Uber for Doctors On Demand App


The on-demand business model has enabled better services in every sector of business and has also influenced the medical field. Offer the best medical care in emergency situations and as per the users’ demands through an efficient uber for doctors on-demand app. We at Elluminati Inc have developed the on-demand doctor app to complete every requirement of users. The app solution ensures every requirement gets answered with enhanced control over each activity done in the system.

What We Provide in Our Uber for Doctor App


We Ensure All App Modules Are Integrated into the Solution to Offer Excellent Business Support.

Patients App

Let the patients reach doctors whenever they want with efficient support from the app.

Doctors App

Doctors can get appointment requests online with a dedicated application for serving patients well.

Admin Dashboard

Ensure advanced control over each visit and activities with an advanced admin dashboard.

User Website

Get a user website that promotes your innovative approach by letting customers place their requests through the web.

How It Works


The App Solution Follows an Excellent Process That Helps in Producing the Best Results for Your Business.


Users have to register and later login first to use the application’s functions and to request an appointment.

Select Category

The patient selects the category of medical services required from the list of all available services.

Select Doctor

Patients can view the profiles of doctors and can choose to select a doctor from the list of available.

Send Request

Patients send the request for appointment by adding all the details of their medical problem to selected doctor.

Request Confirmation

Doctors can view the requests placed by users and can decide to accept/reject a request for an appointment.

Visit Patients

Doctors reach patients’ provided location to provide the medical treatment the patient has requested through the app.

Core Features


Our On-Demand Doctor App Includes All Required Features That Support the Patients and Doctors to Work in Coordination.

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Our Expert Development Team Ensures the Best Services Are Offered to Your Users with Our Excellent App.

Why Choose Us


We Ensure the App Solution Consists of Exclusive Features That Help Your Users Interact and Avail Services Easily.

Completely Customizable

We offer our clients to customize their purchased solutions according to their choices and ensure they get their app working according to requirements.

GPS Integration

We integrate GPS into our app solution to enable efficient navigation and provide route optimization and other useful features to enable the best services.


Our app solution includes everything your business needs and hence you can rely on it for getting results without needing to customize it frequently.

White Label Solution

We provide a completely white-labeled solution that can be designed according to your choice of theme color, logo, and containing your brand name.

Mass Push Notifications

Admin is facilitated to send mass push notifications through the admin panel to inform the users about new offers and ensure better user engagement.

In-App Chat

Users are provided with service agent support in the app only with in-app chat that enables them to contact the service agent any time they want.



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