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The on-demand taxi business is flourishing in the worldwide market, and it is rising at a growth rate of more than 9%. With such a rapid growth rate, we can assume there is a lot of scope and opportunities. Hence, launching the on-demand taxi app to kick-start your business will be the best investment.

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A Few Reasons Why We Stand Different In The Market With Our Eber Taxi

We provide awesome features.

Customer App

Get your app like Uber today!

You can ride instantly with a click, or you can schedule your ride.

Realize What’s Possible With Uber Like Driver App

Get trips whenever you are available to drive to earn at your convenience.

Driver App

Designed just for drivers

Drivers have to upload their documents before they start getting trips.

Control Your Business In Multiple Countries With A Single Admin Console

Enable, control, and manage your organization’s ability to use Uber like Admin console for your various business needs.

Admin Dashboard

A ride management platform built for companies

Add Multiple countries and handle your business process with complete control.

Put Trips In The System Using Dispatcher Console

Get more business through the Call Center and put trips in the system using the Dispatcher Console.

Dispatcher Console

Get more business through Call Center

Using this console, dispatchers add requests for any riders who are registered or not.

Build Better With Expert Partners

Partners offer tools and expertise to help you work faster, providing their expertise for whatever you are building.

Partner Panel

Turn your passion into profit.

Add, Update or Decline drivers working for you from the Console.

Customer Console

User can create request to desired location selecting payment method, promo code, type of car and book ride

Driver Console

Upload documents of the drivers.

Why So Powerful?

It is better to invest in a powerful and scalable solution because it can improve customer service by 50%. The robust solution ensures smooth business operation. In fact, mobile apps can improve operational efficiency up to 70%, which is a good advantage.

Control Your Business

Manage Your Pricing

Traditional Distance / Time Base Pricing

Calculate pricing of the fare in traditional distance base model or control the fare with time base model with waiting time pricing during the fare

Zone To Zone Pricing

Configure different pricing for particular zone area of the city and estimate the fare accordingly for the same

Estimated Price Based Pricing

Get the accurate pricing of the taxi fare without any dependency on the route the driver takes.

Configurable Settings For Each Country With Language & Currency

Configure and manage each country with their own language and currency from the dashboard according to your needs

Add Multiple Types & Cities

You can add multiple type of cars for a particular city and differentiate each of them with type of cars you wish to go for them

Associate The Type & Its Fares, You Want For Each City

Consider having different fares for each type wise and city wise according to your needs.

Robust & Scalable

Manage Your Pricing

Confuse With Different Prices?

We provide fix rate model

Fix Form & To Airport Prices

Having fix pricing from a particular place to a destination fix place now

City To City Transfer

Get fix pricing for fare from one city to another.

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Get all your business requirements answered with our Lyft clone app, enabling you to serve your global audience seamlessly. It guarantees business expansion by providing you complete support to answer all your customers' demands in real-time

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