What is Food Delivery Software? Why is it Best For Single or Multi Place Business?

Food delivery software is an effective solution to give a digital touch to your restaurant business. Feature-packed multi restaurant delivery software solution helps you manage and control your delivery business activities entirely. It also enables you to satisfy the food lovers’ hunger by allowing them to order their favorite meal online. It helps you attract more customers by availing them of excellent delivery service through the app and web portal. This feature-rich platform ensures an increase in business volume. Know what module we includes:

  • We use a modern technology stack to provide you with an advanced and feature-rich customers and delivery app
  • Get full access to your restaurant delivery business with a riveting store panel and app
  • Promote your delivery business with the user website and manage it efficiently with a powerful admin dashboard

Awesome Features of Multi Restaurant Delivery Software

Promote Store

Admin can efficiently promote their delivery business service through multiplace restaurant delivery software website and app module. They can consider the various modes of advertisement for their business expansion to attract more food addicts to their stores They can set referral sharing and can avail food lovers with some bonus points each time they share a referral

Set Multiple Cities

Delivery business owners can expand their delivery business in multiple cities. They can set their delivery service for various locations and can control the service type in each city through an advanced multi restaurant food ordering software. They can choose to restrict or provide new offerings in some of the cities as per their preference

Code Verification

For security measures and accurate delivery service, a unique code can be sent to delivery providers When stores assign the delivery provider, they provide them with unique code to avoid misplacement of delivery. Stores can hand over the delivery to the right service provider after verifying the code and assuring that they are assigning the delivery task to the right person

Customize App Theme

The app owner is allowed to customize the app theme as per their business requirements. They can make an essential change to apps like change logo, color, language, and many more. Software owners can customize the app as per their business requirements and get all their business requirements answered in an efficient way

Multiple Currency Support

To ensure your business expansion in various countries, we facilitate multiple currency support Admin can set multiple currency options as per their business requirement. Making it easy for food orderers to pay their order bills using the currency they are regularly using, which ensures their satisfaction and develops long-term relations with them

Verify Pickup

Delivery providers can send confirmation to foodies to get the confirmation for order pickups A delivery provider can send an image to foodies to get the confirmation, and once they get the approval from the customer, they can collect the order from the store and can deliver it to the customer’s doorstep Customers can track the real-time location of their order when they click on the image sent by the delivery provider

Explore to Know Why Restaurant Delivery Service Software is Best Choice for Your Delivery Business

  • Improve Business Activities
  • Generates Revenue
  • Drive Traffic and Sales

Explore Which WorkFlow Our Food Ordering Software Follows

Opting for food ordering software can help you control your business’ overall activities; this ensures efficient business operation. This feature-rich solution helps delivery businesses to address all the requirements most efficiently and accurately. Check the working flow of the best food delivery software to know how it helps provide the best user experience to end-users

  • Customers can check the menu and can place the order through the app or panel as per their requirements
  • Food stores receive the order and send a confirmation message to customers in return
  • Food stores prepare the meal and hand it over to the delivery provider
  • The delivery provider sends pickup confirmation to customers
  • Provider picks up the order and delivers it to the customer’s doorsteps
  • Customers make the payment through their preferred payment mode

Essential Module of Our Restaurant Software

Start your restaurant delivery business online with easy to use multi restaurant software ensuring your business expansion globally

Customer App and Panel

Customers can see a complete order list with details like order completed, rejected, and pending with all the invoice details and name of the item which they have ordered from their favorite stores

Store App & Dashboard

Eateries can manage stock details and set the list of popular items to make the decision task easier for users; they can follow the manual process to set the popular food and update the list of stock available at their stores

Admin Dashboard

Admin can set any of the profit modes as per their convenience. They can opt to choose for absolute price per delivery of percentage profit mode for any of the individual eateries

Delivery Providers App

Delivery providers can check their wallet transactions through the app They need to send a wallet transaction request to the admin for deposit

Consider Getting Food Delivery Software Support to Have Full Control Over Your Delivery Business

Generate leads for your restaurant and food delivery business with a complete tech suit. Our food delivery and restaurant ordering software enables you with the best results by providing your prospective customers with an excellent service experience

Check Complete Working of the App Right Here!

Allow users to access your restaurant services efficiently and quickly through dedicated users app

Experience the Working of Panels on Your Prefered Device!

Feature-packed user panel enables you to attack and allow users to request your restaurant service online on the web

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Frequently Ask Question

1. I have a small restaurant, is developing a food delivery software useful?

Yes, of course. Our restaurant delivery software is the best choice for almost all sizes and types of business.

2. Will you help me to customize business solution as per my need?

Yes, we are always ready to help you out. We will help you customize your business software, allowing you to build a unique identity for your business in the market.

3. How referral sharing works?

Referral sharing works like a loyalty program. You are allowed to update it as per your convenience. Your customers can avail them within the specified terms and conditions set by you using the software.

4. If I want to change the delivery time, will I be able to do so?

Yes, you are allowed to change the delivery time as per your convenience. Just visit the admin panel or app, click on the setting option, and set the delivery time as per your convenience.

5. Can I set a limited order request?

Yes, you can set limited orders right through the multi-restaurant delivery software. Click on the "Setting" option to make all essential changes as per your restaurant business requirement.