Complete List of Our Uber Script Features

Allowing businesses to meet every customer’s expectations and helping in establishing a unique business identity, the features of our uber clone script are designed for best results. The solution stack includes a dedicated customer application and web panel, a driver app and panel, admin dashboard, dispatcher panel, hotel panel, partner panel, and corporate panel to introduce efficiency and accuracy to the traditional ride-hailing system.

Customer App Features

Provide Easy to Use Features to Book Ride Immediately or Schedule as Per Their Needs.


Riders are required to sign up for the app and later login using the credentials to book a ride.

Social Media Login

Riders can login and register with their social media accounts and enable faster and easier login into the web panel.

Set The Location

Riders can set the pickup and drop-off location before they book a ride through the app by entering address or selecting on map.

Create Profile

Riders can create their profile, adding all necessary details including name, contact number, and select to add profile picture too.

Vehicle Selection Option

Riders can select the taxi vehicle from all available options like van, mini, luxury or sedan according to their requirements.

Ride Now Or Later

Riders can choose to ride right away with one click or they can also schedule the ride with the option of a ride later.

Fix Rate Option

Riders can select the fixed-rate and can view in which areas it is available by choosing current and source location.

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Vehicle Details

After selecting the vehicle, riders can see all the details related to the vehicle. Like, Car id and plate number with the trip number.

Apply the Promo

Riders can use promo code to grab an extra discount on their total trip amount and this promo code detail is managed by admin.

Reviews and Rating

Riders can write reviews and give the rating at the end of the trip as per their experience of the taxi services and drivers.

Cash and Card Payment

Riders have a convenient payment method to pay the charges of riding. They have the option of cash or card payments.


After booking taxi services, riders will get the verification code from the Email and SMS confirmation and check for request status.

Fare Estimate And ETA

Using ETA, customers can know estimated arrival time and also get the estimated fare for the entered pickup and drop-off location.

Able to Call Driver

Through the app, customers can call the taxi driver and taxi agents for any queries regarding the taxi services.

SOS Panic Button

Riders can inform their family members & friends during emergencies and dangerous situations through this feature.

Cancel Trip

Riders can cancel the trip by providing valid reasons, and they also may have to pay the cancellation charges.

Surge Price

Riders may have to pay surge prices that are configured by the admin for their specific riding time and during surge situations.

Recover the Password

If riders forget the password, they can recover it and set the new password. Forgot password option is available for the riders.

Invoice Details

In the Invoice, riders can see all the details, including the total distance, time, amount to be paid, and referral code.

Wait Time Charges

If drivers have to wait for the riders, then additional charges will be applied to waiting time, which rider has to pay.

Favorite Location

Riders can add workplace & homeplace as a favorite location. And also book any location from the favorite location.

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Real-Time Driver’s Status

Riders can get the real-time driver status like, on the way, arrived, and also track the drivers and know the arrival time of a driver.

Driver App Features

Best Features Loaded Chauffeur App to Manage Each Micro-Level of Trip Service Details with Apps.


Drivers are required to register with the system before using it and can later login using the credentials to use the app.

Social Media Login

Drivers can sign up with their social media accounts and can later login directly using them to avail easier access.

Document Uploading

Drivers are required to upload their required documents, and once the admin approves them, they can continue providing services.

Create Profile

Drivers can create and manage their profile details with the right to edit the name, address, contact details, profile photos, and more.

Get the Trip requests

As the admin approves driver's documents, they start getting the trip request online on their devices with accept/reject option.

Request Option

Drivers can select to accept the request if they want to complete the trip and if they are not free then they can reject it also.

Auto Offline When Idle

Drivers go offline automatically after the warning if they are idle and doesn't receive request until they get back online again.

Interactive Map

Drivers can see the real-time car transition on the map, and it helps them find the route to reach customers as soon as possible.


Drivers can navigate to customer's location through Google maps efficiently and get real-time path details and reach easily.

Cancel the Trip

Drivers can also cancel the trip with cancellation reasons like wrong address on the map, ETA is too long or any valid reason.

Visitor Type

Drivers can ride as a visitor in a city where their car type is not available and they do not have authority to drive as a driver.


Drivers can see the earning reports on a daily, monthly and weekly basis including all necessary details and payment methods.


SMS, email, and document verification are performed before the driver accepts a trip request to ensure security and authenticity.

Invoice Details

Drivers can view all the details related to trip in the invoice generated including the payment details also and the tax amounts.

Able to call

Drivers are able to call the customer and service support agent if they have any queries or questions related to the trip.

Admin Dashboard Features

Explore how uber script solutions help you manage the ride-hailing facilities seamlessly across multiple countries and locations.


A powerful and advanced dashboard with complete features highlighted and real-time data provided through graphical insights.

Today’s Request

Admin can view and manage every day's requests including the service ID, username and all necessary details with action buttons.

Complete Request

Admin can see complete trip details and request details including payment status and methods used in each of the requests placed.

Scheduled Requests

Admin can see scheduled requests with every detail of each and can also know the payment method used by the riders.

Review and Rate

Admin can see rate and review with trip details and the user details who provided it and also provider details and their reviews.

Cancellation Reason

Admin can check the cancellation reason for canceled requests with every detail and the cancellation reason given by individuals.

Map View

Admin can track providers and rides in real-time on Google maps. They can also see active, inactive providers and user details.

Provider Status

Admin can view the provider status if they are online or offline as the idle drivers go offline automatically.

Approved Provider details

Admin can check the uploaded documents of providers and check all the details and decide to approve the details or not.

Unapproved Providers

Admin can check the list of unapproved providers and decide to approve one by checking their documents and details.

User Details

Admin can check and manage all users with the right to add, edit or remove one and also view complete details of each.

Dispatcher Details

Admin can add and check all dispatcher details and edit their profiles and banking details and view complete trip details.

Hotel Details

Admin can manage Hotel Partners’ all details and add or remove them and also can edit their rights.

Service Provider Details

Admin can manage all service provider’s details and can edit their profile details with filtering according to provider status.

Partner Details

Admin can manage partner details and view their profile with all entered details and edit the right to access the system.

Multiple countries

Admin can choose to expand their business over multiple countries with the right to turn necessary features on/off anytime.

Multiple cities

Admin can take their business to multiple cities with the right to manage per city settings and manage it efficiently.

Multiple service type

Admin can add multiple service types like SUV, Sedan, and more and manage details with the right to edit or remove them.

Payment details

Admin can manage all payment details with the facility to manage user and service payments separately within the dashboard.

Daily Earning

Admin can check daily earnings reports of providers and theirs with all details like and can edit details and export data.

Weekly Earning

Admin can manage and view the total trip details of a week and can manage all data by sorting and exporting to excel sheets.

Trip Earning

Admin can view the trip details and earnings done per each trip including the details of users and payment method details.

Partner Payment

Partner payment details can be managed by system admin including the right to edit and view their details.

Pending Payment

Admin can manage pending payment data with the right to edit and view the pending payment message and all details of trips.

Wallet History

Admin can view the wallet history of each user and providers and choose to add/update the wallet settings.


Admin can manage the entire system’s settings of installation, promo codes, documents, SMS templates and more.

Basic Settings

Admin can manage active business countries, currency, time zone, contact details and more in basic settings.

Notification Settings

Admin can manage notification settings with the right to turn them on/off for each user and edit the notification settings for all.

Theme Setting – Logo

Admin can manually change the app logo from the theme settings.

Auto Sign

Admin can manage auto-sign images from the theme settings.

Mail Title Image

Admin can set an email title image for the template with theme settings.

Title Icon

Admin can upload and manage the title icon with theme settings.

iOS Certificates Mode Settings

Admin can manage iOS certificates separately with sandbox and production options, and upload push certificate, push key file with push passphrase option for all users.


Admin can manage essential document upload details and set document requirements. Manage details like document id, applicable country and more.

Promo Code

Admin can manage promo code details with rights to choose country, set discount value, availability and more through the panel including setting the expiration date for a coupon.

Installation Settings

Admin can manage all installation settings like different configuration settings, API keys, iOS app and Android app URLs, hotline customer support app keys, app name and versions, etc.

Mail Template Setting

Admin can manage email template details and set an email unique title, email title, email admin info, and email content.

SMS Template Setting

Admin can manage SMS unique titles and SMS content in this option which gets sent to users.

Admin setting

Super admin can manage sub-admin status with Admin name, email id, their role type, with the right to edit profile details.

Send mass push notification

Admin can set to send mass push notifications to users to keep them informed about the necessary details.

Search required data

Admin can search required data directly using the filters on all data provided for efficient information gaining.

Sorting the Data

Admin can sort all the user and provider data in ascending or descending order according to the chosen field.

Date wise filtering

Admin can apply a date wise filter by mentioning the starting and ending date that they want and get all records of those days.

Explore the records

If an admin wants to explore any particular data for any purpose, then they can explore it and get all records saved in the Excel sheet.

Add Zones

Admin can create different zones like an airport, bus station, and more where frequent trips are booked to provide ease of usability.

Fixed Pricing

Admin can turn on the fixed pricing feature where riders have to pay the same amount as shown in estimated ride fare irrespective of time and distance traveled.

Fixed Pricing for Zones

Admin can set a fixed ride fare for traveling to specific added zones or traveling from those zones to earn additional benefits.

City to City Fixed Pricing

Admin can select to set fixed pricing for traveling between cities to manage inter-city ride fares directly from the admin panel.

Car Rental Packages

Admin can create different packages for car rental services based on the vehicle type, the time vehicle is used, and more.

Referral Details

Admin can view the referral details like referral usage, the discount provided, referral share, and more for users and drivers separately.

Dynamic Terms & Conditions

Admin can change the terms and conditions of their app and panel usage directly from the admin panel anytime they want.

Mark Red Zone Areas

Admin can decide to mark a particular area on the map as a "red zone" to disable ride booking for those areas where they do not provide services.

Dispatcher Panel Feature

Allow dispatchers to book rides remotely for others using the excellent web panel.


Dispatchers can log in with their registered credentials, if not, they first have to register themselves to use the system.

Social Media Login

Dispatchers can directly login using and register with their social media accounts by syncing data with the system.

Create Profile

Dispatchers can create and manage their profiles with the right to edit all details and upload a profile picture also.

Create Requests

Dispatchers can create ride requests and assign all rider details including pickup and drop-off location details.

Search from request history

Dispatchers can search for any particular ID number, user and driver name to know all the details regarding any trip.

Data Sorting

Dispater can sort the data in ascending or descending order on ID number or Username and Provider name and get the list sorted.

Date Filter

Dispatchers can view the history between particular dates with this efficient date filter provided in the system.

Export the Data

Dispatchers can export the data list that they want and they get the excel sheet of all the history.

Future requests

Dispatchers can check scheduled requests including payment mode details and entered trip details.

Bank Details

Bank details are required for processing the payments and dispatchers can add their banking details through the panel.

Manage Requests

Dispatchers can manage all requests they create through the panel and also manage the payment details.

Fare Estimates

Dispatchers can provide fare estimates to the riders from the pickup location to the destination location using the panel.

Customer Panel Feature

Manage Profile and Ride-Hailing Service Details Online Through the Web.


If riders want to book a taxi by using the panel, login is required and they have to register first to use it again.

Social Media Login

Riders can log in and register with their social media accounts and enable faster and easier login into web panel.

Recover the Password

Riders can recover the password if they forget the password and reset it with the option of forgot password option.

Set Location

By using a panel, riders can set the location of pickup and destination with the address and set it on the map after logging in.

Create Profile

Riders can create and edit their personal profile details and also upload a profile picture and manage all details.

Select Vehicle type

Riders can select the vehicle types which are available on the panel and choose as per their comfort.

Ride Now Or Later

Riders can choose to ride right now or they can also schedule it in advance with the option of a ride later.

Payment option

Riders can choose to make payments by card or cash and they can simply pay for it by adding card details.

Apply for the Promo

To avail discounts on the ride fare, riders can apply the promo codes to get some discounts.


Riders get the confirmation code for the booked ride to ensure they are informed whether their request has been accepted or not.


Riders can view the history of previous requests including all details of each trip and payment details also.

Data Filter

Riders can choose to filter the data according to selected dates and can choose to view the trip details in-between.

Searching and Sorting

Riders can choose to sort the data in ascending or descending order and also can search the records with fields.

Explore the Data

Riders can explore the data according to requirements as they can get the excel sheet of all data.

Driver Panel Feature

Drivers Can Manage Their Profile and Work Detail on the Web Panel Efficiently.

Manage Driver

Drivers can manage their profile details with the right to edit and update including the password change option.


Drivers can view all trip history with complete details including payment mode and other details and rights to edit them.


Drivers can filter data with sorting, search via field and start to end date filter with exporting data in the excel sheet option.

Upload documents

It is essential to upload documents like ID proof, residential proof, and vehicle driving license and more to get approved as drivers.

Bank Details

Drivers can add their bank details securely to receive payment from the admin directly into their accounts without needing much.

Manage Vehicles

Drivers can manage the vehicle details of theirs including the number plate, model, color and more with the right to edit details.

Earning details

Drivers can view their earning details with filters of daily, weekly, monthly and more and see total earnings each day.

Partner Panel Feature

Connect Local Vendors with Your Business Seamlessly.

Create Profile

Partners can create and edit profiles of theirs through the efficient panel which includes uploading their profile picture also.

Service Provider

Partners can view service provider details and can also sort and export the data in an excel sheet.


Partners can view service requests including all the data and details of each and choose to edit those details.

Partner Earning

Partners can check their own earning details including all necessary information and also can export data to excel sheets.

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Manage Vehicles

Partners can add and manage the vehicle types by assigning a particular vehicle to each driver for better services.

Hotel Panel Feature

With This Panel, Hotels Can Request Ride-Booking and Earn Commissions on Each.


Hotel admin can sign up with the registration form and log in with email and password along with the forgot password option.

Social Media Login

Hotel admins can log in and sign up immediately with their social media accounts like Facebook and Google.


Hotels can manage and update their profile details with the right to change and edit profile details options.

Exploring Data

Hotel admin can explore all requested service records in the excel sheet with the export data button.

Request History

Hotel panel provides insights into the trip history and complete details of each trip with action buttons to delete a record.

Create request

Hotels can place a ride request manually by entering details of users and locations and provide ETA for the booked ride.

Sort and Search Filter

Admin can filter service request data with sorting or searching features by fields in the uber script hotel panel.

Future Request

Hotels can view the future request data and details including the right to cancel a request and view total ride request data.

Date filter

Hotel admin can filter service request data by selected starting and ending date by this uber script hotel panel.

Corporate Panel Feature

Manage Corporate Rides and Ride Fares Effortlessly


Corporate admin can signup and use the provided credentials to log in to the corporate panel.

Manage Profile

Corporate admin can manage their profile, add a name, email address, contact details, and more from the panel.

Create Ride Requests

Corporate admin can create a ride request from the panel directly by adding a pickup, destination, and other required ride-booking details.

Add Employee

Corporate admin can send a request to a registered user of the ride-hailing system to add them as an employee through the panel.

Schedule Ride Request

Corporate admin can choose to schedule a ride in advance for employees through the corporate panel.

Request Details

Panel admin can view the request details where each and every ride request including their service status are stored.

Remove Employee Profile

Panel admin can choose to remove a user from their employee list using the remove option provided in the panel.

Payment History

The panel stores the complete payment history including the payment type and the ride details for panel admin to manage it efficiently.

Payment Settings

Panel admin can maintain the wallet balance for paying the trip fares or add a card to the system easily.


Panel admin can choose to view the information stored in lists by applying filters according to name, email, and city.

Date Filter

Panel admin can filter all the lists included in the panel according to date by selecting from the date filter.