Cabify Clone - A Digital Solution To Expand Your Ride-Hailing Business

Step into the transportation industry with a scalable and easy-to-handle digital platform - Cabify Clone that works to serve your customers with the best transit services in a flexible environment.

What is Cabify Clone? Does it Ensure Growth in the Transportation Industry?

Cabify clone is the ready-to-launch ride-hailing app that works to connect drivers and passengers and satisfy the demand for hassle-free traveling. This digital solution is built with the latest tech stacks that handle all the tasks regarding leisurely booking, payments, vehicles, user and driver management, etc.

Elluminati offers a totally personalized platform that can match all your requirements, and the solution is scalable enough to grow with your business needs. The platform comes with different operating panels to manage the workflow efficiently. So here is an excellent opportunity to kick-start your ride-hailing business by getting an app like Cabify.

Take A Deep Dive Into The Feature List Of Cabify Clone App

Here is the list of features that are integrated into Cabify Clone App

User App

Create Account

Users can easily create their accounts on the application using social media credentials or Google accounts.

Book Rides

Users can get a wide range of vehicles and choose to book their preferred rides for instant or scheduled trips at the desired times.

Pre Book Rides

This feature allows users to reserve trips for an instant go or can schedule a ride later at a favorable time and date

Reward Attributes

Riders can get the advantage of rewards by sharing referral codes with new users, which they have to enter while registering.

Driver App

Manage Profile

Drivers can efficiently manage their profiles by updating their personal information like name, contact, address, account passwords, etc.

In-App Wallet

Cab drivers can link their bank account details to directly receive payment and can withdraw the amount as per their requirement.

Activity Status

It’s a valuable feature for drivers to set their activity status. When drivers get off on holidays, they can turn their activity status to off mode.

Contact Riders

Drivers can readily get in touch with riders via in-app chat features. Drivers can discuss the rider’s location, the cause of the delay of the ride, or other queries.

Admin Panel

Add Multiple Services

Here admin can add and handle multiple vehicles for the drivers to be included in the app platform, like SUVs, sedans, E-vehicles, and more.

Manage Drivers

The admin can easily handle the driver profiles registered on the platform. It gives full access to verify the driver’s information to approve the profile.

Manage Booking

The admin panel gives the authority to the administrative person to check on the pending, completed, and canceled bookings easily.

Earning Statistics

The admin dashboard lets the owner check on the overall earning statistics from the ride-hailing service within the given time period.

Dispatcher Panel

Allot Rides

The dispatcher panel allows one to assign instant and scheduled rides to particular drivers.

Create Request

Dispatchers can book ride requests for the users by adding their names, contact details, and address.

Trace Location

Through the dispatcher panel, dispatchers can easily track each ongoing ride with the help of GPS tracking in real-time.

Ride Details

The dispatcher panel has a separate tab where all the completed rides will be listed with all the information about the rider, driver, and payments.

Corporate Panel

Oversee Staffers

Corporates have all the rights to manage employees and their account details, and if necessary, they can also remove the workers.

Cancel Bookings

Corporates can easily cancel the trips in place of riders or if corporates have created bookings on their own.

Examine Rides

Under this panel, corporates can efficiently examine rides, driver information, vehicles, and fares.

Make Payments

The corporate managers got multiple payment options to pay for the bookings on behalf of their employees.

Partner Panel

Manage Drivers

Partners can add drivers and assign them an available vehicle. They can also update the driver details from the panel.

Manage Transit

Partners can add, manage, and update all the service vehicles and their details under this console.

Earning Dashboard

Under this panel, partners can check the overall earnings from the finished rides through the earring dashboard.


Partners can add bank cards to their accounts, which they can further link to the e-wallet to perform transactions

Customer Website

Split Ride Payments

Customers can divide ride payments among the friends with whom they toured and those registered in the app.


Customers can choose the ridesharing option for booking a ride and then can split payment with registered users in the ride.

Add Multiple Stops

Customers can add multiple stops between the pickup and destination addresses and will be charged for the waiting time at each stop.

In-App Chat

After reserving the trip, customers can chat with the drivers for any questions about the time and address in the app.

Driver Website

Password Update

Drivers can modify the credentials of their account anytime they want from the profile details using the old credentials.

Delete Account

Drivers can delete their account when they are using it or are no longer offering rides

Login With Email

Drivers can swiftly log in with their email addresses and credentials in just one step on the app or website.

Language Options

Drivers get multiple language options to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Feature Rich Cabify Like App To Stay Ahead In Competitive Market

Cabify Like App is built with all advanced features to manage the business with ease.

Expand Reach

Entrepreneurs can extend their business reach by attracting customers from cities and countries who prefer online services. Customers can get live tracking, multiple payment gateways, payment estimation, etc., so you can scale your business to the next level by offering this.

Advanced Admin Dashboard

Business owners get the facility of an advanced admin dashboard to keep an eye on all the tasks running on the platform and get a statistical analysis of the profit structure. Admin gets all the hands to add or remove unnecessary stuff from the app environment.

Multiple Currency Supporter

The platform is built with real-time currency exchange, making it beneficial for users to check on currency updates and pay accordingly. On the other hand, a business can get a steady flow of payment with the help of a multi-currency converter.

Fully Customized Solution

With Cabify Clone, you can get full access to customize the app and panel. One can customize the features as per their business requirements and allows access to it to the desired user base. Also, the platform is the white label to represent their brand precisely.

Driver App

Drivers will receive the booking request on the app and can utilize it better with the advanced tracking functionality.

Rider App

Users can facilely book rides for instant or future use and pay with multiple payment gateways.

Explore The Live Demo Of Dedicated Apps In Eber

Refer to the user app and panel of Eber, which are meant to offer a seamless experience for ride-related experiences.

Driver App

Drivers will receive the booking request on the app and can utilize it better with the advanced tracking functionality.

Rider App

Users can facilely book rides for instant or future use and pay with multiple payment gateways.

Check The Live Demo Of Dedicated Panels Of Eber

Admin Panel

Business owners can get a deep insight into the entire business workflow through this panel.

User Panel

This one is for the riders to book a taxi with various filters and payment methods under the platform.

Driver Panel

Drivers of the business can operate under this panel to fulfill the services and can earn extra on flexible working hours.

Dispatcher Panel

Under this panel, dispatchers get various features to allocate and manage customer rides.

Partner Panel

The partner panel is integrated into the app to manage the business effortlessly, even sitting in different locations.

Corporate Panel

Corporates can easily manage their business under this panel to carry out all kinds of rides.

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