Introducing Tutoring App Like Uber that Transforms Educational Services

Students nowadays search more online for their doubts and also for one who can resolve them. Businesses have been looking to create bridges between the tutors and students, connecting them from any location.

Uber for Tutor app is an on-demand mobility solution that enables your business to provide a platform to get online teaching services for students. It enhances the user experience and business operations, allowing the use of handy apps and panels.

Elluminati is here to provide an Uber like tutor app that assists your business digitally. The code is customizable, which is modified as per your present business norms and even in the future. We are here to resolve all your doubts about the online platform.

Highlighted Features of On-demand Tutor App

Select Your Tutor

The students can select the tutor from the list of teachers provided in the on demand tutor app based on the couching service they need. They can also filter the tutor’s list based on subjects and also view selected tutors’ details such as ratings, areas of interest, feedback, and much more

Availability Toggle

Tutors can change their availability mode via the toggle feature. Once they turn off the status, they won’t receive any service request. They need to manually turn it on to receive new requests

Rate And Review

Students can rate the service by the tutors on a scale of one to five rating stars, and tutors can also share a review about the students’ behavior, experience, and the overall experience about the learning platform. They can also share valuable feedback on social media channels

Loyalty Programs

This is an amazing marketing technique that helps you to increase app downloads. Using the loyalty program technique, students can invite their friends to install the application via referral code. Students can invite friends using social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to avail discounts and offers

Push Notifications

Students and tutors receive notification regarding service requests, payment information, scheduled requests, and much more through the push notification system. They also get emails or SMS about ongoing offers and schemes

In-App Chat Facility

The in-app chat facility allows tutors and students to interact within the app. Students can solve their queries and tutors can post important information conveniently.

Manage Tutors

With the help of a powerful Admin panel, admin can manage all the tutors as per their area of expertise and requirement. They can also add/remove teachers based on demand

View/Manage Bookings

Teachers can check daily booking requests within the app only. This feature helps them to arrange their schedule. They can also postpone service requests, notification and alert will be sent to students automatically.

How does the Uber for Tutors App Work?

The on-demand tutoring service app helps students and tutors connect on the same platform. The scalable solution for tutors app works with different modules with all requisite modules president with the advanced features.

  • The customer app is to search and browse the tutors and reserve them for the required time
  • Provider app is for the tutors who give away the services of teaching, on which they can set their availability, manage services, set prices, and much more.
  • Company panel is for the firm that registers in the platform and provides tutors to the students assigning them manually as per the presence has provided tutors
  • Admin can oversee all business tasks, allowing companies, tutors, and students to get connected within a single platform.

Ensure Competent Teaching with Uber For Tutoring App

Uber For Tutoring is a feature-rich application that can be used to hire professors online. So, connect students to nearby tutors and grow your tutoring business

User Application

Register using any of the social media accounts or with contact details and later login with the same details

Tutor’s Application

Tutors can easily set up the profile by filling up the primary details such as name, experience, and more

Admin Dashboard

View and manage a list of all tutors and students with ease, including their details and control their access

User Website

See the list of available topics on the website and make service requests accordingly for tutoring service

Company panel

Companies can get the enlisted running service request from the app with the necessary details about them

Create Your Business Reputation and Empower Upscaling with Uber for Tutors App

Meet your tutoring needs and provide excellent support with Uber for tutors app. Generate excellent student reviews by introducing an uber for tutoring service application for anytime tuition needs

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Frequently Asked Questions on Uber for Tutor

1. How long does it take to develop an Uber like tutor app?

It takes about a week or a few days more than that (including working days as per IST) to fully develop and launch an Uberlike tutor app.

2. How many payment methods are integrated into the platform?

The platform has multiple payment gateways like cash on delivery, card(credit/debit cards), e-wallet.

3. How many tutors could register in the app?

There is no fixed number for the tutors that are allowed to register in the solution. It is a scalable platform that molds to the business requirements.