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The on-demand economy has risen to a different level currently where we see that it is at a tipping point whether working on ordinary stuff or an innovative idea like Car Cleaning Service App. Elluminati Inc. has introduced an On-Demand Uber for Car Wash App which provides a complete car wash service business solution to manage the service providers and customers with admins having entire control of the business.

What we offer in Uber for Car Wash App


Different Panels for Customers, Providers and Admins are Provided in Our Uber for Car Cleaner Service App

Customer Apps

With the customer panel, customers can log in and request for service, track the service provider, pay for the service taken and provide genuine feedback in the app.

Cleaner App

In the cleaner panel, the provider can log in and accept or reject the service request, navigate to the location of service and receive payment for the service rendered.

Admin Dashboard

With an advanced dashboard, admins can manage the provider and user’s profiles, profit graphs, queries of customers and providers and payment issues.


In our On-Demand Car Wash Business App Solution, we provide a white label website with your brand name and your logo.

How Car Cleaning Services App Works


We Have Crafted an Effortless and User-Friendly Workflow for Our Uber for Car Cleaning Business App Solution

Registration and Login

The customer can easily log in or sign up in the app with their email ID and password or with their social media accounts.

Request For Service

The customer can request for the wash service and choose one of the categories among standard, advanced and premium.

Approve Service

The nearby service provider can accept the service request and reach the location with the help of navigation in the app.

Provide Service

The service provider reaches the customer’s location on time and completes the work of car wash and car cleaning.

Secure Online Payment

The customers can pay online with a secure online platform or via cash for the service received from the provider.


With the completion of service, customers and service providers both can review their experience and rate it on a scale of five stars.

Core Features


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Service Categories

The customers get an opportunity of selecting service from the types provided in the list as per their requirement.


Customers can filter the data provided as per their convenience according to the rating, arrival time and price.

Save Card Details

The customers can save the details of their debit/credit card in the app which is accessible only to the authorized person.

Autofill Location

It becomes easier for the customer to add their location because they do not need to write it manually, it gets auto-filled.

Live Tracking of Provider

The service providers can be tracked by the customers to know where the provider has reached and the exact time of arrival.

Booking History

The customers can see their booking history which includes service ID, service provider’s name, date and time of the service and payment details.



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