Home Delivery Management Software

Streamline your business operations and manage it effectively with white label home delivery management software that monitor your business’ daily activities in real-time

What is Home Delivery Software and Why You Must Opt for Your Business?

Gen Z prefers to adopt methods that give them convenience without much effort. Getting their desired items at doorsteps is one of the most adapted services. An interactive real-time map-based delivery solution provided by a business to customers ensures increased operational efficiency as well.

Home delivery software is a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs aiming to automate their business in the emerging delivery market. Take your business online with robust solutions and start managing online orders placed by customers in no time.

Elluminati offers white label home delivery management software that has the potential to move your business online and help you deliver the best-branded experience to your customers to order products online.

What Else Is Offered With Home Delivery Management Software Other Than Features?

One Screen Solution

Our home delivery management software is a one-screen solution that is able to handle all the tasks from one screen. From receiving order notifications to updating product categories, stores can manage each info precisely.

Customizable Theme

The theme, designs, and colors available in our home delivery software solution are fully customizable, and you can choose the best suits for your brand identity in the competitive market, which also be modified whenever required.

Responsive Design

The software has appealing designs for all – users, stores, deliverymen, and admin modules allowing you to launch the solution with your brand name and logo, to create a brand image and maintain it within the platform seamlessly.

Business Hours

Stores can choose the delivery service timings by themselves which will be shown to the customers. They can go online/offline and serve according to their availability and the best suitable schedules for a better customer experience

Conquer Delivery Industry Challenges With Robust Platform

  • Streamlines the logistics
  • Easier communication
  • Enable business to make data-driven decisions

Learn How Home Delivery Software Works

Managing online orders is no longer a tough task; let’s see how stores can manage online orders and delivers them to customers on time,

  • Stores receive order requests placed by customers
  • A confirmation message is sent to customers on accepting the order
  • Stores assign delivery tasks to the delivery provider
  • The order gets delivered to the assigned location
  • Stores can oversee all these transactions to keep control of their delivery business.

Choose A Home Delivery Management Software To Gain A Total View Of Your Business Activities

Powerful modules with robust features help you monitor business performance and keep track of records of your fleets to avoid delivery hassles

Customer App

Store Details

Based on their needs and preferences, they can place orders from the particular store and check store details, including operating hours, menus, address, etc.

Get Notifications

Enable users to get real-time updates regarding ongoing deals and discounts, order status, delivery provider’s location, etc.

Payment Options

Let customers make payment for the delivery through their desired payment method choosing between e-wallet, credit/debit card, or cash on delivery.

Order History

Customers can view the entire order history, including details such as date, time, order quantity, etc. Detailed order history help users to repeat the order frequently

Store App

Set Most Popular Item

Let store owners set the popular item adding the description about the item using the particular symbol, picture, and item details. It will help them to catch user’s attention

Extra Charges

The stores may apply extra charges to some exclusive or imported items. This is to save the business from making any loss for selling at a lesser price

Keep Delivery Time

Stores can set the time for deliveries as per the availability of services. They can either keep full day service or set time slots

Cancellation Charge

Stores can keep the cancellation charge from the customer based on a few conditions set from the panel or app

Admin Console

Force Update

Let users experience new features and functionalities right away. Admin can update the app solution to deliver an exceptional user experience

Payment Mode

Multiple payment options can be added or removed by the admin. The admin can manage the payment modes as the business policies allow

Profit Mode

Admin has all the rights to change the profit made order and delivery from either percentage or absolute mode and which can be modified anytime required.

Add Countries

When the business gets expanded, the app also can be scaled up. The admin can add more countries to the app to handle the multi-country business seamlessly

Delivery Provider App

Trace From App

Providers can track the route to the customer’s location within the app from the map that eventually makes the delivery process faster

Earning Records

The delivery provider can get the records of earnings in the form of daily or weekly reports and also gets an overall chart regarding earnings

On/Off Service

The delivery provider can share the referral code with another to get attractive deals and earn attractive rewards

Referral Code

The delivery provider can share the referral code with another to get attractive deals and earn attractive rewards

User Panel

Social Sign Up/Login

Allow users to log in or register on the platform with their social media accounts; this makes the registration process faster and more convenient.

Advanced Filters

From particular store selection to product search to are proximity and pricing, users can apply various filters to place the order quickly

Create A Profile

More user details can be added to the profile to make the profile more strong and more identical. Based on added information, which can be utilized to know their preferences.

Multi-Outlet Access

At the same time, the user can see more than one store and can explore them to get the desired product or service. They can even place orders from multiple stores

Store Panel

Set Taxes

Stores can set multiple taxes for each item. They can also set taxes for all items and services separately.

Menu Themes By Admin

Admin can set stores the menu theme between the default row view menu or grid view menu to show it to the customers.

Various Themes

Stores can choose to keep the panel’s themes, keeping light or dark themes matching the logo and store theme.

Select Tags

Stores can set the tags based on the items they sell, allowing customers to choose a tag to reduce browser fiction.

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Dedicated delivery app that enables delivery agents to manage on-going, upcoming deliveries

User App

Empower customers with a digital solution that help them avail of products from nearby stores

Store App

Can have detailed insights about payments, number of deliveries, inventory, customers with smart analytics

An All-Inclusive Home Delivery Software

Learn about our readymade applications for users, customers, and delivery partners.

Delivery Provider App

Dedicated delivery app that enables delivery agents to manage on-going, upcoming deliveries

User App

Empower customers with a digital solution that help them avail of products from nearby stores

Store App

Can have detailed insights about payments, number of deliveries, inventory, customers with smart analytics

Phenomenal Modules Of Our Software

User Panel

Phenomenal Modules Of Our Software

Admin Panel

Get actionable analytics of every order placed and delivered with the help of a comprehensive dashboard

Store Panel

Get a complete summary of the number of products, on-going deliveries with a detailed report and stay updated with each detail

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