of using the platform, which adds to their retention.

Understand E-Delivery Apps To Know About Business Scope

Encounter consumer experience with an app or grocery shopping

Look Upon the Benefits Accrued by E-Delivery Panels

Web panel for consumers will make surfing and shopping easier

Encounter How ASDA Clone App Contributes to a Hassle-free Business

Know-How, an ASDA Clone app, lets your business seamlessly, even in multiple locations and any number of consumers, manage everything online and any time within a single platform with a fluent business flow. Ask Anything About Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ASDA Clone

1. What is the purpose of an app like ASDA?

The purpose of an app like ASDA is to disrupt the grocery delivery industry securing the best experience for shoppers and doing a flawless business online.

2. How much does ASDA grocery clone app development cost?

ASDA grocery clone app development costs between $6000 to $25000, including all modules developed with an advanced tech stack.

3. Do you offer technical support? And how long?

Technical support is offered for different time intervals for different packages a client adopts. In the enterprise package, 3 months of support is offered. In other bonds, it differentiates the support time. You can check our pricing page to know more: