What is Online Pizza Ordering System? Is it Helpful for Your Business?

white label pizza delivery system

Online Pizza ordering system is a dedicated solution that helps you accept and manage deliveries, takeaways, schedules, and dine-in efficiently. On-tap Pizza delivery system aims to meet the state of industry analysis, ensuring to improve your overall business operational activities and customer experience. Pizzeria software offered by Elluminati helps you offer extensive user support with business-enhancing features. It provides crucial elements helping you keep your customers coming back:

The mobile-friendly interface that helps you provide the best service experience. Feature loaded white label pizza delivery tracking system helping you have complete control over each business activity. The suitable and scalable platform makes it easier for you to handle single/multiple orders simultaneously.

Every Requirement Our Pizza Ordering Software Caters

why your pizzeria needs pizza ordering software
  • Promotion & Coupon Codes
  • Website Setups
  • Operational zone management
  • Set up Email & SMS templates
  • Quick Help & Support Access

Miraculous Features of Pizza Delivery System Software

features of pizza ordering system

Search Items & Check Invoice Details

  • Choose your needed item from multiple items available in the list using the search option
  • Filter items to make the purchase process easier with pizza restaurant software
  • Check invoice details along with service tax, convenience charges, etc., right on the pizza ordering system

In-App Chat Support

in app chat features in pizza delivery system
  • Use the in-app chat facility to get an accurate and useful answer for every question
  • Helps connect users with delivery providers to guide them in case of any queries related to the delivery address or any other related to orders.
  • Make straightforward for customers to reach you and delivery providers as per their need

Complete Data Visualization

dashboard for all work activity
  • View all information related to order placed, preparing, ready, delivered, etc., right on feature-rich pizza delivery tracking system
  • Also, track and manage delivery providers by having visual data of their active, work progress, and idle status on a feature-rich platform
  • Check you’re earning data in a visual format along with a graphical representation of the same

Effective Control & Monitoring

  • With an online pizza ordering system vendors can monitor and control every delivery personally
  • Assign the deliveries manually or automatically to ensure on-time delivery to the customer’s location
  • Update your customers delivery status, helping you to win their overall trust utterly
control business from single dashboard

ASAP/ Schedule Order Process

schedule pizza ordering feature
  • Allow customers to order their meal immediately or schedule the same as per their need
  • Deliver the ordered item to their preferred location on the assigned time
  • Keep everything transparent with customers with feature-packed pizza restaurant software

Update Cart Items

cart opt in pizzeria system
  • Seek customers confirmation for the orders placed with updated cart items
  • Pizza delivery software makes it easier for customers to make a change to cart items as per their need
  • Item management support helps to manage the items efficiently using an app or panel

Flexible Payment Process

flexible payment process in pizza delivery system
  • Provide convenient payment support to customers
  • Choose to offer online payment options such as PayPal, Braintree, or Stripe
  • Also, offer cash on delivery option to support flexible payment process

Re-Order Flexibility

  • Make it easier for customers to re-order the item of their choice as per their preference
  • Offer cash on delivery support or payment through Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal
  • Allow customers to have complete access to history, making it easier for them to order items accordingly Control the final category addition with feature-packed pizza ordering software

Experience How White Label Pizza Delivery Software Works

pizza delivery software workflow

Design your brand’s menu easily with user-centric white label pizza delivery software to provide your customers with a superb experience that keeps them coming back. Check the overall workflow of the Pizza Delivery Tracking System, ensuring reliable service offering to end-users.

  • Customers can browse and choose a different type of Pizza from the menu.
  • Add mouth-watering dishes to the cart along with the increase and decrease quantity option.
  • Proceed further with an online ordering option or choose cash on delivery option to make payment.
  • Delivery provider picks an order from the store and delivers it to the customers’ location
  • Customers give feedback after successful delivery of order

Have a Look at Each Module of Pizza Delivery Tracking System

Experience the working of every module of the white label pizza delivery tracking system on your device to know how it ensures business leads.

User App Workflow

pizza ordering app

Dive into the ordering and delivery process of dedicated user app workflow right away

Delivery Provider App Workflow

pizza delivery provider app

Check how the delivery provider app ensures extended support for deliveries management

Store App Workflow

pizza store app for accept order

Meet customer requirements and involve monitoring capability using an impressive store app

pizzeria website for manage busines

Store Panel Workflow

Derive more profits and leads with ready service support with a pizza delivery tracking system

User Panel Workflow

pizza ordering website

Allow users to request your pizza delivery service using an impressive user panel.

Feature Packed Pizzeria Solution To Ensuring Effective Business Operations

features include in pizzeria
  • Complete Business Support
  • Anytime Service Assurance to Users
  • Faster Payment Process

Everything Needed for Your Online Ordering System For Pizzeria

Feature-rich online ordering system for pizza restaurant to start, manage and grow your delivery business sales

online ordering system for pizza place

User App

Allow users to filter menu items and view details of every item listed on the menu

Store App

Assign delivery automatically or manually as per your convenience from the pizza delivery system

Delivery Provider App

Switch between accept/ reject request option right through the dedicated delivery provider app

Store Panel

Check complete order details along with invoice details using impressive features of pizza delivery tracking system

User Panel

View promo details and use promo during the checkout/ final payment process on the pizza delivery software

Get Your Pizza Ordering System Today

Create your delivery business identity online with pirvate label pizza ordering system today. Check how our solution helps you serve your customers effectively and increases lead generation and profit for your business

Why Choose Pizza Delivery Software for Pizzeria

  • Quick Ordering Process

    Customers can explore your brands' menu and can order quickly through online pizza ordering & tracking software

  • Fast Request Execution

    Pizza ordering system helps you to manage and complete every order efficiently right through the platform

  • Improve Delivery Service

    Allow your customers with real-time tracking and status update facility to keep them coming back & place more orders

  • Manage Deliveries

    Manage deliveries manually or let the pizza ordering system manage it automatically to improve your business operations

Remarkable Features of Our Pizza Ordering System

Takeaway Support

Offer your customers "Takeaway" and "Delivery" options on the pizza ordering system. Complete freedom to choose the option makes it more convenient for them to order more from your meal delivery brand

View Order History

Check complete order history along with details related to ordered completed, pending, rejected, and canceled. You can export the data to make an essential update to add, update, or delete any record

Promo Code

Always offer your customers the best deal with pizza ordering software. Add promo code and set various details related to daily, weekly, monthly, and annual settings as well.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep your customers informed about the real-time status related to placed orders. Allow them to track their order status in real-time through the feature-packed pizza delivery tracking system

Manage Category

Add, update, or delete a category/ subcategory of your choice right away from pizza delivery software. Manage each category under the product to make it easier for customers to find an item of their choice speedily

Set Specification Group

Allow your customers to choose the ingredients of their choice for the ordered item. Add a specification group related to the particular item right through the pizza delivery system along with an update and remove option.


Make essential settings such as account, payment, operational & delivery store time, select language, promo, notifications, etc., as per your brand's requirement through the online pizza ordering system

Add Delivery Boy

A pizza delivery software includes all the prerequisites making it easier for you to manage the delivery boy, ensuring excellent experience offering to end-users on their demand

Mass Notification

Choose to send mass push notifications to all system users to drive their attention towards your brand. It helps you to promote and update each user with the latest offers, discounts, etc.

Amazing Pizza Delivery System Developed for Restaurants & Pizzeria Places

Serve users with a white label pizza ordering system that cater to every growing requirement and ensures the best experience offering and customers engagement with your pizza delivery business

Clients Valuing Our Development Support and Gaining Success

Achievement Received by Us from Global Awards and Media Recognition

FAQ About Pizzeria Solution

1. Why should I invest in pizza ordering system?

Most customers these days rely on online platforms to order mouth-watering dishes online. And if you want to gain popularity and customer attention in today's competitive world, it becomes vital for you to invest in pizza ordering system. The tech stack enables you to manage and control every business activity effectively. It also helps you offer the best experience to customers on their demand.

2. How can customers order pizza from my brand?

Customers can explore the complete menu and find the item of their choice to order it directly from the pizza delivery software. They can add an item to the cart and can then proceed with the checkout process.

3. Which payment gateways do I get with an online pizza delivery system?

We offer Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe as payment gateways with an online pizza delivery system. You can switch between the "On" or "Off" buttons as per your brand's requirement.

4. How can I set a cancellation charge?

Click on settings---> "Make store settings" to set cancellation charges using the feature-rich store panel. Whereas click on "Account" ---> "Settings" to make cancellation charge setting through the store app.

5. What's if I have a multi-location business?

You can easily manage a multi-location business using a feature-packed store app or panel. Set zones of your choice through Google map to decide where you want to offer your business service.

6. Can I track the real-time status of the order?

Yes absolutely. You can track orders' real-time status such as waiting, preparing, on the way, reached, and completed right through the app itself.

7. How can customers use promo code?

Customers can use the promo code during the checkout process. They need to enter the promo code in the required field before proceeding with final payment.

8. Which privacy policy do you follow?

We understand the importance of privacy and have built and followed an adequate privacy policy ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data. Check our privacy policy and terms and details right away here: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/privacy-policy/