Dispatcher Panel Step by Step Flow

Get more business through Call Centre and put trips
in the system using Dispatcher Console. It will help you to create the request on behalf of any registered or unregistered passengers.

Create Request


Dispatchers can create new requests on behalf of any registered or unregistered riders. And fill all the required details like Name, Email address or contact number.


Dispatcher have to add all the details that are given by the rider. Like, pick up address and destination address information. And also select the option ride now or later.



Dispatcher can see all the history which they create. They can search and sort the data as per their requirements or also download all history.


In history, they can see id number, user, and provider name with date and time or status details. Also, see the payment mode and status with its amount.

Future Request


They can set the future schedule booking in which they can set the pickup location and destination location and other required information.

Bank Details


Dispatchers can add and update the bank details in which, they can fill the required bank information like bank name or branch name, bank account number and account holder name with the bank address and bank unit code or swift code.

Map View


In a map view, Dispatcher can see that where is the taxi driver right now? with full details like date and time information or pick up address and destination address. They can also see the payment history with its amount and payment details.

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