Hotel Panel Step By Step Flow

You can provide a separate web panel to enable direct taxi booking from the hotel and they can manage their ride request through web and get extra leverage as commission.

Manage Profile


The hotel administers can create and manage their profile with anytime profile updating rights.


In profile, they can manage details like name, Email, country, contact number and address and latitude and longitude coordinate details of hotel location.

Create Request


They can add essential details like customer name, Email id, pickup and destination address with an option of book ride immediate or scheduled for later along with fare estimation and ETA details.


Riders can do editing on their profile details anytime and also they can set referral code with details of usage credit.



Hotel Administrative can see the complete request data with details like customer ID, user and provider name, date and time of service, status of service, amount and payment method.


They can also filter this all records with an option like sorting, searching and start – end date along with exploring data in excel sheet button.

Future Request


Hotel Administrative can see the future request record with details like user Id, username, date and time, pickup and destination address and payment mode with action button edit, delete and decline record.

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