Akelni Clone - Thrive With Food Delivery Platform in Egypt

Launch a versatile Akelni clone app development to conduct the business tasks online and offer online services to the customer and grow in the market of Egypt.

What is the Akelni clone app? How does the platform affect a business?

The delivery business is a thriving industry all over the world. The modern way to place orders is a widely adopted method and a huge business opportunity. Egypt is a no different country in this matter. It offers convenience to buyers and is capable of driving a huge consumer base within a stable platform.

Akelni clone app is a delivery solution for food businesses that propounds customers with online ordering and deliveries in a few minutes. The separate modules for users, stores, deliveryman conducts the entire process online, including reliable and secure payment methods with integrated gateways.

It has been estimated that the online food delivery segment of Egypt will have 6.8 million users by 2026. The newcomers and existing huge delivery giants are already in the hunt to grab this huge market. An app like Akelni leverages businesses to expand their relations swifty.

How does an Akelni Clone Work?

Online meals business holds the same stakeholders as the conventional method with a difference of online execution of the tasks by each of the - food outlets, delivery providers, and users. An app like Akelni is a proficient platform that allows businesses of any size to execute their tasks efficiently. Here is the workflow as mentioned below:

  • Customers can search for nearby food stores from the, add item(s) in the cart, order all at once, and pay with the desired gateway.
  • Restaurants will accept the food orders using their dedicated app, prepare it, and if it is asked for delivery, will drive to deliver it.
  • Deliveryman will receive the ordered details, pick that up from the food dispatchers and deliver them to the buyer’s address utilizing the navigation feature in the app.

Different Modules Of Akelni Clone Script With Brilliant Features

Get through separate modules of Akelni clone script incorporated excellent features

Customer’s App

Check Restaurants

Customers can check each restaurant’s profile, which includes ratings, reviews, store menus, address contact details, etc.

Easy Browsing

Customers can browse for the stores using the filters or else can directly use the search bars to get stores for particular categories of food.

Send Feedbacks

Users can send feedback to the food and deliveryman for the services in the form of ratings out of 10 or reviews as an honest comment.

Payment Method

Customers can select the desired payment method from the online transfer through credit cards or debit cards, or else can also pay using cash.

User Website

Track Deliveryman on Map

With real-time updates, customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map.

Review For Delivery Man

Users can upload their reviews for the received delivery services and the ordered item quality after the order is delivered.

Order History

Users can analyze order history (if they have one) with the details like added items, prices, and payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders.

Add Favorite Delivery Addresses

Customers can save favorite addresses and can access that list from any device with the same credentials.

Store Panel

Delivery Time Settings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Store Time Settings

Stores can update the store’s service time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Build Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details.

Modifier Association

In modifier association, the store can associate various groups of modifiers groups which customers can choose accordingly.

Store App

Set Tax

Food stores can set taxes on delivery services, taxes on individual items, or on the total order of the delivery.

Create Orders

Store owners can create the orders for the consumers entering all the details of the customer and order, including the invoice details.

Set Menu

Owners can add individual items with descriptions, price, tax, and images, which can also be organized into categories and subcategories.

Manage Providers

Stores can manage providers, first by adding drivers and vehicles and then managing them by assigning delivery services and examining payments.

Delivery Providers

Distance Estimation

The incoming delivery request from the store has complete details about the order, user, and estimated delivery time.

Setting For App

Deliveryman can set the notification alerts with the sounds, for request, pickup alerts, and push notifications. They can also select a language

Set Profile

Delivery providers can register with the details like names, emails, and contact, while they can update anytime, including profile photos.

Access E-Wallets

Delivery providers get integrated e-wallets in which they can link multiple credit or debit cards and can also use them to withdraw them.

Admin Panel

Delivery Area

Admins can set delivery radius around the stores or can also set delivery zones for the services offered in a particular city.

Emails And SMS Setting

Admins can set the templates for email and SMS settings to send messages to customers, delivery providers, and stores.

Sub Admin

Admins can create accounts for sub-admins to conduct particular tasks handling a particular category in business aspects.

History Analysis

Businesses can analyze the entire history of the orders conducted and also failed ones with entire details of each.

Some Notable Features Of Mobile App

Offers from Stores

Customers can access offers from stores in the items or in the categories, set for time intervals. They also redeem offers from the admin in the platform.

Favorite Restaurants

Customers can save the list of their favorite stores, which they will order frequently. It saves time to find stores every time they order instantly.

Map View

Interfaced maps in the platform allow the users to track the store’s direction directly from the app or website and additionally can know the store’s timing on a weekly basis.

Push Notifications

Users get the real-time push notification in the app for the activities they perform in the app with all the successful and failed actions.

Language Selection

Customers can get multiple language options as offered by the admin, which they can choose to select to use the app to browse, store and order.

Provider App

Delivery providers can manage incoming orders from the stores in the app.

Customer App

Users can set up their account in the app and start ordering from the platform.

Store App

Stores can register on the platform and manage online orders and deliveries.

Experience Demo App Of E-Delivery To Understand It Working

Explore EDelivery apps for users, delivery partners, and stores

Provider App

Delivery providers can manage incoming orders from the stores in the app.

Customer App

Users can set up their account in the app and start ordering from the platform.

Store App

Stores can register on the platform and manage online orders and deliveries.

E-Delivery Panel For Fluent Workflow Of The Delivery Business

Customers Panel

Customers can use the panel for the convenience of ordering and paying.

Admin Panel

Admins can have all the important tasks and insights analysis from the dashboard.

Store Panel

Stores can also use the panel for managing the orders and maintaining the store’s menu.

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For restaurant businesses, an app like Akelni helps in acquiring a huge customer base and aids business management in a single place.

The Akelni clone app development cost is a variable cost that depends on several factors like technology stack, customizing range, etc. the cost may fall between $5000 to $15000.

The license for the platform lasts a lifetime, but it also depends on the package purchased if the license is included in the platform or not.

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