What is a Delivery Tracking App? How does This Excellent Solution Enhance Your Business?

The Post Covid-19 phase is one of the primary reasons for the hike in demand for online services for restaurants. Customers now no longer see online food ordering as a fantasy; it now became a necessity for one or more reasons. Ordering the food on an app and getting the deliveries at the homes has become an opportunity for food delivery businesses to swell for higher opportunities.

Food delivery tracking app is one of the apt platforms for restaurants comprising the latest tech stacks with all the required functionalities to handle a business. Apps and panels serve all its users to perform the activities on them and get it done quicker.

Elluminati produces apps that could be rebranded as personalized brands to gather more customers allowing them convenient services. Delivery apps for tracking food make it easy for the business to differentiate from the competitors customizing its functions per the need.

Business-centric Features of Our Order Tracking App

User-centric Design

The Package order tracking app combines the user-centric design, which lets your users use the solution in the best way. As the well-combined features and design make the app solution one of the best to use, any generation of users can use it for delivery and find the services reliable and convenient.

Order Cancellation

Users can cancel their order if they want to. They can use the app solution to place an order, and if they’re going to cancel it before the order gets delivered, customers can cancel their placed order from the app. They might have to pay the set cancellation charges for canceling their order.

Multi-Country Support

If a business wants to use the order tracking app solution across different countries and extend its delivery services, the admin dashboard supports the great need for control and monitoring. It helps add different countries and cities and manage their services at each location accordingly.

Contact-free Deliveries

The app solution can enable contactless deliveries along with thorough delivery tracking services. Contact-fee deliveries ensure the delivery package reaches customers, but the delivery provider doesn’t come in contact with the customer in any way. They wait for them to collect the parcel from a distance and update status accordingly.

Integrated Wallet

For providing the convenience of paying the order amount, the solution includes an integrated wallet that lets your users pay right away. Users can add the balance into the wallet and use the balance to pay for the order amount. It helps you generate the best user experience and provide faster payment processing.

Provider Verification

Admin can choose to verify users and by adding the verification procedure. They can define necessary document submission as compulsory for providers before they register. They can use it to check the providers and can use it also for stores.

Why Our Order Tracking Solution Is the Best to Choose?

  • Fits Every Size of Business
  • Online Payment Security
  • Faster Delivery Experience

How the Online Delivery Tracking App Works?

By introducing real-time delivery status updates and faster delivery services, it helps form an excellent experience. With the online delivery tracking app by the side, the business owner can rely on generating customer satisfaction as they can also view the delivery progress in real-time. The workflow of the app solution ensures a user receives the best services every time he/she places an order using the app.

When a customer places an order, the order details get sent to the store. The store processes and prepares the order and later generates a delivery request to begin the delivery process. The provider who accepts the offer receives all the order details and delivery location information. And hence, the provider picks up the order from the store and delivers it to the customer’s specified location.

User App & Website

Schedule Order

Users can schedule the order in advance and plan the delivery later as per their needs.

Store App and Dashboard

Manage Types

Stores can add and categorize their items in different categories. They can choose to manage these categories using the dedicated app and panel.

Admin Console

Set Push Notifications

Admin can set push notifications and its content that gets sent to all users at once for promotional purposes.

Delivery Men App

Social Login

Delivery providers can log in and register using their active social media accounts for faster and easier access.

Achieve Extended Business Success with a Package Delivery Tracking App Crafted with Technical Prowess

Deliver to your promise with a Package delivery tracking app that ensures your users find it convenient to use online delivery services that meet their delivery and ordering needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery Tracking Apps

1. What is a delivery tracking app?

A delivery tracking app is a platform to supervise the delivery services offered by a business. The processes are operated within the apps, like to get an order for home delivery, assign a driver, and track the deliveries till it is completed, and similar ones.

2. What is the cost to develop an app for delivery tracking?

The cost to build an app for delivery tracking depends on the customized platforms you develop as per your business needs. The starting price can be USD 7k and reach up to 15k and even more.

3. How could drivers join platforms?

Drivers will get a dedicated platform in which they can register with few details. They have to upload necessary documents on the app like license, ID proof, etc. After verifying the documents, the admin will approve the drivers, after which they could start their service.

4. How would drivers be paid on the platform?

The drivers can add their bank details in the driver's app. They will be paid through the wallet integrated into the app, which could be withdrawn from their bank accounts attached to it.

5. Do you provide currency change in the solution?

Yes, the solution allows you to convert from one currency to another.